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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Judge Removed From Ft. Hood Jihadi's Case After Being Branded "Biased" For Insisting On Military Protocol

Judge Removed From Ft. Hood Jihadi's Case After Being Branded "Biased" For Insisting On Military Protocol

December 4, 2012

Fort Hood Massacre Judge Removed for Forcing Nidal Hasan to Shave his Beard

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 4, 2012 @ 11:55 am In The Point

We only have one command and one item in the Bill of Rights these days. Thou shalt not offend the Muslim. Even after the Muslim has carried out a terrorist workplace violence massacre, hurting his feelings is still not an option. So the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces removed Col. Gregory Gross because he did not appear to be impartial enough.

How did Col. Gregory Gross offend the sensibilities of a mass murderer and his supporters? Read and weep.

An Army appeals court upheld the shaving requirement in October. But Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces said the command, not the judge, is responsible for enforcing grooming standards.

The court said it was not ruling on whether the judge's order violated Hasan's religious rights. Hasan has argued that his beard is a requirement of his Muslim faith, although facial hair violates Army regulations.

"Should the next military judge find it necessary to address (Hasan's) beard, such issues should be addressed and litigated anew," judges wrote in the ruling.

But of course the message has been sent and the next judge will know to leave Hasan's beard alone. Islam 1. US military regs 0.

And there was also this…

At a June hearing, lead defense attorney Lt. Col. Kris Poppe said the judge showed a bias against Hasan when he asked defense attorneys to clean up a court restroom after Gross found a medical waste bag, adult diaper and what appeared to be feces on the floor after a previous hearing. Hasan, who is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by police the day of the shootings, has to wear adult diapers – but the mess in the restroom that day was mud from a guard's boots, Poppe said.

And the adult diaper probably also came from the guard's boots. As Obama would say, The future will not belong to those who slander the Jihadis of Islam.

Judge James E. Baker, head of the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces appears to have strong Democratic affiliations.

Judge Baker previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Legal Adviser to the National Security Council (NSC) (1997-2000), where he advised the President, the National Security Advisor and the NSC staff on U.S. and international law. Judge Baker served as a legislative aide and acting Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1985-1987).

Then there's Judge Erdmann

Judge Charles E. Erdmann joined the Office of High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and initially worked on establishing the first anti-corruption unit in Bosnia. He then coordinated the international community's judicial reform efforts and later was named the Head of the OHR Human Rights and Rule of Law Department. In that position he was responsible for: judicial reform/rule of law; support for human rights institutions, civil society and NGOs; public education; property rights; and domestic war crimes trials.

And there's your problem in a nutshell. The military judicial system is run by the same people who run the ordinary one.

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