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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Sociopath as bio terrorist - "Middle Eastern" man in Texas sentenced to five years after video tapes shows him putting feces in store food

Sociopath as bio terrorist - "Middle Eastern" man in Texas sentenced to five years after video tapes shows him putting feces in store food

November 2, 2005

MIM: What is worth noting is that with the exception of Front Page Magazine no report even hints at the Middle Eastern connection vis a vis Behrouz Nahidmobarkeh. This sudden squeamishness on the part of the media in a case where someone with a distinctly Arab name is involved in trying to poison people with feces, does not apply when it comes to bogus reports of Korans in toilets, or when Muslims jam up 911 emergency switchboards to report a Koran smeared with feces, as was the case several months ago in Memphis, Tennessee.


Man Found Guilty of Sprinkling Feces on Store Food

DALLAS, Texas A Dallas cab driver was found guilty Wednesday of creating a public health danger, after spreading dried feces on food in a grocery store.

49-year-old Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh was convicted of sprinkling fecal matter on pastries and baked goods at a Fiesta grocery store.

Police found a pile of human feces by his bed. They believe he would dry it, either by microwave or just let it sit out, then grate it up and sprinkle it at the store.

During the trial, prosecutors showed a store surveillance videotape of the defendant, which shows him sprinkling a substance on the food.

The sentencing phase of the trial begins Thursday.



The New Breed of Bioterrorism?
By David Yeagley
FrontPageMagazine.com | November 1, 2005

Last week, October 26, 2005, Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh was tried for tampering with consumer products. He was convicted the next day. He was caught on tape sprinkling dried feces on donuts and pastries in a Dallas grocery. Is this a new form of bioterrorism?

It would be the most cost-efficient, using the most easily attainable substance. Everyone knows feces can carry Hepatitis B, C, and D, as well as a host of other infectious diseases like Shigella and E. Coli. Yet Nahidmobarekeh's attorney Clark Birsall said there was no way to prove that Nahidmobarekeh's actions would have harmed anyone.

There are no DNA tests reported yet that even prove the dried feces were Nahidmobarekeh's own, though he apparently prepared them in his apartment. The FBI determined it was not a matter of national security, so they turned Nahidmobarekeh over to local authorities after they had arrested him.

Why, this was just the personal revenge of a Middle Eastern sociopathic cab driver, who had "a beef" with the store owners. Nahidmobarekeh said he wanted to "teach them a lesson."

Not to worry?

Consider Iyad Abu El Hawa, of Baytown, Texas. He is currently in jail for issuing more than 1,000 fake flue vaccinations to Exxon employees at a company health fair. El Hawa's Houston-based company, Comfort and Caring Home Health, contracted to provide the vaccinations. The first report (Baytown Sun, October 28, 2005) said they didn't know what was in the fraudulent vaccinations. The second report says it appeared to be "purified water," but tests are not complete. Again the FBI identified no risk to national security.

But there is no comfort in these reports. Rather there is a new prospect of terrorism looming.

Remember, on October 31, 1999, when commercial pilot Gamil Al-Batouti's EgyptianAir Flight 990 crashed without cause near the island of Nantuckett? No one was willing to imagine that less than two years later, September 11, 2001, nineteen Middle Eastern Islamic radicals would fly U.S. passenger jets into the World Trade Center.

Shouldn't we reconsider these bioterrorism stories?

Think of what has happened to the airline industry here in America, and all over the world, and the nearly intolerable inconvenience and invasion of privacy which has resulted from the radical, murderous inventions of few Islamacists. The U.S. government is not willing to profile Middle Easterners, but instead has made the American public pay the price of "safety" by surrendering freedoms.

Now think of all the people working in food services and in the health industry. There are many Islamic Middle Easterners in these professions. Are we going to have to start ‘checking bags' of all health facilities employees as they show up to work now? Are we going to start screening all employees in food services before they start work? Are we going to retard and denigrate our food and health services now because of a new avenue of bioterrorism?

Remember, no one imagined Egyptian pilot Gamil Al-Batouti's isolated act was a precursor to 9/11. Al-Batouti was considered "depressed," or mentally ill. But look what followed. Were the 9/11 hijacker mass murders "mentally ill"?

Remember, too, Joel Hinrichs, the University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up in an obviously "terrorist-style" death. OU President David Boren has insisted that Hinrichs was "emotionally disturbed" from the hour the incident happened. No risk to national security. (The FBI blew up remaining evidence in Hinrichs' apartment the same night of the bombing.)

