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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Europe's Muslims Are Fighting The World Jihad War

Europe's Muslims Are Fighting The World Jihad War

May 14, 2013

Europe's Muslims Are Fighting the World Jihad War
They are in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan etc. What will be their next step? From Giulio Meotti

Up to 100 Dutch Muslims are currently fighting in Syria. The Netherlands is the biggest supplier of European jihadist fighters, and most of them are members of pro al Qaeda Al Nusra movement which wants to create an Islamic state in Syria.

A recent Gatestone Institute paper by Soeren Kern gives the numbers:

1.000 Europeans are currently fighting against Bashar el Assad's regime in Syria. The U.K. government thinks there are about 100 British Muslim fighters in Syria. It is like during the war in Yugoslavia, when 6,000 Muslims travelled to Bosnia to join the war against the Serbs. Imad al-Hussein, a medical student from Syria with a beard, became the public face of these mujahedeen.

In Iraq many European muslims detonated themselves against US troops, Iraqi soldiers and Shia pilgrims.

In the Waziristan controlled by the Taliban there was a "German village", a little town inhabitated by Muslims from Europe's economic powerhouse. In a propaganda video, the presenter shows a beautiful village, clean and tidy, with schools, hospitals, and invites the Germans to enlist for "a glorious death."

Some Islamist cells are trying to build a "pure Islamic environment" in the heart of Europe. One was discovered in Artigat, a bucolic village in the French Pyrenees. Isolated from the rest of the world, the families emulated the Mohammedans of Saudi Arabia. Every year 30.000 Pakistanis with British passport between 18 and 35 years are flying to Pakistan. Many never return back.

There is a "mini civil war" in Afghanistan fought between British soldiers and British Muslims who joined the Taliban.

The number two of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Mohammed Moumou, nom de guerre of Abu Qaswarah and killed by the Americans, was also known as "the Skani", which in Arabic means "the Swede." He owned an import-export company, he was married to a Swedish woman converted to Islam and the leader of the Muslim center of Brandbergen, the largest of Stockholm.

Muriel Degauque had a normal childhood in a small Belgian town before embracing Islam and ending her life as a suicide bomber in Iraq.

Already two Danish Muslims have been killed as part of the "rebel forces" in Syria. More than 1,000 Muslims from across Europe are currently active as Islamic jihadists in Syria. The Dutch government calls it "Jihad tourism". Images of jihadists in Syria speaking Dutch language surfaced on the internet (the images were apparently taken in the neighborhood of Aleppo).

Meanwhile, European Muslims are celebrating "Martyrs' Weddings" for jihadists killed in Syria. The Middle East Media Research Institute just published photographs of one such wedding, held in France to symbolize the deceased's wedding to the virgins of Paradise.

If Assad's "heretical" regime falls, these Europe Muslims will join the Palestinian Arab war against the Jewish people next, maybe using the terror Hamastan in Gaza. For the moment they "just" fundraise for Palestinian Islamists, they incite anti-Semitism through televisions, sermons and publications and join the sea flottillas. Next time they will embrace Hamas, the PFLP or the salafists from the ruins of Gush Katif. The model is that of the Italian "pacifist" Vittorio Arrigoni.

These Muslims are the product of European racist multiculturalism, decadent secularism and old hatred for the Jewish people. We will not be surprised if one day, these new Europeans of Islamic origins will try to expel the descendants of the Holocaust from the land of Israel. A Jihad in blue jeans.

El Pais, Le Monde and The Guardian will run an editorial justifying their holy expedition under the title "Peace and Love for Palestine".


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