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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Third Intifada? No, It's War - Abbas, Obama And The Media Are Complicit

Third Intifada? No, It's War - Abbas, Obama And The Media Are Complicit

November 17, 2014


November 17, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In the short span of 30 days, six Israeli civilians, including a 3 month old baby girl, have been killed by the jihadist squatters currently occupying Judea and Samaria, what some refer to as Palestine.

In any country an outbreak of violence on this scale would be major news, however in a tiny country under siege by its Muslim neighbors it's hard to overstate the effect. This apparently is not the case with many in the U.S. media, most prominently the New York Times.

In doing a Google News search using the term "6 Israelis killed automobile" the first article to pop up at the time of this writing is a November 12 NYT story, see, Isabel Kirchner, Said Gazmail, Israeli Police Officer Held in Deaths of 2 Teenagers.

The mater is presented as if this was an unprovoked attack, a murder. Later in the piece there is the implication that Israeli Jews were responsible for a fire-bomb attack on a mosque. That a synagogue was also firebombed is mentioned in succeeding paragraphs, but one might guess that few saw it considering the foregoing.

In reading the piece, one gets the impression that it could easily be mistaken for propaganda written by Fatah or HAMAS. This is typical of the legacy media generally and the Times in particular. It's agendized journo of the worst type, pouring gasoline on an already raging fire:

"The timing of the fire, after a series of deadly vehicular assaults and stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israelis in recent days, added to suspicions that it was a revenge attack. Jewish extremists have long engaged in what are known as "price tag" operations, so named to exact a price for violence by Palestinians or Israeli actions against the unauthorized building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The police are also investigating the firebombing of a synagogue in Shefaram, an Arab town in northern Israel."

These 91 words are dripping with venom: "Jewish extremists," "price tag operations," "Jewish settlements," etc. We find the use of the term "price tag operations" to be morally reprehensible; what's next, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? This same newspaper, with great frequency opaquely refers to Islamic jihadists as "militants," as if they were simply unorganized disgruntled people rather than card carrying Muslim terrorists with a specific plan of action.

As has been the case for 6 years now, the administration has proven itself to be anti-Israel. It's more than just a poorly thought out foreign policy stratagem; it's a reflection of a visceral hatred for the Jewish state. There's no other explanation for the numerous ties Barack Obama and his team have to Islamists especially his cozy relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous American front groups.

Overseas this support is even more pronounced. Witness how the administration worked overtime to depose then President Hosni Mubarak [a long time American ally] and in his place coronate a high ranking MB official, Mohamed Morsi as president. Upon taking office Morsi immediately commenced establishing a terror friendly Islamic theocracy. Fortunately Egypt's people would have none of this, gathering for some of the largest political demonstration in history, with millions in the streets. Seeing the utter chaos, the country's military strong-man Abdel Fattah el-Sisi deposed Morsi, put him in jail and hung hundreds of MB types. Since then he has governed in a deft manner while confronting Egypt's jihadists with a zeal that should serve as a model for the West.

Also instructive is Obama's once secret pen-pal relationship with Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei. This despite that country's nuclear ambitions and having provided the technology to the Iraqi Sunni militias which resulted in the death and dismemberment of hundreds of American soldiers and its constant – nuke tipped - threatening the Jews with genocide. Of note, when the Iranian public, especially the students rose in opposition to the theocracy [2009-2010] the "Green Revolution," Obama was silent; again Mr. Obama chose the side of a brutal Islamic dictatorship.

This is the president who is eager to insert himself and his administration into the vicious world of racial politics whenever the opportunity presents itself. Consider the case of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Trayvon [his "son"] Martin, the felonious thugs in Ferguson, Missouri and the actions of his FBI's Civil Rights Division which is clearly on a campaign to "get whitey." But when the president has the moral obligation to speak out and condemn the anti-Jewish incitement by Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas/HAMAS and their contingent of hate-filled co-religionists which occurs daily, he and his Department of State are mum.

This isn't happenstance, nothing in this administration is coincidental, everything's political.

