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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > It's The Religion ,Stupid : US Convert To Islam And Ex Rapper Killed In Syria Fighting For ISIS

It's The Religion ,Stupid : US Convert To Islam And Ex Rapper Killed In Syria Fighting For ISIS

August 26, 2014

MIM: Become a Muslim and wage jihad. The connection between the religion and radicalism is obvious yet we hear repeated denials by politicians and government officials that violence has nothing to do with the religion of Islam . Islam's violence is rooted in the Koran and passages calling for jihad against the unbelievers can be found in the index of faithful translations found in most American libraries especially those from Saudi Arabia.

American-born ISIS militant is killed in Syria: Married San Diego rapper, 33, became radicalized after chatting to jihadists online

The Free Syrian Army claim to have killed American ISIS soldier Douglas McAuthur McCain - who goes by the name Duale - over the weekend

Rebels took pictures of McCain's body and his U.S. passport

Was last seen in Turkey three months ago when he went to get Burger King with friends

He tweeted to an ISIS fighter on June 9: 'I will be joining you guys soon'

Last week, the terror -group executed journalist James Foley in a video posted online.

Comes as ISIS issues $6.6million ransom demand for American aid worker held hostage.

An American man was reportedly killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Syria, NBC News reports.

The Free Syrian Army found the body of 33-year-old Douglas McAuthur McCain after a fight with ISIS, with $800 cash in his pocket and an American passport.

U.S. officials and family members further confirmed the basketball lover and rapper's death.

The San Diego native appears to have crossed into Syria a few months ago, according to posts on his personal Twitter.

Friends and family have now started posting on his Facebook, expressing condolences to his wife and daughter.

McCain was born in southern California in January 1981, but eventually moved with his family to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where he attended Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope and played on the basketball team.

Old friends at the mostly-white school described McCain as a carefree teen who wasn't very religious.

'He was a goofball in high school,' a classmate told NBC. 'Doug was a fun guy to be around. Played basketball, joked a lot, had a small sense of humor. Got along with most Wasn't the best athlete, but liked to play."

After graduating in 1999, he stayed in Minnesota for some time according to his criminal record.

He was arrested in 2000, at the age of 19, for disorderly conduct and then again in 2006 for obstruction. He was convicted on both charges.

According to his Twitter, he converted to Islam around 2004 and his online posts become much more fervent.


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