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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > IDF general: Killing terrorists stops terrorism

IDF general: Killing terrorists stops terrorism

Targetted killings preemptive and permanent
November 2, 2005

Gen. Amidror: Targeted Killings WorkWednesday, November 2, 2005

Israel's successful air-strike killing of a top Fatah terrorist in Gaza last night, netting the death of a Hamas terrorist to boot, has again aroused the debate over the policy's effectiveness.

Despite terrorist threats to avenge the killings, former IDF Intelligence Deputy Chief Gen. Yaakov Amidror said this morning that the policy of targeted killings "most definitely leads to a drop in terrorist-inflicted deaths."

The target of yesterday's air strike was Hassan Al-Madhun of the Al Aksa Brigades terrorist wing of Fatah, the party headed by Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). Al-Madhun was responsible for the twin attack in Ashdod's harbor in 2004, and for the bombing of the Gaza-Negev Karni Crossing, killing a total of 16, as well as other attempted attacks. He was further engaged in planning additional attacks for the coming days, the IDF Spokesman announced.

Israel transferred information on Al-Madhun to the Palestinian Authority several times in the past year, emphasizing that he was involved in major attacks that were liable to cause a collapse of diplomatic efforts and a resumption of bloodshed. Despite this, the PA did little or nothing to stop his activities or arrest him.

An unexpected bonus of the air-strike was the killing of a Hamas terrorist traveling in the car with Al-Madhun - Fuazi Abu Kara. Al-Madhun had been known to work in close cooperation with Hamas.

The double strike elicited a war-cry from the Palestinian terrorist organizations, including Hamas. "We cannot be expected to sit quietly in light of this killing," Al Aksa sources stated, and Hamas agents made similar threats.

The threats reawakened a question that is invariably asked in similar situations. Gen. Amidror, speaking on Army Radio, quoted the "precise statistics" of a study by Prof. Ben-Yisrael of Tel Aviv University, showing that "we used to have a full 140 deaths a month, and we were able to bring it down to 50 a year - without even a kilometer of fence."

Amidror explained that this achievement was enabled in two stages: "First by re-conquering Judea and Samaria [in 2002], and then, three months later, by arresting or killing terror leaders... It causes them to spend their time finding hiding places, instead of planning terror attacks."


MIM: Besides providing information, jailing of terrorists instead of giving them the death penalty, is counter productive. They are either viewed as martyrs and pictures of their relatives holding their pictures are used in the media to portray Israel as 'oppressive', and they are used as pawns by other terrorists in prisoner releases which encourages kidnappings and hostage takings. In the cases below, a captured terrorist , who was sentenced to life in prison,was planning more terrorist attacks, and a jail stay will only enable him to interact with other terrorists who may be released to carry on where he left off. Today, an IDF soldier was killed while taking a terrorist into custody.


MIM: More proof that Abbas is Hamas - along with targetted terrorist Fuazi Abu Kara of Hamas, the IDF killed his 'fellow traveller' Hassan Al Madhun of the 'military wing' of Abbas's ruling Fatah party. Appropriately Al Madhun was leading the Paid Assassins 'security' division which had been set up to 'thwart' terrorist attacks on Israel.


IAF Strike Kills Two Senior Terrorists in Gaza

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Two senior terrorists were killed on Tuesday when Israeli Air Force planes fired a missile at on a car in Gaza. One of the terrorists was active in the military wing of PA chief Abbas's party.

Two major Arab terrorists were killed Tuesday afternoon when Israeli Air Force planes fired a missile at on a car in the town of Jebalia in Gaza.

One of the terrorists, Hassan Al Madhun, was active in the Al Aksa Brigades, the military wing of the Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

Another terrorist killed in the vehicle, Fuazi Abu Kara, was a member of the military wing of the Hamas, the Al Kassam Brigades.

The two men were killed in a vehicle bearing a license plate belonging to the PA's official security apparatus.

An army spokesman said that Al Madhun was responsible for twin attacks in Ashdod's harbor in 2004, killing ten people, and for bombing the Karni crossing between the Gaza district and the Negev, an attack that left six dead.

Al Madhun is also suspected of attempting to send a female suicide bomber to blow up Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva.

While doing all this for Fatah's military wing, Al Madhun held an official position in the Palestinian Authority, working for the PA's Preventative Security Agency in Gaza. Ironically, the PA set up this agency to thwart terrorist attacks against Israel.

Israel repeatedly demanded that the Palestinian Authority arrest Al Madhun, though the requests were ignored.

Al Madhun, who headed an Islamic faction in the Al Aksa Brigades, closely coordinated his activity with the Hamas.

Al Madhun's Fatah faction was also responsible for firing Kassam rockets on the eastern Negev town of Sderot, including the rockets fired over the past few days.

A number of bystanders were reportedly wounded in the air strike.

Both Fatah's Al Aksa Brigades and the Hamas have vowed to take revenge over the air strike.


Architect of Park Hotel Bombing Planned Cyanide Attack
November 1, 2005
By Scott Shiloh


Abbas Al-Sayed, convicted of planning the bombing of Netanya's Park Hotel that killed 30 Jews in April 2001, on the first night of Passover, also planned mass murder using cyanide.

After the bombing, Al-Sayed's nephew, Tarik Zeidan, a pharmacist, provided his uncle with four kilograms of cyanide which he purchased in Jordan, according to a verdict issued Tuesday by Tel Aviv's District Court.

Al-Sayed planned to use the cyanide to mass murder Jews in various parts of the country. Exposure to only a small quantity of the deadly material in one location could have potentially killed dozens of people.

Al-Sayed, who was arrested by IDF troops during Operation Defensive Shield that followed the Park Hotel bombing, was also convicted of planning the attack on the Sharon mall in Netanya which killed five people.

In yet another conviction, handed down in October, Al-Sayed was found guilty of from receiving explosives from Hamas terrorists in Syria.

According to reports, Al-Sayed was paid thousands of dollars for his terrorist activity against Israel. A number of Hamas terrorists who worked with Al-Sayed have still evaded capture by Israel's security services.

The prosecution intends to ask the court to sentence Al-Sayed, 39, to consecutive life sentences. The three judge panel convicted Al-Sayed unanimously.



IDF Soldier Killed While Apprehending Terrorist
11:17 Nov 02, '05
By Hillel Fendel

undefined Sgt. Yonatan Evron, 20, of Rishon LeTzion, was killed early Wednesday morning while taking a wanted terrorist into custody in the Jenin district.

Evron's elite unit was engaged in what has become a routine arrest of a wanted terrorist, in the village of Mircha near Jenin, at approximately 3 AM. The soldiers had already completed the arrest and taken the suspect into their jeep when gunshots were fired from an open area nearby. Sgt. Evron was wounded in his head, and an exchange of gunfire ensued. Evron was treated on the spot and transported by helicopter to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv - but died en route.

A search of the area afterwards produced a blood-stained Kalachnikov rifle and magazines. The IDF therefore assumes that the gunman was wounded in the incident. IDF forces continued to search for him throughout the morning, and, in accordance with general policy, intend to pursue him until he is found or killed.

Sgt. Yonatan Evron will be buried at 3:30 PM in the Rishon LeTzion Military Cemetery.

An armed Arab attempted to cross from northern Gaza into Israel near the former community of Elei Sinai today, and was shot and wounded in the process.

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