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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Obama Clears Release Of Senate "Torture" Report Because It Damages U.S. National Security

Obama Clears Release Of Senate "Torture" Report Because It Damages U.S. National Security

December 11, 2014

December 9, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – America's enemies have reason to rejoice today, the Democrat dominated Senate Intelligence Committee has released a detailed report on some of the "enhanced" interrogation techniques which have been used to break Muslim terrorists at Club Gitmo.

Many, inside and outside of government, warned the Senate Democrats and the president, that the information contained in this document would give aid and comfort to the enemy, endanger or compromise field operations [sources and methods] as well as possibly reveal sufficient information to be able to identify individual interrogation team members, thereby placing their lives, and those of their families in great danger.

Former president G.W. Bush, vice president Cheney and former Dir. CIA Michael Hayden all urged that the report not be made public.

"…Former CIA director Michael Hayden said on Sunday that the release of the executive summary would "be used by our enemies to motive people to attack Americans in American facilities overseas." [source, Ned Resnikoff, Flawed, brutal and ineffective: Senate's damning report on CIA torture , Al Jazeera]

As a result, calls have gone out to U.S. embassies and other places conducting official business abroad advising them to increase their level of security due to possible repercussions from the partisan info dump.

One might assume that a report of such gravity would have been subjected to the closest scrutiny to assure accuracy and limit any potential danger that the release of such sensitive information might cause.

No so.

The authors of the report which was roundly condemned by the GOP members of the Senate Committee didn't even conduct interviews with those whose actions were being slandered. In a report of this type that is an unforgivable flaw and indicative of the partisan venom which is on full display. The release of the report has one purpose, to damage American security. This isn't the result of miscalculation, of good intentions gone sour or anything of that nature. It's a deliberate attempt, and part of a long and predictable pattern by the Democrats, to harm this country.

Final note: Not even the he "most brutal" methods of interrogation revealed in this travesty of a report come anywhere close to being real torture. The senators responsible for this know it as does our enemy.

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