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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Doctors Without Borders gave Arab terrorist staffer pass to enter Israel -plotted to murder Olmert-Lieberman -Be'eri

Doctors Without Borders gave Arab terrorist staffer pass to enter Israel -plotted to murder Olmert-Lieberman -Be'eri

MSF founder Bernard Kouchner appointed French minister of foreign affairs group receive support from Nazi Zayed Center
May 25, 2007


'Doctors Without Borders' Gave Terrorist Entry Pass to Israel

25 May 07 08:59

by Ezra HaLevi

(IsraelNN.com) An Arab man from Gaza was given a VIP pass by Doctors Without Borders, which he used to plan assassinations of Prime Minister Olmert, Minister Lieberman and David Be'eri.

The 25-year-old PA Arab from Dir El Balah in Gaza, Masab Bashir, was charged in a Jerusalem Court Thursday. He has been employed by Docters Without Borders for at least five years and received a pass to travel freely to the Jerusalem region in his capacity as a doctor for the organization.

Doctors Without Borders are recognized by the UN as a humanitarian group and are granted free passage by the Israeli government through checkpoints and closed military areas. They feature large decals on their vehicles with a picture of a crossed out assault rifle – to indicate they are non-combatants.

Another man, an Israeli Arab, was also arrested for assisting Bashir. A third man's identity has not been released by the Shabak (General Security Service).

Bashir was arrested three weeks ago and confessed to collecting intelligence information for the PFLP terror group with the goal of killing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman and David Be'eri. Be'eri heads the Elad organization which develops Ir David, the Jewish archaeological gardens in the Silwan region below Jerusalem's Old City.

The terrorist met with PFLP handlers in September 2006, after which he received combat and arms training. He said he eventually concluded that security was too tight around the government officials and in December, 2006 decided to instead murder David Be'eri, a target because of his development of Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem. In January 2007, with a pass from Doctors Without Borders, Bashir targeted Be'eri and began gathering intelligence information on his daily routine. He returned in February and March – and was arrested on his latest trip, on April 19.

On the web site of Doctors Without Borders, the organization's stated goals in the PA-assigned areas are to: "…provide psychological and medical care and social assistance to families affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Last year, it condemned the decision of several governments to cut funding to the Hamas-led PA and channel it to humanitarian organizations instead.

Doctors Without Borders says it had no idea that Bashir was engaging in such activities.



May 17, 2007

Doctors Without Borders' Hitman

doctors wo borders.jpe

When not carrying out the good work of Doctors Without Borders, Muzab Bashir plotted assassinations

In the past, CAMERA has documented Doctors Without Borders' slant against Israel. But even we were startled to read today in the Jerusalem Post that:

A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who works for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has been arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed Thursday.

Mazab Bashir, 25, from Deir el-Balah began working with Doctors Without Borders five years ago. . . .

According to the officials, after the doctor realized that the security surrounding Olmert was impenetrable, Bashir decided in December 2006 to kill David Be'eri, head of the Elad organization, a group involved in purchasing Arab homes in Jerusalem's Old City.

That same month, he underwent combat training in the Gaza Strip in order to learn to kill without using weapons.

In January 2007, Bashir again entered Israel again on behalf of Doctors Without Borders, and began collecting information on Be'eri. He made additional trips to Jerusalem in February and March, and on April 18. He was arrested on April 19.

During his interrogation, Bashir said he had planned to return to Gaza to complete his combat training and learn, among other things, how to break necks. He said he intended to use his skills to kill Be'eri.

Duncan Mclean, head of 'Doctors Without Borders' in the region, told Israel Radio, "I don't think embarrassed would be the right word. We are very sad for Bashir who has been working for us for almost six years. But we would like to make it very clear that we make a distinction between his professional work and what he does on his personal time in the sense that all our staff is hired for professional reasons and I don't think our organization can be held liable for every aspect of their life."

In other words, on his personal time, Bashir plotted and trained to kill the prime minister. In his professional time, he upheld Doctor's Without Borders' mission to "'bear witness' to the conflicts that give rise to its medical work."



Shin Bet foils plot to kill Olmert


A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who works for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has been arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Thursday.

Mazab Bashir, 25, from the Deir el-Balah refugee camp in Gaza, began working for Doctors Without Borders five years ago and received a permit from the IDF to travel to Jerusalem for work.

On Thursday, Bashir was indicted in Jerusalem District Court.

On April 19, Bashir was arrested and confessed to having planned the assassination of a number of senior Israeli officials, including Olmert, several Knesset members and the head of Elad, a Jewish group that purchases homes from Arabs in Jerusalem's Old City.

Bashir said he met with three Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) operatives last September, and agreed then to assassinate Olmert to avenge the deaths of Palestinian civilians.

Bashir underwent firearms and close combat training with the PFLP. He told the Shin Bet that he had collected information on the Internet about a number of MKs, but when he realized that they lived outside of Jerusalem - the only Israeli city to which his permit granted him access - he decided to ditch the plan.

According to security officials, Bashir then decided to try to assassinate Olmert. On a number of occasions he traveled to the prime minister's residence in the center of Jerusalem, but after realizing that the security surrounding Olmert was impenetrable, he decided to forgo the plan and instead kill David Be'eri, head of the Elad organization. Since the arrest, Elad has increased Be'eri's security.

