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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Crocodile Tears - Turning The Agressor Into The Victim

Crocodile Tears - Turning The Agressor Into The Victim

August 6, 2014

Crocodile Tears

Dr. David Lazerson

Snoop Dog said it. And he definitely wasn't the first. The band Soul Asylum named a song using that simple phrase: "It's a Crazy Mixed-Up World." Nowhere do we see this phenomenon any clearer than the recent anti-Israel (and often very anti-Semitic) demonstrations, which have taken place throughout the world.

Thousands of Muslims and their supporters have come out, often in violent protest, against Israel. Their signs and statements have declared to the world "Israel is an Apartheid State," that "Israel = Nazis," "Israel Stop The Genocide," "End The Israeli Occupation," and of course "Free Palestine." One has to wonder, of course, why there weren't these same massive anti-war demonstrations against the civil war in Syria, still ongoing, which has easily topped the 100,000 mark for civilians killed or wounded. Some estimates put that figure around 250,000. Or if these demonstrators are so concerned for human rights, where are the protests for the dwindling Christian population in Iraq. In case you missed it on page 14 of the daily papers, just several weeks ago the lovely group ISIS, (proudly known as more fanatic than fanatic Al Qaida and more extreme than the extreme Muslim Brotherhood), warned the Christians still living in northern Iraq to pay huge taxes, convert to Islam, or die. Now mind you, we're not talking the Middle Ages here. We're talking 2014, the age of the waterproof Galaxy S-5 that reads your fingerprint and measures your heart rate while you exercise, Derek Jeter retiring from the Yankees, and death threats made to Christians simply because they're not Muslim. Huh? Someone wake us up from this nightmare.

It's hard to say what's worse a bigot or an ignorant bigot? This time the anti-Israel mongers' hate-barometer is as high as their ignorance-barometer. What's become pretty factual is that the facts just don't seem to matter.

For starters, Hamas was and is still a classified terrorist organization, at least by most democratic countries around the world. Despite living, pardon the expression, a stone's throw away; they don't even recognize Israel's right to exist. They've publicly declared their desire to wipe Israel off the map by any means necessary, which includes kidnappings, hurting & murdering civilians (babies are extra points), car-jackings, throwing stones (which can kill) at passing Israeli cars, and yeah the occasional rocket or two or 200 or 2000 I've lost count here, launched into Israeli territory. The so-called Palestinians, who voted in Hamas into office, cheered in the streets after the Twin Towers went down in NYC, and they pass out sweets to the little kiddies whenever there's a successful terrorist attack, God forbid, anywhere in Israel. Lovely neighbors indeed.

So let's run through some of the facts concerning the current Israel/Hamas war.

1. This one, like all of previous battles in Israel's existence, was not started by Israel. Hamas began serious saber rattling months ago. Their usual stuff of hate-mongering, missiles sent into civilian areas, but the kidnapping and murder of three teenage Israeli boys crossed the line. Hamas woke up a sleeping lion.
2. Israel genocide against the poor, downtrodden Palestinians? Let's be real here folks. If Israel wanted to wipe out the Palestinians, they'd be long gone. The "West Bank" and Gaza would be clean, green, and for-Jews-only. Which brings us to the next point.
3. Apartheid. The only group that believes in and practices anything resembling apartheid in the Middle East is the Muslims. Ain't too many non-Muslims living in Gaza or the West Bank. If there are any, they're hiding their identities and afraid for their very lives. Time for a little honesty here, mates. Nearly every Muslim/Arab country is pretty much non-Muslim free. They don't want "infidels" living there. Israel, on the other hand, is a democratic country where Arabs can live, work, worship as they please. Arabs serve in public office and are members of the Knesset. The irony is that Arabs and Muslims alike enjoy more freedom in Israel than they do in their own Arab countries. Wasn't it just last week that a minister in "modern" Turkey issued a call for women not to laugh in public?

