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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Nakba Museum funded by EU- UN- World Bank via "Welfare organisation" connected to Al Aqsa Hamas 'humanitarian fund"

Nakba Museum funded by EU- UN- World Bank via "Welfare organisation" connected to Al Aqsa Hamas 'humanitarian fund"

January 6, 2006

MIM: The Welfare Association has announced plans to begin an internationally funded "Rememberance" museum to commemorate the hoax of what Arabs call "Al Nakba" (castrophe) which is meant to support the false claim of Arabs to Israel by portraying them as having 'dispossed' in 1948. The museum will not only be an exercise in historical revision, portraying Arabs as the victims of what cynically depict as a Jewish orchestrated Holocaust- (and what they call the resulting (Diaspora) it will be a monument to Jihad. The Welfare Association works together with the Al Aqsa humanitarian fund - which is a bogus 'charity' whose offices were shut down in several European countries for being tied to terrorism. The funding being given to purpetrating this perfidious view of history (and malifide exploitation and misappropriation of Holocaust jargon and leitmotiefs) is another example of how the EU, UN, World Bank and other NGO's are aiding and abetting incitement to terrorism.


Welfare Association is launching a national museum, to operate as an independent, non-profit organization, for the purpose of recording and reflecting Palestinian history. A technical team of specialists in a variety of fields is engaged in planning the museum project. The museum is to be based in Jerusalem but satellite locations are being considered in Birzeit, Bethlehem and Abu Dis until a suitable Jerusalem location can be identified. The museum will concentrate on the last 300 years of Palestinian history and will contain permanent and multimedia exhibits, a library and research center, and an educational resource center.


The Welfare Association has built an Endowment Fund of $36 million through earmarked donations from members. Investment earnings are used to cover WA's management and administration costs and some program expenses. Excess proceeds are reinvested so that the Endowment Fund is constantly being replenished and is a stable basis for the sustainability of the organization.

In addition to members' fees and donations, the Welfare Development Fund in the US and the Welfare Association-UK have been active in fundraising among Palestinians in their respective communities. Local Resource Development committees have operated in Bahrain, Greece, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates to oversee and ensure local fundraising initiatives, conferences, exhibitions and other activities, and to raise additional funds for projects through targeted campaigns. Major campaigns were organized for projects in Support for the Palestinian Child (1996-97), for Jerusalem (1997-98), and for the Palestinian Remembrance Museum project launched in 1999 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of al-Nakba, the 1948 dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people.


The Welfare Association performs a significant role for the international community as a local implementing agency in Palestine for larger partners. Donors who require a Palestinian organization with demonstrated expertise in management, co-funding and catalytic operations find that Welfare Association's successful experience with umbrella grant programs, broad project implementation and its reputation for credibility and transparency make it a reliable partner.

International partners include the World Bank, the European Union, the Islamic Development Bank, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the OPEC Fund, the Arab Bank, UNRWA, UNESCO, Norwegian People's Aid, and Ford Foundation, among others. By coordinating with the international community, Welfare Association has played a pivotal role over the years in mobilizing additional funds for Palestinian development projects.

MIM: Al Aqsa is a known Hamas organisation which raises money for terrrorism and was banned in Europe


The latest crisis, which began in March 2002, has resulted in many more dead and injured, and great destruction of community property and services, especially essential emergency health services. Due to the deteriorating situation and the dire, emergency needs of the Palestinians, the Welfare Association's special Al-Aqsa Humanitarian Fund needs your support TODAY!

Please send your donations to:

Welfare Association
Al-Aqsa Humanitarian Fund
Arab Bank, Shmeisani Branch

A/C 118-9917-1/502 (Jordanian Dinars)
A/C 118-9917-1/511 (US $)
Swift #: arabjoax118

Official receipts for donations will be made available upon receipt of a bank advice with your address to Welfare Association fax number (962-6) 552 6902.





Implementing Agency

Allocated Funds


Development of al-Aqsa Library

Awqaf Jerusalem



Aid to needy patients

Health Care Society, Lebanon



Development of Traditional Handicrafts Centers

Abasan Heritage Center, Laqiya Women's Association, Samu'a Society, Jerusalem



Establishment of CISCO local academies

Consortium of five Palestinian universities/colleges, West Bank and Gaza



Summer Camp, "Al-Quds, Palestine 2000"

NGOs Committee in Galilee and Triangle areas



Development of KGS and Teacher Training

ECRC and KGs in Qarara, Tel al-Sultan and Mughazi camp in Gaza, and Arura, Beit Ummar and Jalameh villages in WB



Support for Children's Libraries in two refugee camps

Local NGOs in camps, Lebanon



Hotel Management Project

Dar al- Aytam/Arab Orphanage Committee, Jerusalem



WA-NPA Projects in Palestine

9 various NGOs, West Bank and Gaza



Development of Dura Cultural Center

Dura Municipality, West Bank



Institutional support.

Nabil Badran Center for Disabled Children, al-Bus camp, Tyre, Lebanon



WA-NPA Projects in Lebanon

10 various NGOs, Lebanon



Support for mother and child program in Sabra

Popular Aid for Rehabilitation and Development (PARD), Lebanon



Support for rehabilitation of the disabled

Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Nahr al-Bared camp, Lebanon



Support for Cultural Activities

Popular Art Center, al-Bireh, West Bank



Development of Samu'a Disabled Center

Samu'a al-Aqsa Society for the Disabled, West Bank



undefinedWelfare Association is headed by a Director General and organized into three departments: Programs and Projects, Resource Development and Information, and Finance and Administration. Welfare Association's head office is in Geneva, where the Association is officially registered. More than 60 professional staff members and consultants work out of its four offices: Operations Headquarters in the West Bank which includes the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program (OCJRP), the Palestinian NGO Project and the IT for Youth Project field offices in Gaza and Beirut; and the Resource Development and Information Department in Amman.

