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U.S. National Insecurity

September 23, 2014

U.S. National Security? It's A Joke

September 22, 2014 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org Omar Gonzalez was arrested by DC police on the 19th of this month for attempting to "elude the police," apparently not that serious an offense in the nation's capital. Gonzalez' car contained what is being called a "sniper" rifle, another unspecified long arm, four pistols, a sawed off shotgun and a map of DC. Both the WH and the Masonic Temple, for some reason, were circled on Gonzalez' map.

Gonzalez served two hitches with the U.S. Army, one from which he was discharged [details unspecified per DOD policy] and the second from which he retired.

Despite this incriminating evidence and considerable military training, Gonzalez was able to make bail, finding himself quickly on the streets of Washington again.

On the evening of September 25, Mr. Gonzalez kicked his game up several notches, jumping a WH fence, racing across a lawn and actually gaining entrance to the White House itself.

Reports differ, some saying he had a hatchet/machete and others reporting he had a folding knife. That the facts could be this discordant is of itself cause for concern but that's not the purpose of this piece.

The WH is supposedly guarded by the U.S. Secret Service which has over 6,500 employees which includes 4,000 sworn members/agents and maintains nearly 70 domestic offices. Its budget is $1.8B dollars

The U.S. Secret Service, since 2003 reports to the Department of Homeland Security whereas it formerly fell under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department.

Since June of 2009 there have been 4 major security breaches at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one of which included shots being directed at the White House itself, cracking one or more of the presidential residence's windows.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of these people have been put down on the spot. Of the 4 perps, the most serious sentence dished out has been 3 years. People who threaten the president's life routinely get less than 36 months in jail.

Clearly, genuine, military grade security for the president is nonexistent, despite the fact that duty agents have access to some serious firepower including the FNP 90 and HK MP 5 submachine guns, Colt M4 battle rifle, SIG 229 side arm in .357 SIG, counter-sniper long arms and the Remington 870 12g shotgun.

The question this raises is serious and reflects on the erosion of the security posture in general under this president.

It's as if this is all a game of good guys versus bad guys, where those whose job it is to lay down their lives if need be to protect the CIC are not allowed to use the weapons they have been issued, rendering them toys, and those who represent potential deadly threats to the leader of what used to be called the "Free World," get off with the equivalent of a strict reprimand.

If the agency so charged can't or won't be allowed to protect the most powerful man on the planet by lethal force, if the prevailing attitude is this cavalier, who indeed is secure?

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