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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The Turks Are Blackmailing The European Union While Dangerous Jihadists Pose As Refugees

The Turks Are Blackmailing The European Union While Dangerous Jihadists Pose As Refugees

November 9, 2015


Just two weeks before the Turkish elections of November 1, 2015, the ruling Refah Partisi (AKP) or Welfare Party and its Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu sent a controversial letter to Turkish citizens in the Netherlands calling on them to vote for the AKP. This vote-recruiting letter was sent to the home addressesof possibly more than 100,000 Dutch Turks. Davutoglu even promised those who fly Turkish Airlines a twenty percent fare reduction.

Some politicians in Holland are now worried about Ankara's far-reaching power in their small country. But such letters are indicative of the arrogance of the Turkish Islamist rulers. AKP founder Recep Tayyip Erdogan won the elections after a campaign of sheer intimidation of political opponents, critical journalists and attacks on the Kurdish minority. Erdogan now behaves as an Ottoman Sultan.

It was back in 2004 that I wrote a lengthy Dutch study on "Misdaad, Migratie en Cultuur" (Crime, Migration and Culture). At that time leading politicians in Europe advocated Turkish membership of the European Union (EU). I still remember how I was ridiculed by liberals when I expressed my opposition to this idea, although I did not write about the role of Islam in Turkey. I just pointed out that "the external borders of the European Union should not be expanded in such a way that the instable Middle East is within reach." Turkey and the Turkish mafia will then export even more crime and criminals to Europe. My well documented book dealt with crime and criminal networks from Turkey, