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Snapshot : Radical Islam Across The Globe

February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – First we look at Senegal where AP claims that Muslims, apparently just going about their daily routine, are :imperiled by intolerant Christians.

Thousands of Muslims left Bangui in a massive convoy Friday that was jeered by crowds of Christians. One Muslim who fell off a truck was quickly killed by the mob. Muslim women who could not get on the trucks tried to hand their children to strangers aboard the vehicles. Whole neighborhoods are abandoned and Muslims who cannot leave are hiding inside mosques that have not already been set ablaze or destroyed by angry crowds. [source, AP ]

As is usually the case the propagandists at AP leave out a few details.

As the Jamaican Observer notes:

"...The violence against the Muslims is in reaction to abuses perpetrated by the Muslim Seleka rebels during their 10-month rule that began last March. Seleka fighters tied their victims together and threw them off bridges to drown or be eaten by crocodiles, according to witnesses. Now that Seleka's leader Michel Djotodia stepped down from the presidency last month and a precarious civilian interim government is in charge, it is the country's Muslim minority that is under assault…"

We assume that AP failing to even try to establish some background for their piece, information which would clarify the reason for the violence, was an oversight…

Moving on to the South West Pacific, it seems that Filipino Abu Sayyaf jihadists got a little taste of the lash over the last few days:

"Philippine marines killed at least 6 Muslim extremists and captured one of their jungle lairs in fighting in the south, military officials said Monday. Marines were clearing the captured Abu Sayyaf encampment of booby traps and searching for homemade bombs and rebel documents. Abu Sayyaf gunmen are still holding more than a dozen hostages in jungle-clad Jolo in Sulu province, including two European bird watchers who were kidnapped last year. [source, Filipino marines kill 6 Muslim extremists in clash

Fast forward to North Africa where the Muslim Brotherhood, now a declared terrorist organization, is living up to its bloody reputation apparently engaged in the formation of an irregular army

"Egyptian authorities on Sunday accused the ousted president's Muslim Brotherhood of forming a "military wing" to stage attacks on security forces in a southern province, as months-long street rallies by the group's supporters wane but low-level violence steadily rises. [source, Maggie Michael, Egypt accuses Islamist group of having armed wing]
Of course since this is an AP article, the author seems rather skeptical that the Muslim Brothers are actually terrorists quoting the terrorists in defense of their continued jihad.

"The Brotherhood has always denied violence and accuses authorities of orchestrating attacks to justify a crackdown that has only intensified since the interim government labeled it a terrorist organization…"

Well if the group which created HAMAS and is sworn to forcefully establish a world-wide caliphate under the Shari'a says it, well who are we to quibble."

Dateline Iran. It seems that the Ayatollocracy is peeved that the Saudis don't seem to trust them, imagine that.

"Saudi Arabia's response to Iran's efforts to improve Tehran-Riyadh relations was slow," Amir Abdollahian said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV channel on Monday. [source, Fars, Deputy FM Criticizes Riyadh's Slow Pace in Strengthening Ties with Iran]

So we have four very different countries and four different examples of Islamic jihad on the march.

If you don't find this very reassuring, you've come to the right place.

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