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The Dangerous Myth Of The "Muslim Zionist"

August 17, 2016

The Oslo Syndrome And The Myth Of "Muslim Zionism"


August 17, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a recent article by Noah Beck, "A Growing Trend:Brave Muslim Zionists", the author states:

"…A growing demographic of Zionist Muslims may eventually serve as the
bridge to peace between Israel and the wider Islamic world…"

The party in question in Beck's piece is Muhammad Zoabi.

In reality things work quite differently…any self proclaimed devout Muslim is practicing taqiyya [sacralized lying] when claiming that they are pro-Jewish and/or pro-Israel.

Instead their goal is quite different, to get people to lower their guard by showering them with smarmy declarations of solidarity and love. This in turn can influence Jews and non-Muslims to believe such a twisted interpretation of Islam is possible.

In many cases those conned in this manner end up aiding and abetting their oppressors with money and succor.

The madness has gone so far that many of these fraudulent "Zionist Muslims," have been helped to find refuge in Western countries, where they've built lucrative careers on the "Muslim/Judeophile" rubber chicken circuit.

In fact these people are completely irrelevant, and for these people to inflate their importance by claiming they can "serve as a bridge between Israel and the wider Islamic world" is both absurd and dangerous.

Note: Muslims who "reinterpret" Islamic ideology in such a way as to make it receptive to "Zionism," are quite correctly in a doctrinal sense, apostates. As such they are rightly shunned by their co-religionists in that they are spreading heretical teachings, and thus even theoretically, they have no possibility of "changing" the nature of Islam, which fundamentally preaches hatred of Jews.

A better explanation for the sudden appearance of "Zionist Muslims" relies upon what the Qur'an actually teaches, that lying to further the spread of "Allah's religion," is a core Islamic concept:

"There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them." [source, Deception, Lying and Taqiyya, What Makes Islam so Different?]

Seen in this light, the self-proclaimed "Muslim Zionists" are crass opportunists who expect Jews and non-Muslims to embrace and support them in what might be termed "affirmative dhimmitude."

But how can Jews fall for these shell-games?

In a groundbreaking work, The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People under Siege [aka "Stockholm Syndrome"], Dr. Kenneth Levin explains how Jews, having suffered continuous persecution for over two millennia, and thus tremendous psychic tension can be led to identify with the critique of its oppressors:

"Segments of populations under chronic siege commonly embrace the indictments of the besiegers, however bigoted and outrageous. They hope that by doing so and reforming accordingly they can assuage the hostility of their tormenters and win relief. This has been an element of the Jewish response to anti-Semitism throughout the history of the Diaspora. The paradigm on the level of individual psychology is the psychodynamics of abused children, who almost invariably blame themselves for their predicament, ascribe it to their being "bad," and nurture fantasies that by becoming "good" they can mollify their abusers and end their torment." [source, Dr. Kenneth Levin, The Psychology of Populations under Chronic Siege, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs]

The above answers in a very well-reasoned manner, why Jews are always the ones supporting and lauding Muslims - even upon such simple-minded, toxic assertions as claiming to "like" them - instead of killing them, which is the default position of the Shari'a.

The definition of Zionism is anything but ambiguous:

"...a nationalist political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel..."

Thus the phrase, Muslim Zionist is insultingly oxymoronic.

For these charlatans to refer to themselves in this manner is a perverse attempt to ingratiate themselves with the very population under siege by Islam, often to great personal benefit.

That the cousin of Haneen Zoabi [a Jew-hating Arab member of Israel's Knesset] Muhammad, "found refuge" with Kay Wilson, a survivor of a brutal Muslim jihad attack in which her friend was hacked to death only proves how pathologically perverse this "Muslim Zionist" manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome is. Wilson stated that "…I helped him because I know from the machete scars on my own back that death threats should always be taken seriously…I helped him because, like me, he is a human being…" [see Times of Israel]

Muhammad Zoabi, a Muslim teenager who was given a free trip to the United States by an orthodox Jewish organization, when he had to flee Israel due to death threats by his own family, summed up the real reason for his oft lauded Judeophilia, which is to "most importantly...show the world the real face of regular Arabs and Muslims." Given that this "real face" has had to flee to the US proves that Zoabi's "Zionism" is a minority of 1 among his 1.6 billion coreligionists. [see, ‘Proud Israeli Arab Muslim Zionist' Teenager Muhammad Zoabi Emerges From Hiding , Algemeiner]

There's something inherently twisted about Jews (and non Muslims) who protect, support and even fund, Muslims who publicly proclaim they have had a ‘halal epiphany' and begin a slobbering love affair with their self proclaimed "ex-enemies."

It's time Jews and non-Muslims stopped rewarding Muslims simply because some of them have great facility with rhetorical tricks which mask Islam's bloodlust and Jew hatred.

Instead the most reasonable approach is to proclaim that Jews and Israel [as a Jewish state] have an inherent right to exist, irrespective of the opinion of cagey con-artists.

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Israeli-Muslim Zionist, Mohammad Zoabi

Israeli-Muslim Zionist, Mohammad Zoabi

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