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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Teen forced to attend mosques and religous lectures during court mandated 'sensitivity training' at terror linked CAIR office in Chicago

Teen forced to attend mosques and religous lectures during court mandated 'sensitivity training' at terror linked CAIR office in Chicago

November 28, 2006

High Schooler's Head Tap Leads To Court Imposed Muslim Sensitivity Training By Hamas Front Group - CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations]


By Beila Rabinowitz & William A. Mayer

November 27, 2006 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - 18 year old David Huffman's prankish tap on a Muslimah's hijab recently led to his conviction on battery charges and a sentence of 40 hours of community work to be performed at the Chicago, Illinois office of the Saudi financed, Islamist pressure group CAIR. http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/nation/15892350.htm

With or without her knowledge, Cook County 5th Circuit Court judge Colleen McSweeney Moore's actions in this case neatly worked into the grand plan being advanced by CAIR and other radical Muslim groups who seek to Islamize the United States, force submission to Islam by non-Muslims and ultimately impose Sharia law.

A little checking by Judge Moore would have revealed that the Council on American Islamic Relations is not the civil rights group it masquerades as but is rather a Saudi funded front group for Hamas.

The group is a named defendant in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit and has seen its members jailed on terror related charges, including CAIR's former civil rights advisor and communications specialist, a convert named Randall Ismail Royer who is presently serving a 20 year sentence for weapons and explosives charges, [MilitantIslamMonitor.org]

Of further note, Ahmed Rehab, the executive director of the Chicago CAIR office which oversaw Huffman's "sensitivity training" has publicly supported local Hamas operative Muhammed Salah, a Bridgeview Muslim who has been charged in the drive-by shooting of 17 year old David Boim in Israel. Both Rehab and CAIR have been in the forefront of campaigning for Salah's release, claiming that he will not get a fair trial because of "anti-Muslim" bias.

Huffman's case sends a terrifying message and will assuredly be exploited by CAIR and others of its ilk as a template for action against any non-Muslims it may choose to target for this particular form of jihad.

It is even more outrageous that Judge Moore selected the Chicago CAIR office for Huffman's "re-education" as director Rehab was identified as having verbally abusing a homeless woman while standing on line at a local Walgreen's, until she fled the store, and then calling out to her, "Good riddance you bitch," http://arehab.blogspot.com (posting below)

Huffman's case is merely the latest in a series of contrived charges of "anti-Muslim" hatred by CAIR, it's their stock in trade.

Case in point, the group's most recent newsletter - that of November 27 - led with the following allegations of Muslim-phobia:

"Radio Spoof Draws Support for Nazi-Like Treatment of U.S. Muslims, CT: Anti-Muslim Posters at Yale Shatter Illusions, DC: Imams Stage Airport 'Pray-In' as Protest (AP), AZ: Founders Would Be Aghast at Treatment of Imams, CAIR-FL: Muslim Group to Host Forum on Hate Crimes."

A correct reading of the facts in this case demonstrates that the "victim" is not the calculating Muslimah who manipulated a prank into a hate crime, but Mr. Huffman whose youthful exuberance delivered him into the clutches of a terror friendly Wahhabist pressure group.

CAIR is so brazen that they openly solicit such misrepresentations with the intent of intimidating possible critics.

The group's website http://www.cair-net.org/default.asp?Page=knowYourRightsPocketGuide even provides a step-by-step set of instructions on how spin perceived negative behavior on the part of a non-Muslim against Muslims into a "crime of discrimination."

Below, an easy A-B-C method of framing non-Muslims as haters, courtesy of CAIR:

"1) Report the crime to your local police station immediately. Ask that the incident be treated as a hate crime. Follow up with an investigation. Inform CAIR even if you believe it is a "small incident"

2) Document the incident. Write down exactly what was said and done by the offender. Save evidence. Take photographs.

3) Act quickly. Each incident must be dealt with then it happens, not convenient. Decide on the appropriate action to be taken. Consider issuing a statement from community leaders, or starting a letter writing campaign. Mobilize community support. Stay on top of the situation.

