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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > MIM Book Review: Islamic Doctrine Versus The U.S. Constitution By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

MIM Book Review: Islamic Doctrine Versus The U.S. Constitution By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

The Dilemma For Muslim Public Officials
February 11, 2020

Islamic Doctrine Versus the U.S. Constitution
Stephen M. Kirby, PhD
ISBN: 9781709741067
210 ppg.


January 4, 2020 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Dr. Stephen M. Kirby, a noted expert on Islamic doctrine has written what will prove to be essential guide for enabling citizens to determine if their Muslim elected official's loyalty is to the Constitution or the Qur'an.

With the increasing advent of self-proclaimed "devout" Muslim public officials into American political life the conflict between their religious beliefs and obligations to Shari'a [Islamic law] and their sworn duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution has become obvious and highly problematic.

In order to clarify their stances and explain the dilemma which being a Shari'a compliant Muslim and political figure in America entails, Dr. Kirby has compiled this guide elucidating what is mandated by the Constitution and its Amendments, explaining why it is virtually impossible for a devout Muslim to be able to comply with them.

To this end he presents painstakingly curated research into Qur'anic stipulations versus Constitutional dictates which are in direct opposition to one another.

One example can be found in the chapter "Islam And The Second Amendment" where Kirby observes.

"The 2nd Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms But under Islam, there would be no right for non-Muslims to keep and bear arms."

He then proceeds to cite the relevant Qur'anic injunctions pertaining to this.

One of the biggest problems for Muslim public officials, and the question which much be asked of them, is how they can truthfully swear an oath to uphold the Constitution which is considered by them to be "man-made law" with the Qur'anic declaration that Allah's law supersedes all others thus rendering any oath taken by a practicing Muslim to be null and void.

Dr. Kirby explains how Muslims can circumvent this dilemma by "pretending" to swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution by simultaneously annulling it.

In a key chapter entitled "Islam Allows Muslims To Deceive Non-Muslims" Dr. Kirby relates in detail how this relates to Muslims taking public office:

"The particular significance of the Qur'an (verse) 16:106 is that it allows a Muslim to publicly take an oath of office to support the Constitution that is in direct conflict with the Muslim's religion, to all appearances giving supremacy to the man-made laws of the Constitution over Islam as long as the Muslim really stays true to Islam in his heart."

One of the most striking dilemmas a religious Muslim faces in the conflict between loyalty to the U.S. Constitution over the Qur'an is the 1st Amendment which guarantees Free Speech and Freedom of Religion.

Dr. Kirby explains how Islam negates corporeal and other religious law by implementing and enforcing harsh consequences for blasphemy and for apostasy [thus sparing Islam] both of which warrant the death penalty according to the Shari'a.

Simply put, Free Speech and Islam are irrevocably incompatible.

At the end of his book Dr. Kirby offers a very useful guide for the concerned citizen which suggests questions which should be posed to Muslim public officials regarding their views on myriad Qur'anic dictates which are in direct contradiction to the Constitution This must be done in order to clarify their stances and determine where their genuine loyalties lie.

The "Islamic Doctrine Versus The U.S Constitution: The Dilemma For Muslim Public Officials" isn't just a book title, it is the articulation of a real and present danger being posed to the rule of law in the United States.

Recent elections of "devout" Muslims to public office who are openly expressing hostility and outright hatred for America is proof of this and attests to the steady implementation of a Shari'a weltanschauung in direct contradiction to American values.

Failure to scrutinize the beliefs of Muslim officials allows the Shari'a compliant to infiltrate the government and threatens to internally undermine the rights guaranteed to American citizens. The conflict between The Qur'an versus the Constitution is continuing primarily unaddressed. It is up to concerned citizens to arm themselves with the facts as presented in Dr. Kirby's book in order to effectively combat it.

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