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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hamas to Merge with Fatah Forming Single Terrorist Entity

Hamas to Merge with Fatah Forming Single Terrorist Entity

April 27, 2011

Hamas-PA Merger Calls Security Cooperation Into Question

Nissan 23, 5771, 27 April 11 10:53by Gavriel Queenann

(Israelnationalnews.com) An IDF spokesperson has told Israel National News the reported Fatah-Hamas reconciliation may scuttle future security cooperation between Israel and the PA.

The reconcilliation agreement, which will admit Hamas back into the PA government following elections, includes the release of political and security prisoners as well as the merging of Hamas and Fatah security systems.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, Hamas deputy political bureau chief, said part of the agreement stipulates restructuring the PLO to allow the admission of Hamas into its ranks.

As a result, the spokesman said, continued cooperation between the IDF and PA security forces is in question. Israel predicated such cooperation on maintaining Israel's security interests and keeping Hamas from attaining military power.

Israeli security experts have expressed concern that Hamas will ultimately seize power from the PA authority in Judea and Samaria as it did in Gaza in 2007.

The reconciliation talks in Cairo won Egypt's new intelligence chief, Murad Muwafi, praise from his predecessor Omar Suleiman who tried without success to bring Fatah and Hamas together.

The agreement will be signed next week in Cairo by Fatah and Hamas leaders, most likely PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Damascus-based Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Meshaal.

The Hamas-Fatah reconcilliation comes on the heels of the murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat, the 25-year old nephew of Culture and Science Minister Limor Livnat, by a PA security officer at the tomb of the Bibical Joseph earlier this week.

Livnat's murder had already put the question to the efficacy of security cooperation between the IDF and PA security forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded by saying the PA could the PA could have peace with Israel or Hamas - but not both.


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