4. So the popular diva herself, Rhianna, has joined the list of superstar performers, now including Madonna and Santana, against Israel. Kudos to the Rolling Stones who recently stood up to Pink Floyd's racist call to boycott Israel. The Stones recent concert in the Holy Land was a huge success. The absurdly funny thing is that Rhianna and Madonna wouldn't be allowed to perform anywhere in the Middle East except in Israel. All the Muslim countries would do is cover them from head to toe, maybe take away their driver's license, and possibly throw in a little female genital mutilation. Or they could be raped and, as if that wasn't horrible enough, then killed by a family member in an "honor killing." Sorry Rhianna. Alas Madonna. Time to wake up and smell the Arabic coffee. Most Islamic countries aren't exactly female friendly. You'd face jail time for doing something as dreadful as making a music video to Pharrell's "Happy" song. In case you didn't bother with fact checking, that did happen in Iran this past year. The four video makers, including the two young ladies (with clothes on, mind you), were made to publicly confess their evil ways. Before jumping on the anti-Israel bandwagon, you might want to find out how Hamas and Palestinian men treat their women. Oh they can't really talk to you right now. They're too busy using you as human shields to fire rockets into Israel.

5. Israel aggression. It's pretty clear-cut here. Hamas aims for civilian areas and pulls the trigger. Israel, on the other hand, has done everything possible not to endanger civilian lives. No country interested in genocide gives warnings to enemy civilians to vacate areas before it attacks. Israel issued warnings, giving Palestinians several days to get the heck out before these areas would be targeted. Yes, there were mistakes made and sometimes civilians were killed. But the blame here is squarely on Hamas. They set up missile shop in mosques, hospitals, and schools knowing that Israel would do its best to avoid civilian casualties.

6. UN investigation into possible "Israeli war crimes." Not ain't that a kicker indeed. Let's first start with an investigation into the UN. How very interesting that Israel discovered Hamas missiles stored inside a UNRWA facility. Not once. Not twice. But in three different UNRWA buildings. UNRWA stands for United Nations Relief & Works Agency. One can imagine their conversation:

Hamas: Where oh where can we store our long-range rockets? Surely the Israelis will find them!
UNRWA: Hmmmm. They'll never suspect here. After all, we're supposed to be neutral parties.
Hamas: Oh what a relief! That will work!
UNRWA: They don't call us a Relief & Work agency for nothing.

7. The Hamas tunnel network. Here's an eye-opener for all the ignorant (at best) and racist (at worst) individuals who call for BDS - boycotting, divesting, and sanctions, against Israel. So far, as a result of Israel defending itself and entering into Gaza, they've found over 50 tunnels. These were not bridge-building efforts by Hamas to make for easier communication and commerce with its neighbor. These were highly sophisticated underground tunnels that went from Gaza into Israel for one purpose: to kidnap and murder as many Israelis as possible. Records were discovered that Hamas was planning a dramatic pre Rosh Hashana attack on Israeli communities. Let's start with a UN investigation into its own behaviors in Gaza. If UNRWA was storing weapons for Hamas, perhaps they not only knew about the tunnel building, but even assisted in their creation. And where's the funding coming from? The world has poured billions into the Palestinian relief fund for years. Why hasn't there been a transparent accountability for all this money? Well let's see here, Arafat built himself some nice vacation homes and was quite the millionaire when he died. Guess the corruption tradition has continued rather nicely with Hamas, who have built nice abodes for the leadership and have accumulated a very well stocked arsenal.

8. Free Palestine! Free Our Muslim Brothers & Sisters! The signs pull on the heartstrings. The media has turned the aggressor into the victim and Israel, the victim, into the bully. Since 1948, Israel has sought peace with its' neighbors. The response has almost always met with a closed door and a slap in the face. Despite winning new land in wars of self-defense, they give away lots for peace. Gaza was given to the Palestinians with the hopes of making peace. Instead, it brought their hostilities and rocket fire closer to Israeli cities. But the Muslims who demonstrate to "free Palestine" don't really demonstrate on behalf of their "brothers & sisters." For there is no such reality as a "Muslim Brotherhood." One has to only look at what's taking place throughout the Muslim world to witness Shiites killing Sunnis, Sunnis bombing Shiite mosques, Wahhabi Muslims going after both Shiite and Sunnis, etc. It seems that Muslims have a tough time not just getting along with Jews and Christians, but also with each other. Their recent demonstrations are not so much pro-Palestinian but anti-Israel. And they only come out of the woodwork when Jews defend themselves and do it successfully. It's a shame that so many performers and rock stars have joined this ignorant display of crocodile tears.

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