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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Jerusalem city councilman urges action against Mufti Ikrima Sabri for approving Abbas's request for execution of 15 Arabs

Jerusalem city councilman urges action against Mufti Ikrima Sabri for approving Abbas's request for execution of 15 Arabs

Mufti who praises child suicide bombers visited Florida in 2003 for 'groundbreaking ceremony' at Broward Islamic elementary School
March 9, 2005

MIM: The irony of Israelis having to protect Arabs against being executed by the PA on orders of Abbas, who is being touted as a champion of peace and democracy, is lost in the absurdity that the Arabs provided Israel with information to prevent terror attacks. The Arabs who are condemned to death by Abbas were doing exactly what the United States stipulated regarding ensuring security and dismantling terror networks as a prerequisite to negotiations. More proof, if ais any is needed, that Abbas is not only working directly with terrorists, he is murdering Arabs who are not doing the same. Abbas has also received the Islamic religious seal of approval in the form of a Fatwa from Mufti Ikrima Sabri, who approved the list of those condemned to death.

"..Sabri said Abbas wanted religious guidance to ensure the death sentences agree with Islamic law "so he can be confident" in ratifying them. An Abbas adviser had no immediate comment. .."

"This is what President Abu Mazen wants. He wants a type of caution," Sabri added. http://channels.netscape.com/ns/news/story.jsp?id=2005022410260002690223&dt=20050224102600&w=RTR&coview=

It should also be noted with that Ikrima Sabri who said of child suicide bombers, "the younger the martyr the more I respect him...adding that "there is no doubt that child (martyr) will carry on the mission with determination", was in Broward, Florida in 2003 where he "endorsed his support for the underway project of the Salah Tawfik Elementary School".

The school is now completed and has merged together with the elementary school of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton which will "provide the community with an opportunity to educate their children according to Q'uran and Sunnah"(see pictures and links below).

Both the Tawfik Salah Elementary School (formerly part of the School for Islamic Studies in Broward),and The Garden of the Sahaba of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton will be holding an open house in April 2005. The open house is billed as "Raising a generation with Islamic Education"..." a family event you can't afford to miss". (see poster below) http://www.icbr.org/openhouse.htm


PA aka Paid Assassins at work executing an Arab accused of 'collaborating' with Israel

Ikrima Sabri The Mufti of Al Aqsa recently approved 15 such killings on orders of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian Execution (Archive)

MIM: A 2001 execution

Click on link for video:



Feb.17 2005

"...In one of his first policy decisions as head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has approved death sentences for three Arab men accused of helping Israel.

Gaza governor Sakher Bseso announced earlier this week that Abu Mazen had transferred several cases of people sentenced to death under Yasser Arafat's regime to the mufti (arbiter of Islamic law) of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri. Abu Mazen then signed the decisions, authorizing PA executioners to carry out the death sentences..." http://www.israelnationalnews.com/print.php3?what=news&id=77098


Mar. 04) At the same time, that the Palestinian Authority calls on Israel to release terrorists who murdered Israelis, the PA is planning to execute Palestinians who acted to prevent the terror attacks.
The Mufti of Jerusalem, Akramah Sabri, the chief Muslim leader, has issued a special edict approving the execution of 15 Palestinians.


MIM: Note that the councilman who ordered the probe into Sabri's orders for 15 executions is being described as 'hawkish'.

J'rslm Councilman orders Mufti probe


A hawkish Jerusalem city councilman is urging the police to open a criminal investigation against the Mufti of Jerusalem for approving the execution of a group of up to fifteen suspected Palestinian collaborators.

The city councilor, David Hadari (National Religious Party), launched a complaint with police Monday against Mufti Ikrema Sabri following the latter's approval of the execution of fifteen suspected Palestinian collaborators and common criminals last week.

"It cannot be that during these days when every Rabbinical remark is measured with scrutiny for suspected incitement, the activity to assist in murder which is carried out by a Muslim religious authority is overlooked," Hadari wrote in a letter to Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco, in which he called for the Mufti's arrest.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said that as the Mufti is not a Jerusalem resident, the investigation has been redirected to Judea and Samaria police, but Judea and Samaria police spokesman Shlomi Sagi said that the investigation was in the hands of Jerusalem police.

The Mufti is the chief Muslim religious authority in Jerusalem. The PA-appointed Sabri has previously been detained by police for suspected incitement against Israel as well as for alleged involvement with an Israeli Arab movement accused of funneling funds to Hamas.