The U.S. State Department has so far refused to condemn Fatah leader Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] who referred to Jews entering the Temple Mount as "a herd of cattle." In another provocation he signed a letter of condolence to terrorist Muataz Hijazi who tried to assassinate rabbi Yehuda Glick, pumping three bullets into him [the Guardian characterizes Glick as a " far-right rabbi," as if he were a Nazi].

Consider this gem lifted from one of Jen Psaki's recent State Department's daily pressers:

"QUESTION: Just – and I realize that the traveling people – the people traveling are a better place and the Secretary himself better place to get this, but would you expect the Secretary in his meeting with President Abbas to raise the issue of incitement that the Israelis have complained about – about the letter, the condolence letter that he sent to the family of the alleged (inaudible)?

MS. PSAKI: I expect they'll focus on de-escalating tensions, particularly surrounding Haram al-Sharif, the Temple Mount and the importance of maintaining calm. They'll also likely discuss developments in Gaza, including reconstruction efforts. So I expect they'll discuss a range of issues, including the increasing tensions on the ground.

QUESTION: Is it still the case that you're not satisfied with what the Palestinians have done to try – or what the Palestinian leadership has done to try --

MS. PSAKI: We believe both sides can do more and continue to believe that.

QUESTION: And he would make the same case with Prime Minister Netanyahu --


QUESTION: -- or other Israelis --

MS. PSAKI: Yes." [source, Jen Psaki, Spokesperson, State Dept. Daily Press Briefing, November 12, 2014]

This is another example of this administration's boilerplate moral relativism on display. It's difficult to imagine how a reporter could bend himself into a more exaggerated pretzel in an attempt to coax from this 30-something political hack, even a mild rebuke, by name, of Abbas/Mazen.

Never reticent, Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu drew attention to the refusal of Western leaders to condemn the recent acts of Muslim terrorists as such and turning the matter on its head taking every opportunity to conflate the murder of 6 Jews with Tel Aviv's refusal to halt the building of apartments in Israel's capital, Jerusalem.

"But the attacks in Jerusalem are supported by Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], who both extols the murderers and embraces the organization that the terrorists belong to, Hamas. And against these actions by the Palestinian Authority Chairman, we find international weakness; they are not prepared to utter so much as a word of criticism against him. We have no such weakness. We will insist on our rights and on our obligation to defend our capital. [source, Abbas' Fatah Praises Slayer of Israeli Infant as ‘Holy Martyr', as New Attack Footage Emerges, Algemeiner]

What the Fatah/Palestinian Authority/HAMAS terrorists are doing is taken from their basic play book, indiscriminately attacking Jews and hoping thereby to coax Israel into defensive measures which the world will then immediately brand as a "disproportionate response."

"What is happening in Jerusalem right now isn't an intifada, but a war, former Jerusalem police chief Aryeh Amit told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday. Speaking hours after a Border Police officer was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Amit called on the Prime Minister to make the decision to fight terrorism. "We are now paying the price of a lack of policy and lack of decision making by the government," he said. "For many years, except for pathetic and hollow slogans that Jerusalem is a city that came together, we did nothing. The Temple Mount is not in our hands and eastern Jerusalem is not under our control. We did not take care of anything, not of infrastructure, not of education, and we also did not enforce the law." [source, Benny Toker, 'This Isn't an Intifada, It's War', Arutz Sheva]

We concur with the former Police Chief of Jerusalem, this isn't a Third Intifada, it's war and if the West remains silent it will be as complicit as the terrorists.

BREAKING: as we go to press, Sr. HAMAS leader Mohmoud Al-Zahar has declared war on the Jewish state, stating that the goal is to destroy Israel.

"...Al-Zahar declared on Sunday that the terrorist movement is planning to develop its capabilities to carry out terror attacks against Israel from Judea and Samaria, and that it intends to continue to lead the Palestinian camp which advocates for armed struggle until Israel is destroyed." [source, Dalit Halevi and Elad Benari, Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar says the movement will use any means available to terrorize Israelis, Arutz Sheva]

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Click on link for video of car terrorist attack at the light rail.


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