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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Sharia Enclave In The Hague An Ominous Development For The West

Sharia Enclave In The Hague An Ominous Development For The West

June 10, 2013

If It Happened in the Hague, It Can Happen Anywhere
There are 1.4 square miles where Sharia rules in the Hague. And not only there. From Giulio Meotti

An area of 1.4 miles from the city center of the Dutch capital The Hague, also known as "the city of peace", has become "orthodox Muslim territory" into which not even the Dutch police dare venture.

The Schilderswijk area is known locally as "the Sharia triangle", or "the mini caliphate", and is being run by an unofficial Sharia police force. The Trouw's newspaper investigation also found that orthodox Muslims had become so dominant that they are dictating what people must wear and how they must behave, like in Iran, Afghanistan, Gaza and Saudi Arabia.

People in the streets have been called "kaffir", infidels, for smoking. Another man said he felt he was gradually being driven out of his home because he had a dog, an animal "impure" according to Islam. Girls are addressed by veiled Muslim women who express their disapproval about "skirts above the knee".

This is happening in the Netherlands, the only part of Europe where pogroms were never unleashed, where Rembrandt painted a Jesus with the traits of a Sephardic Jew, where Karl Marx investigated the roots of capitalism and Galileo Galilei and Descartes found shelter. But that country, a symbol of freedom, and in Amsterdam, even of hedonism, no longer exists - and the Dutch cities are turning into ethnic ghettos.

Everywhere in Europe there are hundreds of these unofficial Islamic areas featurimg Sharia customs as polygamy, no-interest finance, huddud punishments, family "honor" codes, bans on criticism of Islam, anti-Semitism.

In France, large swaths of neighborhoods are considered "no-entry" zones. There are 751 "Sensitive Urban Zones" mapped by the French government, including heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens.

In Denmark, Sweden and England "Sharia Law Zones" already function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic law. In the Netherlands, Dutch judges ordered the authorities to release to the public a list of 40 "no-entry" zones.

These "no-go" zones function as microstates governed by Islamic law and the host-country authorities have lost control in these areas, the by-product of decades of multiculturalism that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies.

A school in the sharia area of Schilderswijk has just delayed plans for a Holocaust monument due to fear of vandalism. The Paul Kruger School had discussed a plan to place a commemorative plaque on the school facade, but the plan stalled "not because of the Jewish-Muslim issue but because it may not be wise in the neighborhood, which is not a peaceful place". Sharia and Jews don't mix very well.

In the "Sharia-wijk" (meaning "Sharia district) of Schilderswijk, the old synagogue has also symbolically become a mosque. And this is also where the famed extremist Hofstadt group was based. Its most renowned member, Mohammed Bouyeri, slaughtered the filmmaker Theo van Gogh on an Amsterdam street.

It was the first multicultural martyr of Europe. The bombs in Madrid did not have the same effect, because the next day, in spite of all the dead, the Spaniards had to keep taking the train to work. But with the killing of Theo, most of the people shut their mouths for fear of reprisal. They have now surrendered parts of the Netherlands to Theo's assassins. These 1.4 miles of sharia stand there as a monument to barbarism.

When Theo died there was a discussion about a monument to his memory. Someone suggested a cigarette of two meters, others a pig, or a smoking pig. But it was decided to go for a cactus. The monument had to be placed in the Frankendael's park where the terrorist was arrested, and not in the street where Van Gogh had been killed - because the neighbors were afraid. They were afraid even to be associated with the memory of that political assassination.

What we are witnessing in that small corner of Europe named Netherlands can happen everywhere


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