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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Israeli Protesters Break Into Hospital Room Of Terrorist Who Stabbed To Death Father Of Five

Israeli Protesters Break Into Hospital Room Of Terrorist Who Stabbed To Death Father Of Five

April 30, 2013

Israeli Protesters Break Into Terrorist's Room in Hospital

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 30, 2013 @ 10:58 am In The Point

On Tuesday, Evyatar Borowsky, a father of five, was stabbed to death by a terrorist. The terrorist was wounded in a gun battle and taken to a hospital. There fed up residents of nearby towns and villages, sick at heart after a campaign of murderous Muslim terror that has lasted for generations, gathered to protest his treatment at taxpayer expense and to call for the death penalty.

Yitzhar residents arrived in the afternoon to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, where the terrorist lay injured after having killed a resident of the community. Protesters went to the hospital and began to search for the terrorist carrying a sign that said "Death to terrorists".

Police and security guards removed the protesters from the area, but the protest continued outside the hospital. Demonstrators were joined by residents from the area of ​​Ramat Gan, distributing a flyer that said, "Here a wicked murderer of Jews for being Jews is being treated, after his crime left behind a widow and five orphans. Instead of putting evil to death, we take care of his medical treatment and instead of deterring the next murderer, we send the message that he too will receive compassionate treatment."

In addition, a group of teenage girls managed to get to the terrorist's post-op recovery room while chanting "Death to terrorists." The girls were driven back by the Border Police who forced them out of the room.

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