Just last week, he was detained together with the head of the Palestinian religious court in the West Bank for entering the city without a proper permit, police said.

His religious ruling approving the execution of 15 suspected collaborators and alleged criminals is expected to be carried out this month, Palestinian officials said Wednesday.


MIM : Ekrima (aka Ikrima) Sabri is a frequent participant in PASSIA events and is also on the board of Al Quds University.

Note that PASSIA projects include governance and leadership projects funded by among others the United States Consulate and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. None of PASSIA's affiliates has protested Sabri's and Hamas's inclusion in the organisation's activities. (see below for a complete list of PASSIA donors)

Participants in PASSIA events included Hamas members Mustafa Abu Sway (left of Sabri) and Hamas leader Hassan Yousef and Jamil Hamimi. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/24


MIM:Ekrima Sabri next to Universal Heritage Foundation CEO Zulfiqar Ali Shah (and then principal of the School for Islamic Studies in Broward) holding the plans for the(since completed) Salah Tawfik Elementary School which merged with the "Garden of the Sahaba" school run by the Islamic Center of Boca Raton . The suicide bomber supporting and execution fatwa issuing "Respectable Imam of Masjid Al - Aqsa" "endorsed his support for the project of the Tawfik Elementary School".

Imam Masjid Al Aqsa Visits SISB

Endorses his support to the Project

Sunrise, FLorida -- Respectable Imam of Masjid Al Aqsa visited South Florida and during his visit he endorsed his support to the underway project of building Sala Tawfik Elementary School. The respectable Imam delivered jumma Qutba at Signature Grand Hotel in Davie, FL. The Imam then visited the under-construction site of Sala Tawfik School.

The School will provide the local community to educate their children according to Quran and Sunnah."



The Mufti of Jerusalem, the city's highest Muslim religious authority, is calling for the complete "liberation" by Palestinians not only of Jerusalem, but of all of Israel, and stresses that "sacrifice" and "martyrdom" of Palestinian children prove that "the new generation will carry on the mission with determination."

Speaking to the Egyptian weekly, Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, Sheik 'Ikrima Sabri, the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, addressed several issues regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict -- including his admiration for the child "martyrs."

We cannot establish a homeland by only liberating Jerusalem. It is true that Salah Al-Din did not rest until Jerusalem was liberated, but this does not suggest that the rest of this blessed land is to be neglected or given up. ..."

Stressing that "Every Palestinian is, in fact, in a state of Jihad," Sabri praised the Palestinian "martyrs," and particularly the children that are proudly thrust by their parents and other combatants into the frontlines of conflicts with Israelis.

"I feel the martyr is lucky because the angels usher him to his wedding in heaven," he said...

..."There is no doubt that a child [martyr] suggests that the new generation will carry on the mission with determination," said the Mufti, appointed by Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat. "The younger the martyr, the greater and the more I respect him. ... One wrote his name on a note before he died. He wrote: 'the martyr so and so.' In every martyr's pocket we find a note with his name on it. He sentences himself to martyrdom even before he becomes a martyr."

In response to the interviewer's question, "Is this why the mothers cry with joy when they hear about their sons' death?" Sabri answered:

"They willingly sacrifice their offspring for the sake of freedom. It is a great display of the power of belief. The mother is participating in the great reward of the Jihad to liberate Al-Aqsa ... I talked to a young man ... [who] said: '... I want to marry the black-eyed [beautiful] women of heaven.' The next day he became a martyr. I am sure his mother was filled with joy about his heavenly marriage. Such a son must have such a mother."

Asked, "How do you feel about the Jews?" Sabri answered: "I enter the mosque of Al-Aqsa with my head up and at the same time I am filled with rage toward the Jews. I have never greeted a Jew when I came near one. I never will. They cannot even dream that I will. The Jews do not dare to bother me, because they are the most cowardly creatures Allah has ever created. ..."


"...As recently as February 20, Ikrima Sabri, Mufti of Jerusalem, appeared on Al-Majd satellite TV to comment on the assassination of Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister, and said: "Anyone who studies The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and specifically the Talmud will discover that one of the goals of these Protocols is to cause confusion in the world and to undermine security throughout the world."


