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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Mayor Bloomberg in Dhimmi Mode Proclaims "Muslim Day" in letter to Muslim Day parade

Mayor Bloomberg in Dhimmi Mode Proclaims "Muslim Day" in letter to Muslim Day parade

September 11, 2007

Bellicosity Dominates New York Muslim Parade

Mayor Bloomberg In Dhimmi Mode Proclaims "Muslim Day"

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

September 11, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Presided over by former CAIR NY Executive Director Ghazi Khankan, New York's 22nd annual Muslim Day Parade was fueled by a sense of in your face defiance and bellicosity, with parade "marshals" pushing, prodding and harassing non-Muslim onlookers [whom they claimed were "breaking" a public prayer by standing in front of the worshippers] and marchers chanting "Allahu Akhbar" and Allahu Akhbar Takbir" incessantly, the age old call to jihad used by Muslim warriors for 1,400 years.

Why parade organizers chose Khankan to lead the event - whose relationship with CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding prosecution, is well known . The reason he was considered preferable to Minnesota Democrat Representative Keith Ellison - whose campaign war chest was swelled by CAIR contributions, but who mysteriously cancelled his appearance at the parade - remains subject to conjecture.

Of Khankan, a Front Page Magazine article states:

"In the November 15, 2001 edition of The Advocate, Ghazi Khankan stated the following: "We don't support Hamas and Hezbollah just to support them. I look at the issues. The reason there is a Hamas and a Hezbollah is that the Israelis have terrorized the poor Palestinian people for the last 53 years." When discussing possible Hamas targets, Khankan is quoted as saying, "Those who are below 18 should not be attacked." [source, http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID={CD1B1001-2511-4BAB-8C37-25BC5B0B08E4}, "Florida, Altantic Terror University," by Joe Kaufman, February 19, 2004]

Along the parade route the black flag of jihad and a green flag with an Arabic inscription and a sword were seen.

The event began at 41st and Madison and was a media circus.

A section of the parade route was turned into a makeshift mosque, with a blue tarpaulin laid out over the asphalt to better be able to accommodate prayer.

The main body of marchers was preceded by scores of police officers, men [one in a kufi] and women, some of the latter wearing hijabs under their hats, carrying the banner of the Association of Muslims in Law Enforcement.

A counter demonstration was held on 26th St. and Madison, where about 50 people gathered, shouting slogans and singing patriotic songs under the aegis of Americans Against Hate a group led by Joe Kaufman.

At the end of the parade route a podium and chairs were set up for speakers who were introduced by Ghazi Khankan who is the aforementioned former head of CAIR New York.

Also addressing the assembly was the head of the Islamic Circle of North America [ICNA] Korshid Ahmed, as well as Sara Syeed the daughter of the director of ISNA and a member of the Muslim Consultative Network which is run by Adem Carroll [an ICNA relief coordinator.]

ISNA joins CAIR on the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the HLF prosecution.

Of note, a representative of the Mayor's office was read a proclamation by Mayor Bloomberg in which he proclaimed September 9th as American Muslim Day a document remarkable for its degree of dhimmitude.


"In recent years, our city's resurgence has been fueled by a great increase of Muslim immigrants from all corners of the globe. While before 1970, there were fewer than 10 mosques in New York, today, there are more than 140, providing countless Muslim New Yorkers with a meeting place for service, salat, and fellowship. These residents have brought with them not only a determined work ethic and the promise of a better life, but also their native cultures the languages, dress, food, music, and customs experienced at today's parade. For these New Yorkers, Islam transcends cultural difference and links its followers with a common faith a faith that teaches peace, love, and respect. Today, we unite to celebrate that strength.


Since 1983, the Muslim American Day Parade has brought together Muslim Americans from the five boroughs and beyond, celebrating the rich cultural traditions of a faith that has provided hope, support, and comfort to generations of New Yorkers. With colorful floats, a bazaar, and lectures by Muslims and interfaith leaders, this widely anticipated event gives all New Yorkers an opportunity to renew their commitment to our city's diverse spiritual community and to commemorate the tremendous contributions of Muslim New Yorkers.


New York - like the United States of America - was founded on the principles of religious liberty and tolerance. Today, the vitality of the Islamic faith in our city is proof that our commitment to these ideals is as strong as ever, and we join with Muslim New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs in celebrating this annual event.

