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More And More Young Muslims In Holland And Belgium Praise Hitler Or Join The Jihad In Syria

March 27, 2013


March 27, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - "I am pleased with what Hitler did to the Jews. As far as I am concerned, he should have killed all of them." "I hate Jews, period. Nothing you will do will make me change my mind." "I hope all those bloody Jews will die soon." These anti-Semitic statements were made by Turkish high school students in the Dutch city of Arnhem. They were interviewed by Mehmed Sahin in a Dutch TV program called "Onbevoegd Gezag." Sahin, who is of Turkish-Kurdish descent and also lives in Arnhem, is a researcher at Amsterdam's Free University. He is currently writing his PhD.

Sahin was really shocked by what he heard. He had first asked these youngsters whether they knew who Anne Frank was. "Of course, we know," they said. And then followed their spontaneous eulogy of Hitler and the Holocaust. It had been Sahin's sincere intention to raise the topic of the Holocaust – not as a myth, but as a fact. He said that he wanted these Turkish high school students to change their mind so that they would stop hating Jews. "I think that you will have quite a different view next year," Sahin told them. "You won't succeed," was the reply. Moreover, Sahin's "pro-Jewish" view was not appreciated at all by his anti-Semitic opponents in the Muslim community of Arnhem. Muslims from his own multicultural neighborhood reportedly issued death threats against him and he even had to go into hiding for some time.

Most of the high school students interviewed by Sahin are third-generation immigrants. Anti-Semitism is rampant amongst young Muslims, not only in Holland, but also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Quite a lot of high school teachers in Europe's big "multicultural" cities refuse to raise the topic of the Holocaust in the class room because that would provoke a hostile or even violent reaction on the part of Muslim students. This is a huge problem in Holland – the very country where Anne Frank was deported to Auschwitz. About 100,000 Jews from Holland died in the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Sobibor. Anne Frank barely survived Auschwitz, but she died in the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen in March 1945 – just a few months before the end of the Second World War.

A recent Belgian survey on the attitudes of young people in the Flemish cities of Antwerp and Ghent finds that 45 percent of the young Muslims in those cities have an adverse attitude towards Jews believing, inter alia, that "Jews want to dominate everything." Dutch journalist Bart Schut points out that half of all young Muslims in Belgium are anti-Semites, but in Antwerp, Schut emphasizes, the percentage of young Muslims with anti-Semitic attitudes is even as high as 85 percent!

In Brussels, the Jewish Maimonides Atheneum (Athénée Maïmonide) must now relocate, because, as an Israeli embassy employee explained, "the area has an immigrant population that doesn't have a very favorable attitude to Jews." The safety concerns sparked by Muslim hostility have prompted many families to move," writes David J. Rusin in Islamist Watch. "The school is at the edge of the Anderlecht municipality, where a pro-Sharia candidate from an explicitly Islamic party won a local election in October."

Most Muslims in Belgium have a Moroccan or Turkish background, but there is a more recent influx of immigrants from other Muslim countries. According to reliable findings from Brussel's Free University (VUB), nearly 20 percent (one fifth) of the inhabitants of Brussels now speak Arabic. The dominant languages in Brussels are still Flemish and French. "In recent years, mass immigration puts enormous pressure on the bilingual region of Brussels," Brussels Minister Brigitte Grouwels told the Flemish newspaper De Standaard.

Muslim immigrants in Europe imported and are still importing the anti-Semitic views prevalent in their home countries. In Turkey, for example, anti-Semitic publications are becoming increasingly widespread and the current Islamic government is largely condoning anti-Semitic views. "The Turkish government takes no effective action to prevent the distribution of the anti-Semitic publications," Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Center reported in 2008. "A blockbuster film called ‘Valley of the Wolves Iraq' was produced in Turkey, based on a popular television series. Due to its anti-Semitic and anti-American character, the movie was pulled from theaters in the US and triggered harsh criticism in Germany, where it was shown to the Turkish community." "The movie was shown at the Alexandria Film Festival in September 2007." A Jewish doctor played by American actor Gary Busey "removes kidneys from Iraqi soldiers killed in the war and ships them to Tel Aviv, New York, and London to implant them in Jewish patients. The Jewish doctor in the movie is portrayed as corrupted, greedy, and vicious."

It does not really help when Recep Tayyib Erdogan, Turkey's current Islamist Prime Minister, equates Zionism with Fascism. He did so in Vienna on February 27 (2013) – at a meeting of the so-called "United Nations Alliance of Civilizations", an organization dominated by Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt and Pakistan. Anti-Zionism is today's equivalent of anti-Semitism. Keep in mind that Erdogan wants Turkish immigrants in Europe to share his controversial views. He does not want them to adopt Western values and views. He is indeed quite popular among them. Fortunately, though, there are secular Turks who oppose him, but they do not represent the majority both in Europe and in Turkey.

Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in Europe and North America do not lose their Turkish or Moroccan nationality. This is the law of their home countries, but such laws hamper their integration into Western societies. The liberal Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad correctly summarized this dubious state policy as follows: "The Turkish state is the father of all Turks, also of those who are living outside of Turkey." The same applies to the Moroccan state.

