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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Stealth Jihadists Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib's Congressional Runs Being Financed By Soros' MoveOn Org

Stealth Jihadists Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib's Congressional Runs Being Financed By Soros' MoveOn Org

Omar Married Brother To Get To United States - Tlaib Disrupted Trump Speech In 2016
July 25, 2018

MoveOn Lends Hand To Stealth Jihadi Muslim Candidates

August 23, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - MoveOn.org has kicked off another of its disinformation campaigns in hopes of electing two radical Muslim women to the U.S. Congress come November.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are typical of the angry Muslims [see,Soros Funded Muslim Trojan Horse - Abdul El-Sayed - Wants To Govern Michigan ] running for office this year on multicultural platforms designed to stoke hatred against American tradition, exceptionalism, European culture and of course, President Donald Trump.

In this game, which we doubt either Omar or Tlaib [Ta-leeb] fully understand, they are being marketed as cookie cutter candidates - by an organization whose every waking effort is to seed the political clouds with anti-American, neo-Marxist/collectivist/progressives.

Tlaib is an Arab, born to immigrant parents whose apparent claim to fame [her stint as state legislator was "uneventful"] is having disrupted an August 2016 speech by then candidate Trump speech, bitching and whining that Mr. Trump is somehow sundering the U.S. Constitution, so it stands to reason that Tlaib's platform is simple, impeach the duly elected president absent cause.

"For Rashida, her play is not so much being the farthest-left candidate on policy, it's being the farthest left on rhetoric and tactics," said Democratic strategist Susan Demas. "And she's not afraid to say, ‘If I'm elected, I'm impeaching Donald Trump, that's my calling card.'" [source, The Hill]

Omar was born in Somalia and eventually navigated her way to the United States. In 2016 she ran for Minnesota's legislature on the socialist Farm Labor ticket…and immediately set about running for the United States Congress.

If Tlaib's CV might be viewed as thin, Omar's is nonexistent.

There is not a whole lot more to be seen here, both of these women are professional Muslim agitator/community organizers, they hate the country that has given them shelter but they are quite willing to use its freedoms to destroy it.

This year there are a record number of Muslims running for office, most of whom fall under the category of grievance candidates. What is different this cycle is that because the left has been emboldened into thinking it represents "the wave of the future" by a media with which it is in ideological lockstep the field is in very large part comprised of barely camouflaged revolutionaries whose mantra owes far more to Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin [and of course Sayyid Qutb] than it does to any of the Founders.

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MIM: For the story of Ilhan Omar's marriage to her brother and committing immigration fraud see:


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