4) Announce results. When the incident is resolved make an announcement to the same people and organizations originally contacted."

We have previously written about this technique:

"Modeling its activities upon those established by the left [not the least of which is the faith's near Trotskyite obsession with permanent religious revolution] CAIR wages an intense cultural assault. Hardly a day passes when multiple charges of discrimination, racism and anti-Muslim bias are not directed at American society.

CAIR is probably the most in-your-face proponent of this style of realpolitik - as ultimately threatening as the more graphic and murderous form now seemingly a part of everyday life, because its intent is a forced accommodation with Islam - on its terms - cloaked behind a lexicon of multiculturalism and diversity doublespeak.

Once or often twice a day, CAIR transmits via the Internet what it calls the IslamInfonet/CAIR media alert. These documents appear in countless inboxes across the globe and their common theme suggests that the senders wish to ultimately operate outside the confines of American society.

This direct action approach of fomenting against the strictures of civil government, its institutions and culture apparently will continue until they are numerous enough to bend the rest of society to their will. At that point [as CAIR spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper has stated] they will seek to impose a caliphate and operate under Sharia or Islamic law." -"Moderate" American Islamism And Terror, Zero Degrees Of Separation

Nothing in the current case would cause us to reconsider any of the above noted conclusions, rather, the Islamist juggernaught rolls on ever more defiant and mindful of its increasing power within a society that refuses to perceive the deadly nature of the threat that it poses.


MIM: Ahmed Rehab the executive director of the CAIR boasted on his weblog about how he verbally abused a homeless woman while standing on line in Walgreens causing her to flee, and made a point of speaking Arabic loudly to harass the remaining customers. Rehab's justification? He couldnt control himself and she (as a non Muslim who showed disrepect) deserved it:

" I didn't feel myself speaking. I just did.

True, I was being intolerant, but of what? Of something I should be intolerant of: ignorance. Not only ignorance mind you, but audacity."

"She stormed out of the store, muttering to herself. I yelled after her as my friend held me back, "Good riddance B****!"

Monday, November 08, 2004

I come in Peace!

Dear Internet Earthlings,

I comest unto thee in peace.

This is the first of what should hopefully be a somewhat interesting addition to the vast and endless world of blogs.

I am a Muslim-American, otherwise known as a "Mozlem", or a "God Damn Mozlem" depending on how far and deep into the right wing "Red States" you happen to wander.

Living in America as a Muslim these days is a real blessing.

One day I was standing in line at Walgreens (convenience store & pharmacy). I was speaking in Arabic to a friend. A few short sentences into our exchange, the lady in front of us abruptly turns around with utter disgust oozing out of her eyes, "could you please stop talking in that A-rabic jibberish, you are freaking me out! I don't need this!"

She doesn't need this?
Oh well hey, in that case we had better stop.

Though in her forties, her face was wrinkled worse than a shirt fresh out of a washing machine, her blonde hair was frizzed as if she'd just poked a finger in an electric outlet, and her bloodshot blue eyes were bulging out. She had a slight tremor in her hand, her voice was croaky like that of a compulsive smoker/drinker. She reeked of smoke.

At first, I was stunned. I had never been faced with such a situation before. I wondered what she was thinking, that perhaps we were planning a bombing of the candy section, of the twin gumball slot machines?

The clerk stood still watching; the rest of our fellow shoppers in the Walgreens line paused to watch as well. My accomplice in the act of speaking Arabic in public - who was half-Russian and characteristically as cool as Siberia - chose to look the other way.

I had to do something. Though my blood was boiling, I thought to myself, now is your chance to practice the understanding, forgiving, and tolerant spirit you have always championed.

"Well, if you do the world a favor and never stray out of the trailer trash park from which you hail, I promise you will never have to hear any of the world's rich and diverse languages!"

Couldn't do it. I simply couldn't. I didn't feel myself speaking. I just did.

