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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Jewish Mother Of 6 Children Stabbed To Death In Her Home In Front Of Them By Muslim Savage Who Worked In The Town

Jewish Mother Of 6 Children Stabbed To Death In Her Home In Front Of Them By Muslim Savage Who Worked In The Town

January 17, 2016

Dafna Meir Dafna Meir hy"d

Shevat 7, 5776, 17/01/16 08:04

Arab terrorist murders Otniel woman in her home
Woman stabbed in front of her children at home in Otniel identified as mother-of-six Dafna Meir; sources chasing attacker who fled scene.

Ari Yashar

An Israeli woman was murdered in a stabbing attack late Sunday afternoon in Otniel, a town in the southern Har Hevron region of Judea.

The woman has since been identified as 39-year-old Dafna Meir, a mother to six children, two of them foster children. She waas initially critically wounded in the attack and succumbed to her wounds shortly after.

The Arab terrorist who carried out the attack succeeded in breaking into the town, entering the woman's home and murdering her before fleeing the scene.

The woman, who works as a nurse, fought with the terrorist at the entrance to her home as her children were nearby, according to testimony. The children did not see the attack but heard her shouts and came running, and then called up security forces to hunt the murderer.

Security forces are currently pursuing the terrorist, aided by a helicopter, and residents of the town were asked to stay in their homes during the manhunt. The IDF has clarified that the terrorist is no longer in the town.


Witnesses of the attack have said the terrorist worked in the town and used his familiarity with the community to carry out the attack.

Noam Bar, a senior Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedic, said, "the sight was difficult, we saw an unconscious woman aged around 40, who was not breathing and had no pulse."

"She suffered from stab wounds to her upper body; we performed continued resuscitation but in the end we were forced to pronounce her death," said Bar.

Former Interior Minister Eli Yishai, chair of the Yachad party which narrowly failed to enter the Knesset, responded to the murder by blaming the radical leftist groups B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence.

"I am shocked by the murderous attack in Otniel. The cruelty of the murderers knows no bounds," said Yishai. "Again we come across the face of uninhibited evil. An awful murder of a Jewish woman hy"d in her private home, with her only 'sin' being that she was an Israeli Jew."

"The struggle against incitement needs to be escalated. The Palestinian incitement at the side of the Israeli (incitement) managed by leftist organizations B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence is responsible for another despicable murder. God will avenge her blood."

The attack came just minutes after a stabbing was thwarted at the western gate of Kiryat Arba, which leads to Hevron. In that incident, a female Arab terrorist was apprehended with a knife in her handbag before she was able to inflict any wounds.

Video from the terrorist's arrest shows security forces neutralizing her. To watch click the image below.

That thwarted stabbing was the third of the day; earlier an Arab terrorist attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at the Samaria Regional Brigade Junction in Samaria (also known as Bahad 3), but was shot dead by soldiers before he was able to harm anyone.

Before that attempt, a potentially major serious attack was thwarted outside a Jerusalem synagogue, as three Arab youths were arrested after having been found armed with knives outside the Heichal Yaakov synagogue in Kiryat Moshe.

The three are believed to have planned to carry out an attack on the synagogue as it was packed with worshipers attending morning prayers.

Click on link for videos:


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'She defended her 3 children who were in the home'

Har Hevron regional head promises that after Dafna Meir's murder 'we will only grow'; Rivlin calls to offer condolences.


'Sometimes I feel we are in a game of Russian Roulette'

Dafna Meir, murdered by a terrorist Sunday night, recently wrote on the security situation for her local paper. A chilling prophecy.

Arutz Sheva Staff

After the terror shooting attack near Otniel in which Rabbi Yaakov and his son Netanel Litman Hy"d (may G-d avenge their blood) were murdered, Dafna Meir of the community of Otniel, located in the Hevron hills, wrote a personal column for the community's newsletter.