Ekrima Sabri (center) with two affiliates of the Tawfik Salah Elementary School in Broward,FL. in 2003

Question: "What do you feel when you pray [for the souls of the martyrs?"
Sabri: "I feel the martyr is lucky because the angels usher him to his wedding in heaven. I feel the earth moves under the occupiers' feet."

Question: "Is it different when the martyr is a child?"
Sabri: "Yes, it is. It's hard to express it in words. There is no doubt that a child [martyr] suggests that the new generation will carry on the mission with determination. The younger the martyr - the greater and the more I respect him. One wrote his name on a note before he died. He wrote: 'the martyr so and so.' In every martyr's pocket we find a note with his name on it. He sentences himself to martyrdom even before he becomes a martyr." http://web.archive.org/web/20010617230254/home.swipnet.se/tidens-tecken/isrsabri.htm


The Tawfik Salah Elementary School and Garden of the Sahaba announce their Open House.



MIM: In 2004 Mohammed Javed Qureshi, the co founder of the School for Islamic Studies in Broward run by Zulfiqar Ali Shah (see photo with Sabri above), instituted a program for public school students to attend classes at the SISB. Qureshi had been dirty bomber wannabe's Jose Padilla's supervisor at Taco Bell and instrumental in his conversion to Islam.

"At the School of Islamic Studies of Broward, co-founder Mohammad Javed Qureshi has initiated a program in which students invite their friends from public school to attend classes with them at the after-school religious academy in Sunrise.

"People will begin to see they're not a bunch of terrorists running around," Qureshi said."



Palestinians to resume executions of prisoners by By Adel Zaanoun - GAZA CITY Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 8:20 PM
15 executions of death-row prisoners are due to be carried out by end of March for first time since August 2002.

The Palestinian Authority is poised to resume executions of prisoners on death row for the first time since August 2002, with 15 due to be carried out by the end of the month, officials said Thursday.

Fifteen prisoners currently on death row "will be executed later this month", Palestinian military courts chief Saeb al-Qidwa said.

The top Palestinian Muslim cleric, Jerusalem mufti Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, said he was reviewing the files of several death row inmates at the request of Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas.

"I am looking at these files to ensure the fairness, under (Islamic) sharia law, of the sentences handed down by the courts," he said adding that no execution would go ahead without a final greenlight from Abbas, who has the power to commute a death sentence to life imprisonment.

The last time the Palestinians carried out a death sentence was in August 2002, when Bashir Atari, 21, was executed by firing squad for cutting the throats of two women.

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, nine death sentences have been carried out since the formation of the Palestinian Authority in 1994 out of a total of 70 imposed by the courts.

"The mufti will give the files to the president and if he ratifies them, the executions will take place later this month," Qidwa said.

In carrying out these executions, the Palestinian Authority "will be sending a firm signal to the population which will contribute to the reestablishment of security," he said.

"We need a radical solution to the current security chaos."

Qidwa said Sheikh Sabri was examining the cases of 51 prisoners condemned to death by the courts since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994.

The majority were handed down by the Palestinian security court, whose sentences cannot be appealed.

Two of them were convicted of collaborating with Israel, while the rest were found guilty of common crimes.

The first executions took place in August 1998, when two policemen convicted of murder were executed by firing squad.

Resort to the death penalty, especially the execution of two Palestinian collaborators in January 2001, has sparked a chorus of criticism from Europe and domestic human rights watchdogs.

In a new letter seen by AFP Thursday, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights appealed to Abbas "not to sign the execution orders and to stop the application of this cruel punishment which constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights".

Calling for the abolition of the death penalty, the rights watchdog said its use in the Palestinian territories "tarnishes the image of the Palestinian people in the eyes of the world".

Since the start of the Palestinian intifada, or uprising, in September 2000, dozens of Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel have been summarily murdered by militants.

Palestinian human rights organisations have condemned the extra-judicial killings and demanded that suspected collaborators be prosecuted through the courts.

www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=12880 add your comments


Abu Mazen Orders Execution of Arabs Accused of Helping Israel http://www.israelnationalnews.com/print.php3?what=news&id=77098

Thursday, February 17, 2005

In one of his first policy decisions as head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has approved death sentences for three Arab men accused of helping Israel.

Gaza governor Sakher Bseso announced earlier this week that Abu Mazen had transferred several cases of people sentenced to death under Yasser Arafat's regime to the mufti (arbiter of Islamic law) of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri. Abu Mazen then signed the decisions, authorizing PA executioners to carry out the death sentences.

