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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Bomb Attacks At Stadium And Concert Hall Thwarted In Germany - Explosives Packed Into Parked 'Ambulance'

Bomb Attacks At Stadium And Concert Hall Thwarted In Germany - Explosives Packed Into Parked 'Ambulance'

November 17, 2015

Paris repeat? Bomb attacks thwarted in Germany
National soccer stadium and music arena evacuated after 'ambulance' found packed with explosives, bombs outside concert.

Ari Yashar

Two sites in Hanover, Germany were targeted on Tuesday night, in an apparent attempt by Arab terrorists to repeat the lethal attack in Paris on Saturday given the similar nature of targets selected in the attempted bombings.

Shortly after the German national soccer stadium in Hanover was evacuated on Tuesday night, reports revealed the cause: an ambulance loaded with explosives was discovered parked outside.

The discovery at the HDI Arena came just before an international friendly between Germany and the Netherlands which was canceled, reports the British Mirror.

The German national team was whisked off to a secure area of the stadium.

It appears that the ambulance found packed with explosives was actually an ordinary truck disguised as an emergency medical vehicle to enable a potentially lethal explosion targeting unaware civilians.

Another site in Hanover was also evacuated by police on Tuesday. The 14,000 TUI Arena, a music arena, was to hold a concert by the band The Söhne Mannheims.

Police received a "concrete threat" about a bomb, according to the German DPA.

Tuesday's scare comes following the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris on Saturday, in which no less than 129 people were murdered.

One of the six coordinated attacks took place just outside the French national stadium, during a friendly match between France and Germany. Three suicide bombers detonated, murdering one victim; the terrorists apparently intended to enter the stadium.

Likewise the Bataclan theater was attacked during a concert, in the most lethal of the attacks that left 82 dead.


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