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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The UNRWA Is Responsible For The Bombing Of Its Schools - Third Cache Of Rockets Found On Premises

The UNRWA Is Responsible For The Bombing Of Its Schools - Third Cache Of Rockets Found On Premises

July 30, 2014

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 30, 2014 @ 10:43 am In The Point

There's a very simple criteria for maintaining your status as a civilian and/or humanitarian facility. It has to be non-military.

By its own admission, the UNRWA has found a third set of rockets in one of its schools. Israel has repeatedly stated that it's been fired on from around UNRWA schools.

Considering that the UNRWA admits the presence of rockets, it's hard for it to deny the Israeli claims.

Nevertheless the UNRWA throws a fit each time one of its facilities is bombed when it's being used by Hamas.

And yet it's the UNRWA that is responsible.

At this point it's obvious that the UNRWA is incapable of maintaining the non-military status of its facilities. Whether the organization itself is compromised or Hamas simply won't allow it to maintain pure civilian function, it amounts to the same thing.

UNRWA facilities are used to harbor weapons and stage attacks. The UNRWA's facilities cannot be considered civilian or humanitarian facilities. Instead they are fronts for military operations. And that is a war crime.

The UNRWA's continued presence in Gaza facilitates a Hamas war crime.

The only lawful thing for the UNRWA to do is to announce that it will withdraw from Gaza during the conflict to avoid being involved in war crimes. Instead the UNRWA is doubling down by accusing Israel, rather than Hamas, of war crimes. And even appears to have turned over rockets to terrorists.

It's not Israel that is guilty of war crimes for attacking UNRWA facilities. UNRWA facilities ceased to be civilian once they harbored rockets and terrorists. It's the UNRWA that is guilty of war crimes for acting as a front for a terrorist organization.

In the fog of war, it can be hard sometimes to tell who is bombing whom and why. But there's little doubt, by the UNRWA's own admission, that its facilities have been turned to military purposes.

The militarization of UNRWA facilities leaves it guilty of a war crime.

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