I didn't feel too bad about it though. True, I was being intolerant, but of what? Of something I should be intolerant of: ignorance. Not only ignorance mind you, but audacity.

This woman had the audacity to express her ignorance in public without the least bit of consideration as to anyone's feelings. I thought a nice pail of cold water thrown on her frizzy head might do her as much good as it does me.

She stormed out of the store, muttering to herself. I yelled after her as my friend held me back, "Good riddance B****!"

Ok, that was a bit much.

But I felt so much better. I smirked at the bewildered bystanders, most of whom promptly cracked a half smile back my way. Then I went right back to speaking to my friend in Arabic - loudly.

posted by Ahmed Rehab @ 7:24 PM 3 comments



A picture of Rehab from his pulled personal pages.

MIM:In the 2004 blog entry Rehab sarcastically commented that "living in America was a real blessing" complained about victimhood and cited his encounter at Walgreens with a homeless woman as an example of the atrocities Muslims had to endure living in the United States

This week he told the Herald Tribune quite a different story- what difference two years makes!


I am proud to be American, and I really mean that," said Rehab, who as executive director of the council's Chicago branch spends his days handling civil rights complaints from fellow Muslims. "I'd rather be a Muslim in America than anywhere else."

MIM: The article in the Chicago Tribune trumpeted Huffman's sentence as a lesson in tolerance ignoring the fact that CAIR has a history of intolerance and support for terrorism and violence . Here are few as listed by Dr. Daniel Pipes:


CAIR's record includes the following unpleasantries:

  • Apologizing for killers such as Hamas (a group associated with the murder of 7 Americans) and Usama bin Ladin (charged with the devastation of September 11, 2001).
  • Helping promote terrorism: In the words of Steve Pomerantz., a former Chief of Counterterrorism for the FBI, "CAIR, its leaders, and its activities, effectively give aid to international terrorist groups."
  • Intimidation of patriotic Muslims who disagree with CAIR's militant agenda: In one case (Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani), the FBI has looked into charges that he received death threats after renouncing the chauvinists. In another (Khalid Durán), CAIR's attack on a writer led to a death edict against him - which CAIR has never denounced. (For details on this latter case, see http://www.danielpipes.org/article/384.)
  • Associating with terrorism: Siraj Wahaj, a potential unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, sits on its advisory board.
  • Bias against women: When a prosecutor in Cleveland argued that two Muslim men had engaged in the "honor killing" of their female cousin, CAIR accused him of "ethnic and religious stereotyping" and demanded he be investigated.
  • Sponsorship of blatant antisemitism: At a May 1998 rally at Brooklyn College co-sponsored by CAIR, one speaker referred to Jews as "descendants of the apes."

In short, CAIR represents not the great civilization of Islam but a radical utopian movement originating in the Middle East that seeks to impose its ways on the United States. Americans should consider themselves warned: a new danger exists in their midst.

The Chicago Tribune lauded Huffman's sentence as "a lesson in tolerance"

MIM: More links and documentation on CAIR "Moderate Friends of Terror" and the court mandated "sensitivity training" in the offices of a Saudi funded front group for Hamas.

CAIR wages Jihad though conversion under guise of 'sensitivity training'

The quest to Islamise the United States and ensure dhimmitude (deference) towards Muslims and submission to Islam by non Muslims, was aided and abetted by a Cook County judge, who took the unprecedented step of sentencing David Huffman, to 40 hours of 'sensitivity training' at the office of The Council on American Islamic Relations to learn about Islam and Muslims, and compile a Powerpoint presentation to show staffers what he had learned.