Shurat HaDin The Israel Law Center condemned the decision, and though the identity of the three men was not released, speculated that the condemned men were most probably Yusef Hassan Sinwar, Muhammad Abu Kainas and his son, Rami Kainas.

Sinwar, 31, was sentenced to hanging by a PA military tribunal in October 2004, after an hour long "trial." He was convicted of assisting the IDF in capturing fugitive terrorists.

Abu Kainas and his son were similarly convicted in a Gaza military court of charges that they tipped off the IDF to the whereabouts of Hamas chief Abdel-Aziz Rantisi in June 2003, even though it lead to a failed assassination attempt, and that they also gave away the location of Ra'fat Za'anin, a Hamas leader the IDF successfully killed in 2003. The father and son were displayed to journalists in September 2004 at a police station in Gaza operated by Mohammed Dahlan's PA forces.

Another PA prisoner, Walid Hamdiya, has been on death row since 1995. In October 2002, he was sentenced to death by firing squad. Hamdiya's sentence, however, has not yet been carried out. Several other accused Israeli agents being held in PA prisons are facing capital charges although they have not been "convicted" as of yet.

"At a time when Israel is recklessly preparing to release hundreds of dangerous Palestinian terrorists from its jails as a goodwill gesture to Abbas," stated Shurat HaDin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, "The Palestinians are reciprocating by carrying out the executions of suspected Israeli agents. Israel must immediately abandon the planned terrorist release and takes steps to stop the death sentences from being implemented."

In August 2002, Shurat HaDin petitioned the Palestinian Authority's Minister of Justice for permission to appear in the Gaza security court to defend another accused Israeli agent, Akram Mohammed al-Zatma, who was charged by the Palestinian preventive security forces with assisting Israeli military forces in their targeted killing of Hamas and Fatah leaders. The PA rejected its request.

In December 2000, Shurat HaDin filed a similar petition with former Justice Minister Freih Abu Meddein on behalf of another accused Palestinian collaborator, Alan Bani-Odeh. Again, the Shurat HaDin request was denied by Abu Meddein. The next day, a Palestinian security court sentenced Bani-Odeh to death in the course of a ten minute "trial" during which masked Hamas gunmen roamed the court room. Shortly afterwards Bani-Odeh was brought to the public square in Shechem (Nablus) and executed by a PA firing squad.

Even a PA human rights groups joined the condemnation of Abu Mazen. Bassam Eid, director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG), said that Abbas' decision to refer the cases to Sabri doesn't bode well for PA democracy. "On the one hand, Abbas talks publicly about democracy, human rights and pluralism; but on the other hand, he transfers the names of 51 Palestinians to the mufti, which is against international rules and human rights," Eid said. "I see it like the other side of the same coin that was Arafat."


MIM: The supporters of PASSIA projects have maintained a deafening silence over the inclusion of child suicide bomber supporter Ikrima Sabri and Hamas membes Abu Sway, Hassan Yusuf and Jamil Hamimi who was also linked to the Holy Land Foundation which was shut down in the US for funding Hamas.

Each year, PASSIA prepares proposals for its projects, based on the policy guidelines of the Board of Trustees and the PASSIA Standards. PASSIA takes this opportunity to acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of the organizations and institutions mentioned.


PASSIA's main international project partners and institutional links include:

The Middle East Programme at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies (RUSI), London

The Middle East Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA Chatham House), London
Diplomatic Studies Programme at the Centre for the Study of Diplomacy at the University of Leicester, UK
Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael', The Hague

PASSIA is a member of the following networks and associations:

Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network
Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)

The PNGO Network strives to promote coordination and cooperation among Palestinian NGOs and to advocate their right to exist and function without restrictions. The PNGO is active in advancing democratic values and in strengthening the role of the civil society in Palestine.

1. Research Studies Program
Supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Jerusalem.
2. Dialogue Program
1995: Financed by income generated from local sales of PASSIA publications
1996-1998: Partly supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, New York
1999-2004, 2005: PASSIA Forum partly supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Jerusalem
3. Civil Society Empowerment through Training and Skills Development program
1999-2004: Supported by USAID/West Bank and Gaza Mission, US Embassy, Tel Aviv.
4. PASSIA Diary
Supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Jerusalem.
5. The Question of Jerusalem
Financed by income generated from local sales of PASSIA publications.
6. Religious Studies Unit
1999-2003: Supported by Ford Foundation.
2004-2005: Canadian Cooperation Fund via the Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah.
7. Program on Training and Education in International Affairs
Supported by the Ford Foundation, Cairo, and the Japanese Endowment Fund (via UNDP-PAPP, Jerusalem)
8. Special Projects

1995/96: Joint Project Palestine-Jordan-Israel: Building a Base for Common Scholarship and Understanding in the New Era of the Middle East
Supported by the Dialogue Fund, Canadian Embassy, Tel Aviv.

