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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dawah - The Call To Prayer & CAIR At The Philly Please Touch Museum 'From America To Zanzibar' Muslim 'Culture' Expo

Dawah - The Call To Prayer & CAIR At The Philly Please Touch Museum 'From America To Zanzibar' Muslim 'Culture' Expo

Targetting Children For Conversion To Islam - Islamist Groups & Individuals Advise And Finance Dangerous Dawah Effort
February 6, 2019

As with all Muslim related ventures the exhibition 'From America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far' is fraught with religious symbolism and blatant attempts at getting children to experience Islamic worship by "providing" an Islamic prayer room and broadcasting the call to prayer 5 times a day at the museum. It is being touted as "a groundbreaking exhibit celebrating diversity and acceptance...which takes a bold step in addressing social issues". Not surprisingly this brazen dawah effort is being funded and guided by groups like The Council on American Islamic Relations, The George Soros Foundation, and the terror funding faux "charity" Islamic Relief USA.

"Curators hope to teach children and adults about Islam, inclusion and acceptance."https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2019/02/01/please-touch-museum-hopes-to-teach-children-and-adults-about-islam-with-new-america-to-zanzibar-exhibit/

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and CAIR's Salima Suswell were at the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Muslim exhibition which was featured in a news segment https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HeWjvNPe2s4

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia staff was "trained" by CAIR for their children's Islam indoctrination exhibition "From America to Zanzibar - Muslim Cultures Near And Far". pa.cair.com/news/new-year-… pewcenterarts.org/grant/america-…

New Exhibit at Please Touch Museum Teaches Muslim Culture

"CAIR-Philadelphia partnered with Please Touch Museum to train the museum staff on the basic tenets and history of Islam ahead of "America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far", an exhibit that recently opened to the public at the museum.

The exhibit is a hands-on experience for kids to learn about Muslim art, architecture, trade, fashion and more. CAIR-Philadelphia Executive Committee Member Salima Suswell was featured on PHL17's segment:" https://pa.cair.com/media/please-touch-america-zanzibar/

Salima Suswell of CAIR Philly's Executive Committee & its Government Advisory Chair is also head of the 20 member advisory council behind the exhibition "From America To Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near & Far" now at the Please Touch children's museum."With the help of exhibit manager Salima Suswell, it has been customized for Philadelphia".

"In the 5,000-square-foot exhibit, children can experience Muslim culture, trade rugs at a Moroccan marketplace, wrap themselves in colorful Senegalese fabrics and weigh spices in an Egyptian vendor's stall".heraldcourier.com/community/phil…


"To ensure Please Touch Museum's approach to customizing the exhibit is authentic and sensitive to Muslim cultural traditions and requirements, a community advisory council made up of more than two dozen local Muslim community leaders was appointed to inform its modification" states a press release on the exhibit.https://www.phillyvoice.com/please-touch-museum-muslim-cultures-exhibit-america-to-zanzibar/

"Besides providing a prayer room the Please Touch children's museum's 'dawah' exposition "From America to Zanzibar" will hold "a call to prayer five times a day every day for the run of the exhibit, so visitors and families can experience Muslim prayer."kywnewsradio.radio.com/articles/news/…

The radical leftist George Soros Open Society Foundation is one of the sponsors of the "America to Zanzibar- Muslim Cultures Near & Far" exhibition at the Please Touch childrens museum in Philadelphia "which takes a bold step in addressing social issues".pleasetouchmuseum.org/americatozanzi…

A press release for the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky crowed about receiving funding from the designated terrorist "charity" Islamic Relief to host the exhibition in 2018.

"The Muhammad Ali Center today announced it has received a $100,000 donation from Islamic Relief USA in support of Muhammad Ali's legacy. The donation will fund the Ali Center's current temporary exhibit, America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far,which is on display at the Center through December 30th".