The 18 year old Huffman was jailed two weeks after graduating High School and charged with battery and a hate crime for tapping the head of a woman wearing a hijab at a McDonalds in Chicago, allegedly nearly pulling off her headscarf. (He was also sentenced to 10 days of 'swap' community service and 12 months of supervision.)http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/nation/15892350.htm

The Council on American Islamic Relations, presents itself as a civil rights group but is a Saudi funded front group for Hamas. The group is presently a defendant in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit and had 4 employees jailed on terrorism charges.The absurdity of sending anyone to CAIR for sensitivity training is highlighted by the fact that CAIR's former civil rights advisor, and communications specialist, a convert named Randall Ismail Royer, is presently serving a 20 year sentence for weapons and explosives charges as part of the Virginia Paintball Jihad terrorist network.) http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/359

Dr. Daniel Pipes has this to say on Huffman's sentence" The judge did not make him serve time in jail but in CAIR's Chicago office (sound nearly as bad to me too) " There in forty hours over three months he engaged in such activities as watching Muslims play backetball, attend a 9/11commemoration, and visit mosques." http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/230

Huffman's case sends a terrifying message and is meant as a warning to non Muslims that any action or verbal exchange perceived as hostile will be viewed as discrimination and that CAIR will ensure that the perpretrator will face legal action that could potentially ruin their lives and careers by labelling it as a bias crime. http://www.meforum.org/article/916

Huffman had no choice but to agree to the 'sensitivity training' since a jail stint would have destroyed his ambitions to become a policeman. More egregiously, Ahmed Rehab, the executive director of the Chicago CAIR office which oversaw Huffman's ‘reducation'offered to give Huffman a letter of recommendation for the police training school, something which might do more harm then good , in light of Rehabs support for the convicted local Hamas operative Muhammed Salah, a Bridgeview Muslim who was charged in the drive by shooting of 17 year old David Boim. Rehab and CAIR have been in the forefront of campaigning for Salah's release and telling the media he will not get a fair trial because of anti Muslim bias.

Rehab was quoted in a Qatar paper (the UAE funds CAIR) stating: " for many he is the symbol of a larger Palestinian struggle". "Nobody sees Salah in a vacuum".


CAIR director Rehab gloating recounted on his weblog how he viciously tormented a homeless woman who had annoyed him while standing on line at Walgreens, until she fled the store as he called out after her ‘Good riddance you b---tch! Rehad justified his action on the grounds that he thought the non Muslim woman had been too "audacious". http://arehab.blogspot.com/

According to reports the 18 year old Huffman, as aspiring police recruit, his tap on the woman's hijab was a ‘prank gone wrong'. The woman called CAIR and filed a complaint with the police claiming she was ‘scared and embarrassed and that her faith had been attack'.

The Muslimah's melodramatic claim of an attack on the faith more then strains credulity, since Huffman ( who bragged about having a hard time keeping out of trouble at school) was at best indifferent to religion, as evidenced when he told the CAIR ‘sensitivity training coordinator that he thought religion "was a waste of time" and mistakenly referred to mosques as" synagouges ."

The Chicago Tribune reported that:

‘He knew he did wrong but was confused as to why the woman became so upset" .I understood immediately after I did it. But even after I apologized she was still so angry… I didn't understand that."

Unfortunately for Huffman the Muslimah, (who apparently saw the makings of a bias incident to add to the annals of CAIR's hoax hate crimes) refused to accept his apology, and instead followed the CAIR ‘victim of bias crime' script to the letter as set out in CAIR's "Know Your Rights" pocket guide.

The step by step instructions on how turn any negative behaviour on the part of a non Muslim towards a Muslim into a ‘crime'of discrimination ,instead of letting it pass for a lapse in judgement on the part of someone who is ignorant or hostile and instructs Muslims to spin the incident as one of religiously motivated victimization : http://www.cair-net.org/default.asp?Page=knowYourRightsPocketGuide

1) Report the crime to your local police station immediately. Ask that the incident be treated as a hate crime.

Follow up with an investigation. Inform CAIR even if you believe it is a "small incident"

2) Document the incident. Write down exactly what was said and done by the offender. Save evidence. Take photographs.

3)Act quickly. Each incident must be dealt with then it happens, not convienent.

Decide on the appropriate action to be taken. Consider issuing a statement from community leaders, or starting a letter writing campaign.

3) Mobilize community support.

Stay on top of the situation.

4) Announce results. When the incident is resolved make an announcement to the same people and organizations originally contacted.