1996: Seminar on the Late Jerusalemite Scholar Dr. Kamel al-Assali
Supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Jerusalem.
1996: Putting PASSIA online
Supported by the Canada Fund, Canadian Embassy, Tel Aviv.
1999: Arab Jerusalem Rehabilitation Project, Palestinian Planning Imperatives in Jerusalem with a case Study on Anata.
Supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Ramallah, and the British Consulate Small Grants Scheme, Jerusalem.
2000: Seminar on Leadership Skills for Young Leaders
Supported by the Public Affairs Office of the United States Consulate, Jerusalem.
2003/2004: Governance Project,
Supported by USAID/West Bank and Gaza Mission, US Embassy, Tel Aviv
2004: Palestinian-Israeli Impasse - Exploring Solutions to the Palestine-Israel Conflict, Supported by the Canadian Coopoeration Fund via the Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah
9. Periodicals and Library Archives

Financed by income generated from local sales of PASSIA publications.


MIM: The School for Islamic Studies in Broward has become the Islamic Foundation of South Florida :


"The mission of the Islamic Foundation of South Florida is to establish a strong

dawah and educational institution that will establish a powerful base for the

growth of Islam in North America. This institution will provide the muslim

community of South Florida an infra-structure to raise their children in the

islamic way as prescribed by Quran and Sunnah. This includes provision

of full-time school, part-time school and masjid facilities. "


"...SISB has been serving the Muslim community by providing a platform for both Islamic education and Dawah to the non-muslims of South Florida. There are presently more than 400 students benefiting from the part time weekend school. SISB, in view of the growing numbers and needs of the Muslim children, decided to initiate a full time elementary school.

The Full Time School which is called Salah Tawfik Elementary School (STES) opened its doors in September of 2000 as IFSF's full-time school. The first and foremost objective of STES is to provide our children with quality secular as well as Islamic education. Muslim parents in North America realize our children are the future of this Ummah. Any compromise on either the academic or moral education of a child will be detrimental to the future of Islam in this land of opportunity and competition. STES will strictly observe the motto of winning both the worlds.

The only way to succeed as a full time Islamic school is to gather excellent resources. We are blessed with a staff of highly qualified teachers and administrators who are dedicated to nurturing the Islamic development and academic achievement of our students.

Dr. Zulfiquar Ali Shah was appointed as Director of IFSF and Principal of the STES. He is also the current President of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Shurah Society of Alims of North America (SSANA) Dr. Shah has both a Masters degree and PhD in Comparative Religion. He is a Hafiz and an educator who has taught at the University of Wales, U.K., University of North Florida, and Florida Community College. Dr. Shah's fluency in Arabic, English, and Urdu has enabled him to unite Muslims and mobilize our diverse community.

With the knowledge that the delivery of quality education depends on excellent teachers, certified teachers were carefully selected for both Islamic and secular curriculum..."

MIM: The plans for the School for Islamic Studies in Broward - Tafik Salah Elementary School


The community needs have exceeded our current capacity. In view of the very limited space, parking problems and growing number of children in the area, the community has bought 11.5 acres of land off one of the main highways passing through the city. The cost of the land is $1,200,000.00 US. An amount of $281,000.00 was paid last year. The remaining amount is being paid in installments over a period of 36 months. This new site will consist of a beautiful new Masjid, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, as well as Day Care, Cafeteria, Auditorium, Library, Administration Offices, a Commercial Building, Playgrounds and ample parking lots.

This project is designed to meet the needs of the expanding tri-county community known as South Florida well into the next decade. The project, once complete, shall provide a focal point for Muslims across the entire region. Infrastructure is the weak link in the North American Muslim armor. With our own institutions we can better protect our children from the daily attacks of the non-Muslim environment all around them.