Now therefore, I, Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York, in recognition of Muslim New Yorkers' invaluable contributions to our great city, do hereby proclaim Sunday, September 9th, 2007, in the City of New York: 'Muslim American Day.'"

Other speakers denounced a recent NYPD police report detailing the causes of domestic Muslim terrorism, expressing outrage that the Muslim community had been so prominently cited. These speakers demanded that the report be changed while defiantly challenging the larger non-Muslim society, "We are here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it."

Radicalization In The West, The Homegrown Threat

Prepared by NYPD Intelligence Division Senior Analysts Mitchell D. Silber and Arman Bhatt the report [since removed from the NYPD website, hence the necessity of reproducing it and making it available at the above link on one of PipeLineNews' web servers] the report details the religious and ideological forces which have succeeded in radicalizing sizable portions of America's domestic Muslim population.

"While the threat from overseas remains, terrorist attacks or thwarted plots against cities in Europe, Australia and Canada since 2001 fit a different paradigm. Rather than being directed from al-Qaeda abroad, these plots have been conceptualized and planned by "unremarkable" local residents/citizens who sought to attack their country of residence, utilizing al-Qaeda as their inspiration and ideological reference point...Jihadist or jihadi-Salafi ideology is the driver that motivates young men and women, born or living in the West, to carry out "autonomous jihad" via acts of terrorism against their host countries. It guides movements, identifies issues, drives recruitment and is the basis for action...Implementation of sharia law and replacement of the system of nation states with a worldwide Caliphate are the ultimate political aims. While other Salafi currents encourage non-violent missionary or political activities to achieve these religious political goals, jihadi-Salifis utilize endorsement of respected scholars of Islam to show that their aims and violent means are religiously justified. Contemporary Saudi [Wahhabi] scholars have provide the religious legitimacy for many of the arguments promoted by the jihadists...The political aspect of the jihadi-Salafi ideology is heavily underpinned by the work of Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian author, Islamist, and the leading intellectual of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s..."

It is these forces - so cogently outlined in the NYPD report - which have caused a firestorm of criticism of it among domestic Islamists, the embodiment of which was in full public view and display at New York's 22nd annual Muslim Day Parade.

Mayor Bloomberg's role in legitimizing this event is indefensible; part of a destructive creed of multiculturalism which poses a direct and present threat to national security, with the Mayor's ill-considered proclamation demonstrating an inability or unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate, non-destructive displays of faith and cultural jihad.



MIM: Muslim Recognition Day in Iowa


The Proclamation of the Governor of Iowa reads as follows:

State of Iowa - Executive Department

In the Name and By the Authority of the State of Iowa


Whereas, Iowans of Muslim faith embrace the noble spirit of the Hawkeye State and strive to promote the moral and spiritual aspirations that represent the American character; and Whereas, the motto of the Great State of Iowa, "Our Liberties we pride and our rights we maintain" inspires Americans of Muslim faith, in our community, to articulate the responsibilities of patriotism, and encourages participation in the duties of citizenship; and Whereas, the practice and teaching of traditional Islamic knowledge, defends and exhorts democracy, and upholds religious freedom and social justice, and Whereas, each Muslim-American who adheres to the teachings of Islam and is living in an American society will exhibit acts of compassion and charity in the Name of the Beneficent, the Merciful; and Whereas, through the ages, those who have faith and do righteous deeds in the mutual teaching of truth, patience, and constancy, experience greater happiness and are better equipped to promote a peaceful existence for all people; and Whereas, Americans of Muslim faith in Iowa continue to instill health and vitality in the educational, cultural, economic, and civic development of our community; and Whereas, Iowa recognizes the many individuals and families of Muslim faith who have chosen our community as their home, and willingly share their rich tradition and culture with us:

Now, therefore, I, Chester J. Culver, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim February 15, 2007 as "Muslim Recognition Day in Iowa".

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the Great Seal of the State of Iowa to be affixed. Done at Des Moines this 7th Day of February in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Seven.

"The Great Seal of the State of Iowa"

Chet Culver's Signature
Chester J. Culver

Michael Mauro's Signature
Michael A. Mauro
Secretary of State

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