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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Ft. Hood Study - DOD's Shocking Whitewash of Major Hasan's Jihad

Ft. Hood Study - DOD's Shocking Whitewash of Major Hasan's Jihad

January 28, 2010

Ft. Hood Study - DOD's Shocking Whitewash Of Major Hasan's Jihad

January 26, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Released last week with little fanfare, the Department of Defense's "Independent Review Relating To Fort Hood" demonstrates in a startlingly clear manner, the self-destructive mindset which has often plagued our national security apparatus since the inception of the war on terror, and which has gained serious momentum over the last 12 months.

Some key observations:

  • The 86 page study [Get Full Report Here] reflects nothing so much as the product of multiculturally biased self-censorship - an unwillingness to pursue the obvious connections because of offending protected classes. As a result it's really hard to imagine this document being taken seriously anywhere outside of government. In this case "close enough for government work" doesn't work.
  • Major Hasan's case is unique - 12 soldiers were killed and dozens wounded, some very seriously, yet the emphasis in the study stresses prevention of all violence in general, including sexual predation, when dealing with Hasan's specific act and his motivational factors should be of prime focus.
  • Though the report is claimed to have been prepared independently, how can that be so? The over 100 team members [this is really a case of a horse being designed by committee] seem to be almost entirely military, defense establishment or related types. They are entirely too close to the problem, reducing whatever value their analysis might provide because bias under such circumstances is a reasonable concern.
  • The text of the analysis was clearly stripped of any possible reference that might in any way point to the religious motivation of the alleged perpetrator.
  • There are no references, no mentions, as to what one might assume would be key words in analyzing this unprecedented breach of security - al-Qaeda, jihad, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic radicalism, fanaticism. Islamic extremism appears in a single place, unfortunately only as a footnote and there referring to the title of a 2007 FBI report, "Countering Violent Islamic Extremism."
  • Causes of domestic terrorism are intentionally made overbroad, with the inclusion of motivators entirely absent from this case, "Motivation for domestic violence are diverse, and include animal rights, environmentalism, nationalism, white supremacy...right-wing politics."
  • Key statements are transparently false "...Religious fundamentalism alone is not a risk factor; most fundamentalist groups are not violent and religious based violence is not confined to members of fundamentalist groups." [p 80-81].
  • Perhaps a new methodology is in order, stripped of bias after contemplating passages such as, "...Researchers have yet to develop a single model that can estimate who is at risk for any kind of violence...no single variable has been identified that can predict violence..." [p78]. It certainly strains credulity that serious observers would have any trouble seeing the connection between Hasan's acts, his interpretation of Islam, constant proselytizing on the base, bizarre Islamist lectures which he delivered to medical professionals at Ft. Hood during which he justified suicide bombing, business cards emblazoned "Soldier of Allah" among other tellltale aspects of his behavior.
  • The manner in which the federal thought police controlled every aspect of this document's drafting indicates they hold the intelligence of potential readers in contempt, designing it for consumption by a nation they must deem clueless. As a result, what the report doesn't say is far more important than what it offers.

    Rather than deal with the specific and unique set of problems posed by Major Hasan's jihad and the possibility that other sleepers might be ready to pull the trigger at any time, the study instead takes a shallow, overbroad approach, much of it devoted to such ancillary matters as preparations for cleaning up the mess should one of these incidents happen again, mundane bureaucratic organizational point sand the like.

    If is any indication how far DOD is willing to go to undermine the truth regarding the theological linkage to terrorism, and we believe it is, then American security interests will continue to be ill-served and mole like jihadists such as Major Hasan will find few impediment to waging holy war from the inside out.

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