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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Fox Breaks Story - Team Obama/Morsi Pull Hunter/Killer Team From Benghazi Assignment

Fox Breaks Story - Team Obama/Morsi Pull Hunter/Killer Team From Benghazi Assignment

August 24, 2013

August 23, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – According to Fox News, inside sources have disclosed that the U.S. Spec Ops team which would normally be tasked with hunting down and terminating the Muslim terrorists responsible for the Benghazi atrocity has been pulled from its theater of operations.

Targets had already been identified and vetted, but Obama didn't have the balls to pull the trigger.

"Special operators in the region tell Fox News that..Benghazi targets have been identified for months, officials in Washington could ‘never pull the trigger.'…much of the information on Benghazi suspects had been passed along to the White House after being vetted by the Department of Defense and the State Department -- and at least one recommendation for direct action on a Benghazi suspect was given to President Obama as recently as Aug. 7…[as a result]…prison breaks in the country have eroded security. U.S. special forces have now been relegated to a "villa," a stopover for the operators before they're shipped out of the country entirely.

‘We put American special operations in harm's way to develop a picture of these suspects and to seek justice and instead of acting, we stalled. We just let it slip and pass us by and now it's going to be much more difficult,' one source said, citing 1,200 prisoners escaping two weeks ago. ‘It's already blowing up. Daily assassinations, bi-weekly prison escapes, we waited way too long.'" [source, Adam Housley, Team Involved In Tracking Benghazi Pulling Out, Sources Say]

None of the above should surprise anyone who routinely follows national security matters. Team Obama/Morsi continually side with the jihadists while savaging those whose business it is to keep the U.S. secure from internal and external threat, especially those posed by the Islamic jihadists.
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