More and more young Muslims from Holland and Belgium now join the jihad in Syria

There are about one hundred jihadists ("holy warriors") from Holland and about seventy jihadists from Belgium who are fighting in Syria. These numbers are quite alarming. Dutch security and terrorism experts believe that these jihadists are now receiving terrorist training from jihadist groups in Syria and could stage dangerous terror attacks after their return to Holland or Belgium. Dick Schoof, the Dutch National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator (NTCB), raised the terror alert level from "limited" to "substantial" on March 13. There are many cases of Muslim "holy warriors" who were trained by militant groups in Pakistan/Afghanistan and then returned to Europe as dangerous terrorists. One of them was Mohammed Merah, an Algerian immigrant in Toulouse (southern France) who was trained by Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, then returned to France where he staged a number of terror attacks.

Most of the jihadists from Holland and Belgium are radicalized Muslim immigrants or equally radicalized converts to Islam. Some of them are believed to be Surinamese immigrants in the Netherlands. But many of them will die as so-called "martyrs" in Syria, imagining that they will then go straight to their fictitious paradise.

Two jihadists from Holland are already dead. One of them is twenty-year-old Soufian, a Dutch-Moroccan citizen from a village between the cities of Rotterdam and Delft. The other one is Mourad Massali, a Dutch-Moroccan citizen from Delft. He lived in the problematic immigrant neighborhood "Buitenhof." Crime is rampant there, especially among Moroccan youths many of whom sympathize with Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Syrian jihadists. From Delft alone, about twenty youths have already left for Syria. One of them is a Dutch convert named Jordy, a close friend of Mourad's. Mourad was married to a Dutch convert to Islam who is now pregnant.

Jolanda Gaal, a well-informed city council member from Delft, says that bearded Muslims give these frustrated and angry young men a lot of money – between 5,000 and 10,000 euros – and also promise them that should they die in Syria, their families would be taken care of. The parents of these recruited jihadists are desperate but there is very little they can do about it. Islamist terror groups in Syria reportedly confiscate the passports of the new recruits from Holland and Belgium.

One of the jihadists from Belgium is a Muslim convert named Brian De Mulder. Brian's mother and sister in Antwerp claim that he was recruited by Fouad Belkacem (alias Abu Imran), a Belgian-Moroccan citizen who leads the vocal Salafist fringe group "Sharia4Belgium." "Fouad Belkacem will have to pay for it if 19-year-old Brian will be killed in Syria," says Brian's sister Bruna in an interview with the Flemish newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. "I will have him to prosecuted."
Militant Muslims want to silence her accusing her of slandering Islam and the Muslim prophet Mohammed. "They want to silence me, but they won't succeed," Bruna says. Brian was recognized by Bruna and his mother Rosana after the Syrian website Halab News Network showed a 7-minute internet film about forty jihadists in the Syrian province of Aleppo. Some of these jihadists spoke Dutch or Flemish. Brian was among them. He and the others were armed with Kalashnikovs. Rosana was flabbergasted and terrified when she recognized her son, especially when she saw "that weapon." "You can see that he has been brainwashed, that he has no intention of returning home," she told another Flemish newspaper. "It drives me mad. I want my son back."

It is estimated there are over 170 jihadists from Holland and Belgium who are currently fighting in Syria.

The problem of crime

Another huge problem in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Venlo, Roermond, Antwerp and Brussels is Moroccan juvenile crime. The bulk of Amsterdam's 600 serious and violent youth offenders consists of young Moroccan males. Young Dutch-Moroccan soccer players have a notorious reputation. Last December, for example, one or several of them kicked Dutch soccer lineman Richard Nieuwenhuizen so hard in the chest that he died a few hours later. Eight of them are on trial now but none of them wants to admit guilt.
Similarly, measures were taken against the Dutch-Turkish soccer club "Zaanstad Türk Spor" (ZTS), after a number of serious incidents. The problem is that these short-tempered teenagers often do not accept it when they loose a soccer game or when a lineman or arbitrator takes a decision they do not like. Their "honor" is then at stake. Muslim honor culture is really aimed against Western society and what we would describe as "fair play."

The liberal Amsterdam newspaper De Volkskrant recently published a letter from Wilbert van Rijen, a high school teacher in Holland. He writes that his Turkish and Moroccan students insist on being Muslims first, secondly they are Turks or Moroccans and thirdly, after a long pause, they are Dutch. Should their sister ever marry a white "cheesehead," she would be expelled from the family, they assured him.

Police in Holland and Belgium have huge files on hardened and well-armed Turkish and Moroccan criminals – a real "multicultural underworld." The Amsterdam police believe that Moroccan criminal gangs in Amsterdam and Brussels were responsible for at least one of the two spectacular armed robberies aimed at buildings of "Brink's Money Transport" in the Netherlands. In both cases explosives and automatic weapons (Kalashnikovs) were used. The perpetrators managed to escape to Belgium and have not yet been caught. Understaffed police forces are neither able nor equipped to cope with these unprecedented levels of crime, unprecedented in the Netherlands and Belgium, that is. The violence employed by these gangs reminds us of what is happening in Mexico. A Dutch police union now proposes to employ non-lethal drones, but criminal defense lawyer Inez Weski said she is opposed to this idea. I tend to agree with the proposal made by police union, however.

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands specialized in crime and terrorism. Website: emersonvermaat.com.


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