. http://www.cairphilly.org/index.php?Page=knowurrights&Side=crights

Huffman's genuine bafflement as to why the woman ‘was still so angry' and confusion as to why his apology and contrition did not suffice to appease the Muslimah, highlights the type of Pysops (cultural Jihad) being waged by Islamists and CAIR, who are living in a Dar Al Harb (world of war) against non Muslims and see all social interaction as a form of cultural jihad in which non Muslims must defer to their rules and show proper respect for their customs (dhimmitude) or be punished for disobedience, as a prelude to accepting Allah and shar'ia for their own good and the Islamist betterment of mankind.

Islamist groups like CAIR are in the forefront of the campaign to intimidate non Muslims into submissiveness using fear of punishment by legal action and labeling any behaviour which they perceive as hostile or critical to Islam as discrimination or Islamophobic. Muslims are obligated to bring non Muslims must to their knees both figuratively and literally (by accepting Islam which means submission) and it is no coincidence that David Huffman was brought to an empty mosque on the first day of his 40 hour court mandated punishment at CAIR by their ‘sensitivity coordinator' and convert, Veronica Zapata.

A journalist following Huffman's ‘progress' wrote that:

.At the mosque " his fingers traced tiles that spelled out the 99 names of God in Islam …and …checked out his mobile phone text messages with the other hand".

Zapata ‘winced' when Huffman declared he found religion to be ‘a waste of time' and stated:

"I don't know how reflective he's going to be. I feel the resistance …I think he has good potential…"

One of Huffman's forced encounters with Muslim youth transpired at the Muslim Youth center in Bridgeview where he watched a prayer service on a basketball court . The terror ties of the partnering Bridgeview mosque Foundation which has been under law enforcement scrutiny for decades were not mentioned in the press, nor that one of the mosque members Muhammed Salah, is presently on trial on charges of funding and arming Hamas terrorists. The leaders of the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation include Hamas operatives Imam Jamal Said and Oussama Jamal and spokesman Rafiq Jabar headed the groups American wing known as The Islamic Association of Palestine. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1707

The Chicago Tribune journalist who followed Huffman's ‘sensitivity training' described Huffman's reactions to the prayer and basketball sesson at the Bridgeview Youth Association which is part of the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation.

"Lugman Rashad the center's energetic director led prayers that evening on the basketball court., where Huffman watched intently, taking off his baseball hat if if the national anthem had begun. For a few minutes the humming from overhead lights and the Pepsi machine punctuated the sounds of kneeling on the hardwood."

There may also legal grounds to file a lawsuit against the Cook County judge who ordered him to undergo ‘sensitivity training in the offices of an organisation which receives funding from Saudi Arabia and UAE, has documented ties to terrorism and brought him into contact with Muslims from the Hamas dominated Bridgeview Mosque Foundation.http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/341

David Huffman's 40 hours of court mandated ‘sensitivity training' for tapping a Muslim woman on the head, is undergoing ‘sensitivity training' in the same CAIR offices under the direction of Ahmed Rehab who is waging a campaign to free Muhammed Salah. The Hamas terrorist was convicted of putting a bullet through the head of another High School student, the 17 year old David Boim as he stood waiting for a bus home from school , and CAIR's support for him highlights the fact that their are zero degrees of separation between CAIR and Hamas. Salah worshipped at The Bridgeview Mosque Foundation which was named in the the court documents in connection with Boims's murder.


(Salah's children, and those of other Hamas members convicted in connection with his murder live and work in Bridgeview, and it is not a stretch to think that Huffman might have encountered them during his time at the youth center or during his mosque visits ).

An investigation must be conducted into how CAIR was able to set in a motion a chain of events which lead to High School student David Huffman being arrested and forced to undergo sensitivity training at their offices.

Questions need to be raised about the Islamist affiliations of the woman who pressed the charges against Huffman, and her connection to Islamist mosques and organizations in the Chicago. Previous cases of bias claims (where press conferences have been called) revealed that those prosecuting the complaints have connections to Islamists organizations like CAIR and are pursuing a political agenda.

