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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Jihad as usual in Pakistani madrassas - no change in curriculum planned

Jihad as usual in Pakistani madrassas - no change in curriculum planned

August 17, 2005

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Mohammad Ejaz-ul-Haq addresses a press conference, at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


No changes have been made in syllabi of religious education: Ijaz

ISLAMABAD, August 17 (Online): Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Ijazul Haq has said syllabi of Beacon House and other private educational institutions up to matriculation level would be taught in religious seminaries however the syllabus of Islamic education would not be changed .

He expressed these thoughts while addressing a press conference in the committee room of Ministry of Religious Affairs.

He said the talks are going on with religious institutions in this regard and no changes have been made in the syllabi taught in these institutions.

He said all the matters relating to registration of religious seminaries have been settled.

Religious minister said President General Pervez Musharraf would issue the ordinance that will be enacted in the three provinces other than NWFP.

He said we have talked to Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Chief Minister of NWFP Akram Khan Durrani who have agreed to implement the 'Madaris Ordinance' as well.

They have proposed two amendments that will soon be settled.

He said the process of registration of religious institution will be one window operation and religious ministry would deal all the matters relating to registration process.

"For devising the syllabi we do not need to take dictation from US or any other country nor are we taking any dictations from any one", he said.

HE said President Musharraf himself is looking over the proceedings in this regard and he has successfully defended Madaris at every forum externally as well as internally.

He said we have been given the target to complete the process of registration till December 31 but we will meet the target till November 1.

He said it is very necessary to register 11882 religious seminaries across the country as this all has been done for their betterment.

Answering a question religious minister said "the doors of President and Prime Minister are open for religious scholars all the time and they can meet them whenever they like."

He said those religious institutions which are already registered won't have to register themselves again but according to ordinance some information can be asked from them.

Answering a question about Hajj tour operators he said a very positive response has been observed in this regard.

The minister, who is the son of former President General Ziaul Haq, asked the president to initiate an enquiry into the killing of his father in a plane crash.


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