But there is hardly an effective way to curb public apprehension anymore. The facts of immediate history outweigh any authoritarian attempt to dismiss violent acts that clearly occur in the shape of intentional public havoc. Death stalks the country.

It may seem appropriate to associate sociopathological and psychopathological behavior with professional theory. Adlerian psychologist Donald Lombardi says deviance is an effort to achieve significance which, in the mind of the perpetrator, is otherwise impossible. Lombardi's Search for Significance (1975) was considered ground-breaking.

But considering the terrorist ground-breaking at Ground Zero in New York City, it simply doesn't matter whether the perpetrator is mentally ill or not. The patterns of destruction are all apparent for anyone to grasp. And any person, be it a crazed Islamicist, or a simply crazed individual, can freely invent and indulge.

Our concern must be to secure our own freedoms. How far will our society bend, and how much of our freedom will we surrender, in order to provide "freedom for all"—including our mortal enemies?



Suspect Sentenced After Tainting Pastries With Feces
Oct 28, 2005, 07:59 AM EDT

Courtesy: CBS
Courtesy: CBS

A judge sentenced the man convicted of putting his own fecal matter on food at a Dallas grocery store to five years in prison.

Against his attorney's advice, Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh took the stand in his own defense to explain why he did it.

"I was sitting at home and I was in one of my withdrawal and I had the feces there, I was cleaning up, I already did some heroin." said Nahidmobarekeh.

He said he was upset at employees at the Fiesta Grocery Store in Dallas.

"I picked up that dry feces I talked about it it couldn't hurt anybody I could get, even if I get caught I want to teach these people a lesson." said Nahidmobarekeh.

He said he thought they didn't properly address his complaints he'd made against the store.

After the conviction, Nahidmobarekeh's attorney says the jury made its decision too hastily.

"The jury made a decision because it was so grossed out. They couldn't follow the law. It was an emotional decision. I understand." said Clark Birdsall.

Judge Vic Cunningham called what Nahidmobarekeh did, "nasty" and "repulsive."

"It's been so nasty, it's raunchy, repugnant, repulsive, vile and vulgar. Your lawyer had the best line of all, you just can't put any lipstick on this pig. There's no way, it's just nasty." said Cunningham.

"I think by their verdict and sending the five years and considering he was probation eligible and giving him penitentiary time, I think it was a pretty strong verdict." said prosecutor Taly Haffar.

Store owners initially called police after customers complained the fresh-baked items smelled and tasted like manure


Gripes of stench preceded pastry-tainting allegations

Dallas: Cabdriver on trial is accused of sprinkling grated feces on grocery store goods

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


By TIM WYATT / The Dallas Morning News

Testimony began Tuesday in the trial of a cabdriver accused of dusting pastries with his dried, grated feces at a Dallas grocery store last summer.

Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, 49, faces two felony charges of tampering with consumer products in separate incidents in July at the Fiesta Mart at Ross Avenue and Henderson Street.

In his opening statement Tuesday afternoon, prosecutor Taly Haffar told jurors that the store workers went through seven months of customer complaints that unpackaged, fresh-baked goods "smelled and tasted like manure" until the defendant was arrested in late July.

Mr. Nahidmobarekeh pleaded not guilty in state District Judge Vic Cunningham's court. His defense attorney, Clark Birdsall, did not give an opening statement.

While a Dallas County epidemiologist testified about the possible health risks to customers who may have eaten the contaminated cookies, pastries and bread, the state's main evidence so far consisted of two videotapes of incidents on July 13 and July 24.

In those tapes, a man with his back to the camera is shown scattering something over baked goods in the store while other shoppers pass by. No one reacts to the man on the first tape, but employees eventually detect a strong odor coming from a bread bin and begin to clear out the products and begin cleaning up.

A second tape is similar, except that the store's security manager runs down and detains the man later identified by police as Mr. Nahidmobarekeh. Shortly after the suspect is led away, a young boy reaches up and grabs a cookie from the nearby racks.

"It looked like cracked pepper at the time," Albert Bazan, a Fiesta employee, testified. "But it had a real strong odor ... a foul odor."

Dallas police reports state that a hazardous-material team collected samples of the contaminated goods and that authorities alerted the FBI's terrorism task force.

Testimony in the trial resumes today. If convicted, Mr. Nahidmobarekeh could face up to 20 years in prison.

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