Dafna, Hy"d, who wrote of her worries concerning the shaky security situation, was stabbed in the doorway of her home by an Arab terrorist Sunday night. She fought the murderer and shouted for help, preventing him from reaching her children, some of whom were at home. A nurse at Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital, where the number of Arabs treated equals or surpasses that of Jews, Dafna and her husband were raising six children, two of them foster children. Her funeral will take place on Monday morning.

"Lately, I cannot help mulling over the security situation," she wrote, "thoughts about what, why, what must be done, what should not be done. Or cannot be done. Or is not worth doing. How to act. Especially on the road, but not only there. About the fears. For my husband and the children. Friends and family. Lots of things. The situation is not easy. Sometimes I feel like it is a game of Russian Roulette. And sometimes I cannot sleep."

She wrote of her appreciation for the volunteers in the community's security patrol. "When I walk the streets of Otniel, I sometimes have the opportunity to greet my [medical] colleagues, who have elected to give up their free hours and serve on the emergency squad in our community and its environs."

"These people carry various types of communications equipment with them twenty four hours a day, weekdays and Shabbat. They are the first to hear about everything that happens and in cases [where they are needed], they jump onto the special vehicle we call an ambulance and race to the site of incidents to save whomever they can. Even in the middle of a shower, or while enjoying their Shabbat meal. I wonder, do they sleep with their boots on? Who knows?"

She expressed her personal feelings, writing, "Lately, there have been a good many calls that did not bring good news. I am afraid that not all emergency calls mean that someone is giving birth. What can one do? And if it is a birth, sometimes it is a Palestinian Arab woman. After what we saw of the Red Crescent last Friday [when the Arab Red Cross ambulance that reached the murder scene first did not stop to aid the Litmans] the desire to help them is not exactly a burning one. I am familiar with that feeling. I get it myself once in a while."

"Still, the community's emergency rescue unit goes out to the danger areas. Isn't it possible that those spots are traps? It's really frightening! And when they go out to help, in the first few moments perhaps they have time to wonder about whom they will meet this time. 'Maybe a neighbor, a friend, my wife?' It is a terrible reality we live in," wrote Dafna Meir, not long ago.

Now her voice has been stilled by a barbarian's knife. And her children will never feel their mother's hugs again.



Dafna's husband: 'Your truth will rise up from the earth'
Natan Meir, whose wife Dafna was murdered Sunday: 'It took us a moment to fall in love. I said to you, welcome. I now say, farewell.'

Gil Ronen

Natan Meir, whose wife Dafna was murdered Sunday by a knife-wielding terrorist, was the last to eulogize her at her funeral Monday morning. It was a short, poetic, extremely touching tribute to a mother of six - including two adopted children - and a dedicated nurse.

"We met as soldiers, on the border with Lebanon," he said tearfully. "It took us a moment to fall in love. It took you a moment. I said to you then, 'Welcome.' I say to you now, 'Farewell.' We are only thankful for every moment we had with you. You left me six treasures, I will guard over them for you."

He recited his children's names Renana (17), Akiva (15), Noa (11), Ahava (10), Yair (6) and Yaniv and said that they were "Unique, and imprinted with your seal."

He turned to God, and assured Him that his faith has not been weakened by the murder. "Dear Father, I have no second thoughts about you at all, give us strength, be present at our home, let us feel your warm embrace, your love."

"My Dafna is one in a million," he went on. "One in a million, who grew up in a troubled home and managed to rebuild herself and give kindness back to the world."

"Dafna had a large crown: the crown of truth," Natan said. "She was very honest, as accurate as a razor. Not everyone liked that but everyone was able to appreciate it, and this truth has now been thrown to the ground, it has burst into smithereens.

"I request that everyone who came out here, pick up something from the light that was spilled on the ground, so that truth may spring from the earth .

"My dear Dafna'leh, thank you for every moment with you, and please forgive me for every moment in which I hurt you. Our love is too great to be a passing thing. Rest in peace and stand in eternity with all of the departed of Israel and we shall say amen."


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Har Hevron head demands 'an iron fist against terror'

At Dafna Meir's funeral, regional head calls for sovereignty, says 'lone attackers' means there is 'the potential for a million terrorists.'

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