Welfare Association staff and technical consultants have expertise in program development and project support based on their professional involvement in regional development organizations and in the local public and NGO sectors.


Abdul Majeed Shoman

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive, Arab Bank PLC.

Abdul Aziz Shakhashir


Abdul Muhsen Al-Qattan

Vice-chairman, A. M. Qattan Foundation

Adel K. Afifi

Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, Anatomy and Cell Biology, College of Medicine, Iowa University

Anis F. Kassim

Attorney at Law; Editor in Chief, Palestine Yearbook of International Law

Basel Amin Aql


Bisher Mohammed Jardaneh

Managing Director, Arabtech-Jardaneh (Consulting Engineers & Architects)

Edward Said

Professor of Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Faisal S. Alami

Director of Finance & Development, Partner

Hasib J. Sabbagh

Vice-chair man, Consolidated Contractors Co., SAL

Hisham F. Qaddumi

Chairman of the Board - HQ Associates

Ibrahim Abu Lughod

Professor of International Studies, Birzeit University

Issam Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Chairman of the Board, Palestine International Bank

Issam Azmeh

Consultant, Member of Board of Directors of Companies

Jawdat Shawwa

Managing Director, IMCO, Kuwait

Khalid C. Sifri


Mohammad Y. Najm

Professor Emeritus of Arabic, American University of Beirut; Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Palestinian Students Fund

Munib R. Masri

Vice-chairman of Board of Directors, Engineering & Development Group (EDGO); Chairman of the Board of Directors, Palestine Development & Investments Co., (PADICO)

Munir R. Kaloti

President, Kaloti Jewellery Co., UAE; Arab Weavers, Jordan; Union Mills for YARU, Jordan, Gerasa Insurance Co.

Munther J. Nabulsi

Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors, Transgulf Readymix Concrete Co. Managing Director, Greenworks Est.

Munther Khalidi

Chairman, Managementt Committee, Associate Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Nabil G. Sarraf

President, Al Ahliah Commercial Agencies Est.

Nabil Qaddoumi

President, Project Management (PROJACS)

Nazek Rafik Hariri

President, Hariri Foundation

Nizar Jardaneh

Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors, Dar Al-Dawa

Nureddine Sehweil

President and CEO, Uni-Arab Engineering & Oilfield Services

Othman Nashashibi

Partner Managing Director, Nashashibi & Ebbini Forms

Ramzi Atta Dalloul

Chairman of the Board, Arab Investment and Management Corporation (AIMCOR FINANCE) N.V.

Reem K. Abu Saoud

Managing Director, Reem Enterprises Ltd.

Riad B. Kamal

Chairman, Arabtec Construction Co.

Riad T. Sadik

President, Al Habtoor Engineering Ent. Co.

Sabih Taher Masri

Chairman of the Board, Zara

Said Khoury

Vice-chairman, Consolidated Contractors Co., SAL

Samer Said Khoury

Executive Vice President, Consolidated Contractors Co., SAL

Samir Adel Aweidah

Managing Director, INMA Gulf Development & Construction L.L.C

Soad M. Sabbah

Poet, Writer and Economic Researcher

Suheil H. Sabbagh

AVP Human Resources, Consolidated Contractors Co., SAL

Wael R. Kanaan

General Manager, Jerusalem Development & Investment Co., Ltd (JEDICO)

Yousef Ahmad Asad

Chairman of the Board of Arcadia Group

Yousef Al-Hassan

Strategic Expert and Thinker

Yusef R. Abu Khadra

Management Committee Member, Investcorp.

Yusif Sayigh



Welfare Association is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1983 in Geneva to support Palestinian society in sustainable development. Officially registered under the name Welfare Association, it has become better known in the region by its Arabic name, Ta'awoun, meaning cooperation. Its contributions have totaled over $100 million for development projects from 1983-2000, a period that has spanned occupation, political transition and the state-building process in Palestine.

Welfare Association draws on Palestinians in the Diaspora and other Arabs to contribute undefinedtheir intellectual and financial resources toward the reconstruction and development process in Palestine. The organization is dedicated to help strengthen non-governmental and community institutions and organizations, to assist Palestinian efforts to improve the quality of services provided by social organizations, and to enhance national culture, heritage and identity. Welfare's own assistance, and the outside donations it raises from regional and international organizations, are directed to Palestinian projects in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, the areas occupied in 1948 and Lebanon, serving the 4.2 million Palestinians in these areas.

The Welfare Association assists Palestinian development efforts through three program tracks: Culture and Identity, Human Resource Development, and Capacity-building. Assistance to the Palestinian community in Lebanon encompasses another major Welfare Association concern.

  • undefinedThe Culture and Identity (CI) program focuses on strengthening Palestinian cultural awareness especially in the 1948 areas of Palestine, undertaking rehabilitation and reconstruction in Jerusalem through the Welfare Association's Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program (OCJRP), supporting culture and artistic activities in Jerusalem, and establishing the Palestine Remembrance Museum, a special project for the Welfare Association.

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