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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Germany Continues on The Downward Spiral Towards Dhimmitude

Germany Continues on The Downward Spiral Towards Dhimmitude

September 28, 2006

Germany Continues On The Downward Spiral Towards Dhimmitude


By Beila Rabinowitz

September 28, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In response to the case of two Lebanese students - seeking revenge for the publication of the Danish cartoons - ( apprehended for placing explosives on German commuter trains, timed to explode during the World Cup), the German government has gone the route of the British - resorting to capitulation by committee.

Barely a year after the Brits formed the UK "taskforce" in response to the 7/7 bombings - itself suggestive of the belief that the UK must have done something to precipitate such bad feelings among Muslims - the wheels have fallen off the project.

The task force, designed to "combat extremism in their [Muslim] communities" - recruited radical Islamist groups of all stripes.

One taskforce member, the Muslim Council of Britain is represented by its leader Abdul Bari who took the occasion only days ago to threaten that there were 2 million Muslims potential terrorists in the UK, who were becoming increasingly angry at the government and then elaborating that 700,000 of them were based in London.

The "Deutschen Islam-Konferenz" is nothing more than a Teutonic mirror of the failed UK's taskforce, with similar motivation, hoping it will:

"…improve the societal integration of Muslims in Germany and stem the influence of Islamist tendencies…the aim of the dialogue process is to introduce Islamic lessons [in state run schools] under state supervision and which will be given in German." - translated from Germany's "Abend Blatt"

Given the degree to which Germany's Muslim population has been radicalized, it's not surprising that the new integration strategy has proven a stillborn concept, with "moderate" Muslims having already rejected the seemingly non-controversial idea of Muslim girls in public schools having to participate in mandatory sports activities, which German officials stress is a major part of the push for integration.

The centerpiece of this course is predicated upon the officially unstated belief that radical Islam is violence prone. Fleshing out one of the most preposterous public policy initiatives ever floated in Europe, the designated school courses have been assembled to provide a sanitized, government version of whatever "safe Islam" might be, in the futile hope that it will serve to counteract extremist influences in homes and mosques.

It is thought that through such a process, non Muslims will learn that they have nothing to fear from Muslims and Muslims will come to accept the state approved version of the teachings of the "Prophet Mohammed."

Towards that dubious end, cheap symbolism abounds with Muslim and non-Muslim school children now being required to sing a song of togetherness featuring the lyrics, "Islam is a religion of peace," the Interior Minister's having been ceremoniously presented with a copy of the Quran, and at least one "moderate" Muslim politician - Badr Mohammed, one of 15 hand picked participants in the Konferenz - having called for the building of a mosque next to the Berliner Dome as "a strong sign of integration."

Can the new German anthem "Allah Über Alles" be far behind?

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