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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Stealth Jihad In Britain As Radical Muslims Taking Over U.K. Public Schools

Stealth Jihad In Britain As Radical Muslims Taking Over U.K. Public Schools

March 24, 2014

UK Schools 'Being Taken Over by Radical Muslims'
Dept. of Education taking 'special measures' after several public schools targeted in organized 'Trojan Horse' takeover by Islamists. Ari Yashar

England's Department of Education is beginning to take "special measures," after reports have unearthed a systemic campaign of an organized takeover of public school by Islamists in the city of Birmingham.

One example is Park View high school, which was downgraded from "outstanding" to "inadequate" by the Department of Education. The move will allow the school's entire leadership to be removed pending ongoing investigation of an alleged "Trojan Horse" campaign, by which radical Islam is foisted on state schools.

According to The Telegraph, one Park View teacher at assemblies praised Al Qaeda senior terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was involved in recruiting Westerners, and copied Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden DVDs using school facilities.

The fiasco is considered particularly embarrassing given that British Prime Minister David Cameron previously praised Park View as an example of educational excellence.

The head of another formerly successful school, Springfield, received death threats, had his car tires slashed, and is under "non-stop attack" by radical governors to submit to their agenda, according to parents and staff at the school.

Compulsory Arabic, trips to Mecca and Christianity-bashing

Meanwhile students at another non-affiliated elementary school, Oldknow, were led in anti-Christian chanting by a teacher at an assembly, were given weekly Friday Muslim prayers, three school trips to Mecca paid by public funds, and compulsory Arabic lessons, exposed The Telegraph.

"Oldknow's pupils are mostly but not entirely Muslim and it was always an equal-opportunity school," said one former teacher at the school. "But then all of a sudden there were Jummah [Friday] prayers, and going to Saudi Arabia on government money, and the Arabic, and blatant belittling of Christianity."

Sources at the school report that last December that Oldknow's regular Christmas celebrations were cancelled for being un-Islamic. At the time, the school's Arabic teacher, Asif Khan, spoke at an assembly that "was like a rally," according to one attendant.

"He was leading them in chants of, 'Do we believe in Christmas? No! Do we give out Christmas cards? No! The seven days of Christmas, they [Christians] can't even count!'"

Given the highly unusual reports, Department of Education officials have been sent repeatedly to several of the schools.

"The Depart of Education people are talking to the teachers and children and they are even photocopying exercise books. I have never heard of anything like this before," reported one Park View teacher.

The reports of "Islamization" come as the British legal system is poised to adopt Islamic sharia law by allowing "Sharia compliant" wills. Under the new laws, solicitors will be provided with guidelines explaining how to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude non-Muslims altogether.


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