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Former U. S. Ambassador To Egypt - Anne Patterson - Savaged In Arab Press

September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – It's no secret that Ambassador Anne Patterson, recently recalled from her post in Cairo, served as Obama's right hand gal in undercutting the Mubarak regime and then saddling the Egyptian people with the theocratic rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Arab world has taken note…

In a piece published today in the English version of the Egyptian news source Al-Ahram, entitled – A Mournful Legacy – Patterson was called to task over her heavy-handed role in destabilizing what was once an American ally, Egypt.

"…A few hours before leaving Cairo for Washington, Anne Patterson…held a farewell party attended by a group of journalists where she expressed her considerable satisfaction with her time in the Egyptian capital…Patterson's words did not reflect the tense atmosphere that surrounded her in her last few months on the job, particularly during the countdown to the popular upheaval against former president Mohamed Morsi. Patterson had tried to help the Muslim Brotherhood avoid disaster, but she lacked any real vision of how to play a useful role in the political crisis in the country before the big bang on 30 June…the way she meddled in Egyptian domestic politics has caused a lot of problems for American diplomacy, especially regarding how to deal with the dramatic changes that have taken place in Egypt following the ousting of the former regime…"

As The Daily News Egypt, notes:

"…The US ambassador in Cairo has garnered wide criticism from Egyptian political movements and media outlets lately due to statements Patterson had made which were seen to support the now ousted Muslim Brotherhood regime…" [source, Rana Muhammad Taha, Patterson's term in Egypt officially ends]

Such open criticism of U.S. embassy level officials in the Egyptian press would have almost been unthinkable two years ago, but due to the actions taken by Mr. Obama that has all changed. Now the country's media is expressing the widely held-belief – on the Arab street, to use the MSM's mainstay colloquialism – that America is no longer a friend and is not to be trusted.


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