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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Daniel Pinner freed from prison - judge rules conviction based on false claim by Arab faulty on several counts

Daniel Pinner freed from prison - judge rules conviction based on false claim by Arab faulty on several counts

April 28, 2006

Daniel Pinner interview on video



Daniel Pinner Released from Prison

Thursday, April 27, 2006 / 29 Nisan 5766

Daniel Pinner, serving 2 years in prison for firing in self-defense at an Arab mob, was released from prison today. High Court Justice Edna Arbel ruled that his appeal is "likely to succeed."

Pinner, 38, was sentenced just three weeks ago, after having sat in prison since last June. Today marks his first time out of prison since then, except for several trips to court hearings at the Be'er Sheva District Court.

"G-d's salvation comes in the twinkling of an eye," a thankful and jubilant Pinner told Arutz-7 as he left the prison. "I am so very grateful to all those people, Jews and Noachides, who prayed and said Psalms for me, and to my attorney Baruch Ben-Yosef for doing the impossible in getting me out, and to all those who wrote me letters and gave me support. My release today is in the merit of all of you!"

Daniel was convicted earlier this year of having injured an Arab in Gush Katif by shooting in the air when an Arab mob attacked him with rocks. A licensed electrician, Pinner was in Gush Katif at the time to volunteer his services in the refurbishing of the Palm Beach Hotel for new families. He was taking a walk on the beach when he was attacked by the mob, explaining later that his life was "clearly in danger." He fired in the air, and was arrested four days later on charges of having wounded one of the Arabs.

Following his sentencing earlier this month, Pinner's lawyer Baruch Ben-Yosef, hired by the Honenu Civil Rights Organization, filed both an appeal and a request for "stay of execution." Ben-Yosef explained to Arutz-7 that he was afraid that by the time the appeal might be heard, "Daniel's prison sentence might be over already... It is not common, but a judge who feels that the appeal has a good chance of succeeding can order the person freed until the appeal is heard."

To the lawyer's happy surprise, Justice Arbel not only agreed, but essentially ruled that the conviction was faulty on several counts - as Pinner and his lawyer had claimed all along.

Ben-Yosef, who now has three weeks to complete filing the appeal and its reasoning, said, "It turned out for the best on several counts, because if he had been freed several months ago before the conviction, he would have been held under house arrest - and then could still have faced two full years in prison."

Waiting outside the prison to greet Daniel were the Director of Honenu, Shmuel Medad, and Daniel's sister Dina, with whom he headed for Jerusalem. He plans to spend the night in his home in Kfar Tapuach in the Shomron, where he can expect a festive welcoming ceremony.


Daniel Pinner released from prison

Daniel Pinner was surprised yesterday to learn that he was being
released after languishing in an Israeli prison for the past ten

Pinner was sentenced to two years prison after being convicted for
shooting at an Arab in Gaza, last June, several months prior to the
expulsion. Pinner claimed that he merely shot in the air to scare
away a mob of Arab marauders who were attacking him and other Jews.
One Arab and one Jew were injured. The Jew had been injured by rocks,
while the cause of injury of the Arab was never substantiated.

Pinner was released yesterday after his attorney, Baruch Ben Yosef
filed an appeal against the conviction and against the harsh
sentence. Ben Yosef also requested Pinner's release on bail until the
High Court hears his appeal. It came as a complete surprise to Pinner
that the courts had faxed the decision to release him on bail to
Massiyahu Prison.

Pinner was greeted by dozens of neighbors and friends when he
returned home last night in Kfar Tapuach. In an exclsuive interview
with Voice of Judea TV, moments after his release Pinner explained
that he does not hate the judge who sentenced him. He said he felt
sorry for her for she will one day stand trial before "the judges of
judges" for her actions.

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