In December 2006, Bashir underwent close-combat training in the Gaza Strip to learn how to break a person's neck and kill without using weapons.

A month later, Bashir again entered Israel on behalf of Doctors Without Borders, and began collecting information on Be'eri. He made additional trips to Jerusalem in February and March, and was arrested on April 19.

Duncan McLean, director of Doctors Without Borders in the region, told The Jerusalem Post that Bashir - who had been working as a translator for the organization in Gaza for nearly five years and since last October as a social worker there - had not shown any suspicious behavior.

"We are a humanitarian organization, and if we had felt he was a risk, we would not have employed him," said McLean.

All the organization's staff undergo a security check, he said, and Bashir himself had a valid permit for travel to Jerusalem. The Shin Bet decides this, McLean said.

"We are very sad for Bashir, but we want to make it very clear that we make a distinction between his professional work and what he does on his personal time. I don't think our organization can be held liable for every aspect of its staff's lives."

During the month since Bashir's arrest, McLean went to two of his hearings, but he said he had not seen Bashir on any other occasion. McLean said he never heard any statements by Bashir against Olmert and had no idea about any training he reputedly had with the PFLP.

MIM: A few days after MSF founder Kouchner was appointed French minister for foreign affairs a staff member was arrested for a plotting to assassinate Israeli politicians. Another MSF founder Rony Brauman, participated in a conference organised by the Zayed Foundation for Coordination and Followup together with Hans Koechler a neo Nazi who runs the International Progress Organisation which had links to an Islamo Nazi website which carried a tract claiming it was "kosher" to kill Israelis. The Zayed Foundation promotes Holocaust denial and blood libel and published conspiracy theory tracts which claim that the U.S. and the Mossad staged 9/11. No wonder MSF feels "sorry" and is "sad" in the wake of Bashir's arrest. Their virulently anti Israel positions dont deviate much from that of their now forcibly retired employee.




May 22, 2007
Clarification of Relations Between Dr. Bernard Kouchner and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Paris, May 22, 2007 -- A few days after Doctor Bernard Kouchner's appointment as France's minister of foreign affairs, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) notes a potential confusion between his new responsibilities and the role he has played in humanitarian organizations such as MSF. The mixing of politics and humanitarian action is fundamentally prejudicial to our activities and to the deployment of impartial and independent assistance on the field. In such contexts as conflicts, it may be particularly dangerous.

This is why we consider it fundamental to clarify the relations between Dr. Kouchner and MSF, and to reassert our independence towards the French authorities and any other political power. Here some useful historical facts:

  • Dr. Kouchner was one of twelve people–including doctors and journalists–who founded MSF on December 22, 1971;
  • Several years later, MSF, which was still a small organization, faced a choice: to grow, or to remain a small committee working to raise awareness of the problems in the Third World. Dr Kouchner did not support the organization's professionalization and growth, which placed him in the minority at MSF's 1979 General Assembly. He left the organization soon after;
  • Dr. Kouchner has not been involved in the organization since then and has had no responsibilities related to MSF;
  • For nearly 30 years, MSF and Dr. Kouchner have had public disagreements on such issues as the right to intervene and the use of armed force for humanitarian reasons. Indeed, Dr. Kouchner is in favor of the latter, whereas MSF stands up for an impartial humanitarian action, independent from all political, economic and religious powers;
  • MSF is not a French organization, but rather an international one, with 19 sections worldwide, including the French one. Nearly 99 percent of the French section's activities are financed by private resources. MSF France does not receive any public funds.

Improperly perceived as being involved in the foreign policy of the French government, MSF activities might be seriously endangered, namely in conflicts where the French Army is currently involved, for example in the Central African Republic and Chad. It is everyone's responsibility today–especially Dr. Kouchner's–not to liken MSF activities to those undertaken by any government or any government representatives. MSF's action has only one goal: to help people in danger, without discrimination.

For more information, please see the interview with MSF France President, Dr Jean-Hervé Bradol: "Humanitarian action and political action: don't confuse the two."


MIM: Below are Kouchner's radical left credentials according to the Socialist website "political biography" which terms Kouchner's stint with the MSF "alternative employment". Not surprisingly MSF promotes an anti Western anti Israeli and anti American world view to this day.

Kouchner's history

Bernard Kouchner's political biography is revealing and speaks to the evolution of an entire social layer. Born in 1939 to a Jewish father and a protestant mother, he began his political career as a member of the French Communist Party, from which he was excluded in 1966. He led a strike of medical students in 1968. The same year he left the political ferment in France of that period and went to work as a doctor for the Red Cross in Biafra (during the brutal Nigerian Civil War).

As a result of frustration in Biafra, along with a number of others, he helped launch the so-called movement of "French Doctors," non-governmental organizations that provide humanitarian relief, including Médecins sans frontières (Doctors without Borders), founded in 1971, and Médecins du monde (Doctors of the World).

Kouchner was one of many ex-Stalinists, ex-Maoists and other radicals who found themselves at loose ends or worse in the aftermath of the great French general strike in May-June 1968. The central question that arose out of that betrayed revolutionary opportunity was the need to politically demolish the influence of the Stalinist Communist Party in the working class. These individuals were either overwhelmed by that task or hostile to it. They sought ‘alternative employment.'


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