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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > 4 'Black Widow' Bombers Being Hunted In Russia As Islamists Threaten Attacks On The Olympics

4 'Black Widow' Bombers Being Hunted In Russia As Islamists Threaten Attacks On The Olympics

January 20, 2014

Russia hunts as many as 4 ‘black widow' bombers before Olympics


At least one of the suspected bombers, Ruzanna (Salima) Ibragimova, may have slipped past the ring of security in Sochi about 10 days ago, according to one report. Investigators fear she is one of many ‘black widow' bombers who plan to attack the Winter Olympic games next month. News of the search added fear to growing security concerns surrounding the event.

Russian authorities are looking for as many four women who could be used in terrorist attacks during the Winter Olympic games — including one suspect who may have already slipped through the ring of security in Sochi.

Ruzanna (Salima) Ibragimova, 22 — the widow of an Islamic militant killed during a gun battle with police last year — has been missing from her Dagestan home since last month, ABC News reported.

Wanted posters with Ibragimova's picture littered area hotels and even a nearby airport last weekend, the news station reported, after authorities launched a massive search for the woman.

The posters describe Ibragimova as having a 10-centimeter scar across her left cheek and a stiff left arm, because she can't bend her elbow.


Investigators believe she may have entered the city about 10 days ago, according to the report.

Ibragimova is one of as many as four "black widows" — the term given to the wives of dead terrorists — who being sought by security officials, NBC News reported.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/russia-hunts-black-widow-bombers-olympics-article-1.1585544#ixzz2r4OXqKES

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