The Cook County judge who made the unprecedented decision to order Huffman to undergo ‘sensitivity training' which was religious indoctrination is also a matter for scrutiny. In addition the legality of a court ordering someone to study a religion and be brought to a house of worship very possibly violates the separation between church and state. The ACLU would have been in the forefront of denouncing this sentence as Constitutional had the situation been that of a Muslim who was sentenced to ‘sensitivity training' by Christians and been forced to accompany them to a church.

The Chicago Tribune account of the story smacked of self righteous schadenfreude, with a journalist following Huffman's ‘sensitivity training' progress at the CAIR office and humiliation at the hands of some Muslim teens and a youth leader who made him recount why he was there, feigning ignorance.

The Chicago Tribune journalist who followed the case asked rhetorically "What exactly did David Huffman learn? And concluded that he had learned a modicum of dhimmitude hailing his 'progress' by relating that after being brought to the mosque for a last visit he was waiting in the hallway but went downstairs to check his cell phone mail.

"He did however go to the stairwell to check those (text) messages, which based on previous weeks , was a small step of improvement? Is there any other kind?

At the end of his court mandated punishment David Huffman appeared to show genuine contrition, remorse, and goodwill, and his sincerity was met with calculated comaderie on the part of the CAIR staff, who cynically told him he should return to CAIR as volunteer.

"I hope you guys take away from this that I am a really nice guy and I care about other people, and look beyond one small mistake, he said. "People make mistakes. Don't let it judge the person for the rest of your life".

The group applauded, and several people patted Huffman on the back, telling him he should return to CAIR as a volunteer, although next time without the threat of jail time.

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR's executive director later said he was so impressed with Huffman's development that he is now planning on writing him a recommendation for the police department.

"The great thing about Dave's progress is that he didn't come full of hate. He, like so many people in the general population, had simply come to his opinions because he never knew a Muslim".

If Huffman has shown less receptive perhaps his 'progress' at the hands of CAIR's skilled propagandists would have been halted and his goodwill dampened by a sense of betrayal. Had he gotten to know a more about CAIR's real agenda and the true opinons of Muslims like Ahmed Rehab jail might have appeared to be the lesser of two evils compared to a court mandated 'sensitivity training' at the CAIR office.

He might have seen how full of hate Rehab was towards non Muslims, and the United States, and realized that the opinions of the general populations regarding Muslims which Rehab criticized are based on genuine terrorism fears .Rehab's and the Chicago CAIR' offices ongoing support for terrorism and convicted terrorists like Muhammed Saleh being a case in point. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1707


During his court mandated Power Point presentation at the end of his forced sensitivity training Huffman described CAIR's sensitivity coordinator Veronica Zapata as "probably the nicest person he's ever met". Adding, "She's made it possible for me to understand the religion".

David Huffman should realize that Zapata's friendliness towards him and efforts to explain Islam to have a more sinister goal . Muslims believe that everyone was born Muslim and is it their obligation to bring infidels back to their 'true' and the 'only' religion.

Putting Veronica Zapata 'in charge' of Huffman's indoctrination was a strategic move. She is young, attractive, has a university degree and a background in public and press relations. The message? I converted and you can too too. Hence her comment "I feel the resistance" "I think he has good potential".

The struggle (Jihad) is to overcome the resistance of a non Muslim until they submit and accept Islam.

To the radical Islamists at The Council on American Islamic Relations, 'sensitivity training' aka understanding Islam is the first step to conversion. David Huffman's court mandated submission to their 'sensitivity training' is being hailed as case of a rebellious ‘Infidel' who has the 'potential' of being brought to his knees as ‘Servant of Allah' instead.

Huffman's court mandated Islamist indoctrination under the guise of ‘sensitivity training' will be hailed by CAIR's Saudi and UAE backers as a return on their recent 50ml ‘investment'and hailed by Islamists as a triumph of cultural Jihad. .

Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

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