About America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far

America to Zanzibar is an immersive, interactive exhibit that showcases the diversity of Muslim cultures in our community, our country, and the world. It offers children and families exciting hands-on experiences to explore in the areas of art, architecture, music, design, travel, trade and more! Created by the Children's Museum of Manhattan, this exhibit will be on display at the Ali Center through December 30th, 2018."https://www.alicenter.org/muhammad-ali-center-announces-major-donation-from-islamic-relief-usa-in-support-of-alis-legacy-and-the-america-to-zanzibar-exhibition/

A new Middle East Forum report uncovers the extremism and terror connections of the largest Islamic charity in the western world: Islamic Relief. Read the full report

In New York City the Islamist propagandist Debbie Almontaser was a member of the advisory board of the 'From America to Zanzibar' exhibition when it was on display at the Children's Museum Of Manhattan.

"A member of the steering committee for A Community of Many Worlds: Arab-Americans at the Museum of the City of New York and on the Advisory Board for the Children's Museum of Manhattan exhibit, America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, Dr. Almontaser's leadership and expertise are frequently utilized by both public and private organizations."https://www.bridgingculturesinc.com/founder-s-bio

A leading Islamic cleric and Muslim Brotherhood leader , Yusuf al-Qaradawi also promises that eventually Islam will prevail over all other religions and a single Islamic state will rule the world.

Al-Qaradawi says some countries will fall to the armed Islamic jihad, but in others, such as the United States, victory will come through Da'awa - the teaching of Islam to non-Muslims - which will trigger Westerners to convert to Islam "in droves."

"We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through (the) sword, but through Da'awa," al-Qaradawi told members of the Muslim Arab Youth Association at the group's 1995 convention in Toledo, Ohio. http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/001104.php

"Jihad can be with the pen and the tongue just as it can be with the sword and the spear. Islamic Jihad is not limited to military efforts only; it extends beyond this, including several means that Muslims need to utilize now more than ever."http://www.soundvision.com/about/WhatYouCanDo.asp



MIM 3./17/19 update: CAIR operative Salima Suswell admitted in an interview that the "From America To Zanzibar" Muslim expo was an exercise in d'awah and lied about it's meaning claiming it meant "to teach".

"America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far" is one of the newest exhibits to come to Philadelphia. Opening just a few short weeks ago at The Please Touch Museum in Parkside, this multimedia interactive exhibit highlights the Muslim Culture, Religion, art and traditions. Religion has always been a sensitive subject, especially Islam.

Therefore, it was definitely a huge surprise when I learned that ‘America to Zanzibar' was coming to the Please Touch Museum. One might ask, why the Please Touch Museum? Why a Children's museum?

Exhibit consultant Salima Suswell stated, "In Islam, we have this term called Da'wa, which is to teach. So it's a teachable moment for not just children but for their parents as well." This exhibition's targeted audience is not only children but for people of all ages as well from various backgrounds and religions."


MIM: The true meaning of Dawah:

Da‘wah (also daawa, dawah, daawah or dakwah[1][2]; Arabic: دعوة‎ "invitation") is theproselytizing or preaching of Islam.

Da‘wah literally means "issuing a summons" or "making an invitation". Grammatically, the word represents a gerund of a verb with the triconsonantal root d-ʕ-w دعو meaning variously "to summon" or "to invite" . A Muslim who practices da‘wah, either as a religious worker or in a volunteer community effort, is called a dā‘ī (داعي, plural du‘āh/du‘āt دعاة).


MIM: Gullible non Muslims gushing about "diversity" and "inclusion" enabled CAIR's From America To Zanzibar Islamist Dawah exercise.


Please Touch Museum unveils groundbreaking exploration of Muslim culture

The many sponsors of the exhibition will allow hundreds of schoolchildren from across the region to visit Please Touch Museum for free. There will also be three free community days at the museum open to the public.

"Diversity and inclusion has become a part of our DNA," said Jim Dever, president of Bank of America's Philadelphia market. Bank of America is one of the exhibition's sponsors. He said the exhibit was a great chance for awareness, inclusion and education. "There really needs to be a synergy around this. It's truly a great opportunity for children and adults to have their minds opened."

Dever said inclusion not only pays off for the company, but also for their customers.

"It's important for the individual to be able to bring their whole selves to work," he said. Dever gave most of the credit to Philadelphia's Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council for making sure the exhibition became reality.

"It's just amazing," said PECO's Liz Murphy. "The colorfulness is just phenomenal. We are completely thrilled with this partnership." PECO is one of the museum's key sponsors for the "America to Zanzibar."


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