By investing in a new building designed as a Masjid from the beginning we intend to bring increased attention of non-Muslims to Islam. Dawah in North America begins with the packaging. A spectacularly designed new structure will attract non-Muslims in a way that a converted warehouse cannot.

Current Status of the Project

The land is being prepared for construction of the Masjid. With a time table that will, Inshallah, see construction completed by the fall of 2002. The Salah Tawfik Elementary School is being operated now in the existing building. The running cost of the present building is over $22,000.00 per month (240,000.00 per annum). This cost is being met with the generous donations from the local Muslim community. The School will need an additional $150,000.00 per annum which will be arranged through student tuitions and local donations.

The School of Islamic Studies of Broward is desperately looking for $1,563,000.00 to start and complete construction of the Masjid. We hope to be able to pay off the land by January of 2001 through fundraising activities within the local Muslim community. If successful there will be no late payment penalties as our purchase agreement has no interest charges. We are quite hopeful that we will be able to raise the required funds. We were able to raise an amount of $560,000.00 during the year 1999-2000.

Immediate Needs

Time is of the essence. Construction on Phase I of the project must commence immediately. Zoning laws require construction to begin within one year of approval. The approval process was lengthy and involved reliance on many non-Muslims on the city council. If we were forced to re-apply for zoning the outcome may not be favorable. We must establish a Masjid and Elementary School on the new site by the end of 2002.

We ask for funding assistance. The SISB community has demonstrated a clear ability to support such a large project and has a reliable and trustworthy management group. The families of South Florida are relying on SISB to help raise a strong and dynamic Muslim generation. SISB is relying on your support of our South Florida Muslim children.

Development Phases

The proposed construction for the School will be done in 3 phases:

1) Total Land Area ~ 11.5 Acres
2) Commercial Land Area ~ 1.57 Acres
3) SISB Project Area ~ 9.93 Acres

PHASE -I Projected Cost
1) Grand Mosque Area (single story) 8160 Square feet $980,000

1) Cafeteria Area (single story) 12750 Square feet $1,083,750
2) Day Care center Area (single story) 3898 Square feet $320,000

1) Elementary Scool-Library-Administration (single story) 19755 Square feet $1,975,500
2) Mid-High School-Library (single story) 22050 Square feet


Estimated Construction Cost is as follows:

1) Grand Mosque Area ~ 8160 Square feet $980,000

1) Cafeteria Area ~ 12750 Square feet $1,083,750
2) Day Care center Area ~ 3898 Square feet $320,000

1) Elementary Scool-Library-Administration 19755 Square feet $1,975,500
2) Mid-High School-Library ~ 22050 Square feet $2,315,250

Site Preparation
Site preparation includes excation, backfilling,preparing building pads,driveways, street parking,landscaping,lights,storm water drains,underground utilities(water,sewer,etc) for all the phases.
Site Preparation Cost $750,000

Total cost of the project $7,424,500

Financial Information

Following is the financial status of the new project:

Land (actual cost) 11.5 Acres Parcel Acquisition Cost $1,120,000

Development Cost $13,000
Land Mitigation Assessment & Permit Fees $13,000
Land Mitigation $40,000
Land Clearing & Tree removal $75,500
Property fence $34,000
Architect/Engineering & Zoning Fees $50,000
Land surveyor $8,900
Total land development Cost $185,000
Total land Cost $1,305,000

Less Payments made to date
Land $412,000
Land Development $163,000
Real estate taxes for 2000 $23,000
Total Disbursements Made $598,000

Existing Obligations
Balance owing on land $708,000
Land Clearing Cost $53,300
Site preparation and underground utilities $700,000
Total Exisiting Obligations $1,461,300

Construction Committee

Construction Advisory Board
1) Dr. Zahid Quershi Director
2) Br. Tasnim Uddin, PE, PLS Chairman
3) Br. Hamid Siddiqui Co-Chairman
4) Br. Mian Mahboob Subhani
5) Br. Aziz Ali RA Architect

Construction Committee
1) Br. Waseem Quadri, PE Chairman
2) Br. Taj Siddiqui, PE
3) Br. Mohammed Shahid, PE, PLS
4) Br. Haytam El-Bassam, PE
5) Br. Qasim Khan, PE
6) Br. Tahir Iqbal, PE
7) Br. Rahimuddin Rahimi, PE
8) Br. Khurram Alam
9) Br. Oais Mallik
10) Br. Zafeer Siddiqui


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