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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > 20 UK nationals injured in three bombings at Turkish coastal resort and one in Istanbul

20 UK nationals injured in three bombings at Turkish coastal resort and one in Istanbul

August 27, 2006

Ten Britons hurt in Turkey blasts http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/5291736.stm?ls
Emergency services arrived at the scene The blasts took place in a busy tourist area
Ten Britons have been injured after three explosions hit a holiday resort in Turkey, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has said.

The blasts happened at the coastal resort of Marmaris.

All ten are in hospital with four seriously injured, the FCO said. The explosions are said to have occurred in the past few hours.

Witnesses in Marmaris said at least one of the explosions appeared to be on a bus.

The Foreign Office had no further details on the cause of explosions or the exact location.

Foreign Office helpline Britons worried about relatives in the region should call 0207 008 0000
A spokeswoman added consular staff were on the ground in the area.

She said it was likely that the 10 injured were holidaymakers but that British nationals could be living in the area.

'Bus explosion'

Robyn Berry told the BBC News website she was travelling on a bus about twenty minutes before one of blasts.

"We got off the bus about 5 metres from where the explosion happened," she said.

Map showing Marmaris
She said following the attack "there was chaos and all you could smell was diesel in the air".

Another witness, Danielle Pearson, told Sky News she saw "the remains of what was left".

"There were ambulances and police cars going everywhere.

"It was the usual holidaymakers walking about, everybody out enjoying themselves."

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