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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Barack Hussein Obama - Muslim Brotherhood Mole?

Barack Hussein Obama - Muslim Brotherhood Mole?

August 19, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama - Muslim Brotherhood Mole?

Ülrich Larsgroth, special to PipeLineNews.org

August 15, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Let's get this out of the way first; we not only support, we applaud the long overdue "heavy handed" treatment being dished out by the Egyptian military as it attempts to crush the main directorate of the hated, terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Thus we are on board with a full scale military response against the Ikhwan, which is both an enemy of the Egyptian people and a proven threat to the world.

Understanding the MB's ideology is easy, read its defiant, jihadist motto:

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu Akbar!"

That seems unambiguous. It's a triumphalist declaration of war against the non Muslim world.

We ask you, what government on earth could possibly co-exist alongside such an organization? What grounds are there for "compromise," a word much overused by the left?

On that matter perhaps you should consult with the president, who seems to still be in the Ikhwan's corner.

Fortunately, as Americans are now starting to learn, our legacy media considers itself to be members of the president's press office. As a result there is no task too degrading or servile as long as it promotes the agenda of this WH.

Right now the administration's toadies at the NY Times, Washpost, LA Times and the network talking head pretend news broadcasters are furiously engaged in their latest project, to support Team Obama's efforts to rescue the MB.

For the record, most of these people couldn't give you a single fact concerning the MB's ideology. They just don't care because, in their smug leftist outlook they just know better, even if they know nothing, which is often the case.

Let there be no doubt, Morsi was Obama's man, a policy made clear by his dim witted ambassador to Egypt, Anne W. Patterson, who has been running interference for her boss and pulling the strings so as to leave as few fingerprints as possible.

We have heard some commentators over the last 24 hours stating that Morsi won fairly in a free election. That attitude simply reflects a lack of knowledge [yes, you Mr. Buchanan]. The so-called free election was marred by an active campaign of intimidation, vote buying and other types of voter fraud carried out by the Muslim Brothers.

In a larger sense, democracy itself means nothing without an educated electorate, the existence of the social and political institutions [usually local, at the village level] which are the mark of a republic along with a written constitution limiting the reach of the central government while recognizing the natural rights of the individual.

Without these safeguards, a "democracy" is indistinguishable from, as our Founding Fathers frequently noted, a tyrannical "mobocracy," in which simple majorities can trample individual rights and freedoms at will.

The image being depicted of Egypt by the media's self-appointed censors is a lie. It's a projection of what this administration wants you to believe. Consequently, the military has not gone rogue, machine gunning non-violent Egyptian citizens at will.

The country's military regime is systematically hunting down, killing, jailing and generally wreaking vengeance on a group which deserves no better, the Ikhwan.

Isn't that what the MB wanted? Isn't it their "greatest hope" to die in the way of Allah? Interestingly, when given the opportunity the jihadists start whining. They are however quite fond of other people dying for the MB's cause.

Our media is engaged in such a massive series of misrepresentations – a wholesale experiment in historical revisionism in real time - on this matter, it's a wonder how any journo from these rancid news sources can show up their face public without being tarred and feathered.

Here is the real deal...

Mr. Obama is hated in Egypt. He and his administration including the ex-Secretary of State Hillary – hey look at me, I'm running for president, now that I've failed at just about everything I tried – Clinton, Anne Patterson and the rest of this sorry bunch have driven Egypt to the point of civil war by actively supporting, behind the scenes and in public statements, the "mother of all terrorist organizations," especially those connected to al-Qaeda and its many disparate franchises.

Historical point, Sayeed Qutb, the MB's central theorist and ideologue, through his writings [reference, Milestones] is still used by Muslim terrorists around the world as justification for their unholy acts of "holy" warfare.

Who could blame the Egyptian people?

Our president is seen as the agent whereby the chaos now in play in that country came into being. The "street" Egyptians, not the MB thugs who are terrorizing Cairo and other large cities in the country, know that as these words are written president Barack Hussein Obama is chastising the only hope for any semblance of order in this once great nation [the military] now that he has almost singlehandedly destabilized it.

Today he announced the cancellation of a long scheduled joint military exercise with the Egyptians in a fit of pique.

We think that in the minds of many, Mr. Obama functionally might as well be a member of the despised Muslim Brotherhood.

Congratulations are perhaps in order, the president might have finally achieved his well deserved legacy.

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