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Dutch Member Of Parliament, Geert Wilders' Copenhagen Speech

November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org What follows is a remarkable speech delivered by Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament. First though, it's necessary to provide some context so that the reader can understand the conditions under which he labors.

Wilders has, almost singlehandedly, changed the political landscape of the Netherlands, a country which is under siege by its Muslim minority. As is the case with many European countries and, here in the United States in cities like Dearborn [aka Dearbornistan], aggressive Islamism is on constant display.

Throughout the country, areas with high concentrations of Muslims have become battle zones and unlivable for citizens who aren't of that fait. The Muslims in these areas refuse to learn Dutch, accept the culture, social norms and mores of the country which was so kind as to allow them to immigrate from Third World cesspools. They simply refuse to acculturate.

The Muslims have repaid this beneficence with a level of criminality that is outrageously out of proportion to their numbers. Especially of concern is violent criminal behavior, especially rape. Known for its libertine attitudes about sexuality, prostitution is legal, but now Muslim gangs have infiltrated into the legal sex trade and are driving girls as young as 11 and 12 into this violent, degrading lifestyle. Often this happens under the aegis of what are called "lover boys," Muslim men who are adept at wooing young women and girls, plying them with drugs, gang raping them and to complete the process, taking pictures so that they can be blackmailed.

Dutch Jews are often targeted by Muslim gangs and many fear for their lives. Conditions have deteriorated so much that their fellow Netherlanders are advising them to leave the country for their own safety.

Alarmed by this development, about ten years ago Wilders formed the Party for Freedom to restore Dutch traditionalism. According to public opinion surveys the new party has become the most popular in the country.

For telling the truth, Mr. Wilders has paid a very heavy price, for example being prosecuted for hate-speech because of his criticism of Islam. He and his family have been forced to live a life on the run, sheltering in abandoned army barracks, jails and safe houses. He is under 24 hr guard because of the numerous threats on his life.

Yet he persists.

Earlier this year [February 11] Mr. Wilders delivered the following speech in Copenhagen and was published on his website.

"Dear friends.

I am happy to be in Copenhagen again.

It is always a pleasure to return to this wonderful city the home of my good friend and fellow freedom fighter, the Danish hero Lars Hedegaard.

It is always a privilege to be in the capital of the brave Danish people.

And it is always an honor to be a guest of your great organization.

The Danish Free Press Society is a beacon of light. For Denmark, for Scandinavia, for the whole of Europe, and for the entire West. Your staunch defense of civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, serves as an inspiration for many, including myself and my party.

On a moment like this, when the free world is in mortal danger, an organization such as the Danish Free Press Society is needed more than ever.

Exactly ten years ago, today, my fellow countryman Van Gogh fell as a martyr of free speech.

I remember that morning very well. The press came to my office to ask for a reaction, but hardly anyone could believe that what had happened was really true. We all realized that the Netherlands would never be the same again. Unfortunately few lessons have been learned since that horrible day in 2004.

Islam claims that Muhammad was a prophet. But Muhammad was not a prophet; Theo van Gogh was a prophet.

Van Gogh saw what was coming. He spoke out forcefully against the danger of Islamization.

He had also just made a short movie, together with my then colleague Ayaan Hirsi Ali, about the plight of women in Islamic society. The movie was called "Submission."

That is why he was murdered. His assassination should have been an alarm bell.

Van Gogh warned us in a strong language, as clear as the colors that his great-granduncle Vincent used when painting his landscapes.

He was a brave man. When he realized the danger of Islam, he did not run like a coward.

He would have hated to see how our freedom of speech has been restricted in the ten years since his death.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, the more Islam we get, the less free our societies become. Not only because of the islamization but also because of the weak appeasers who call themselves politicians.

We are no longer allowed to crack jokes or draw cartoons if Islam feels insulted by it.

If you do so, your life is in danger, as Kurt Westergaard and Lars Vilks can testify. You might even get arrested, as happened a few years ago with the Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot.

Sure, the charges against Nekschot were later dropped. But if you value your life and if you prefer to avoid trouble, it is better not to do anything that might remotely insult Islam.

We are no longer allowed to tell statistical truths, as Lars Hedegaard experienced, when he referred to rape figures in Islamic families.

A murderer came to Lars's door and the state authorities persecuted him for so-called hate speech. Sure, the Supreme Court eventually acquitted Lars. But if you value your life and if you prefer to avoid trouble, it is better to keep quiet.

We are no longer allowed to refer to scientific and historical research, as my friend, the brave Austrian human rights activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, experienced..."

[to read the full text please visit MP Wilders' website]

Speech 2014 Geert Wilders


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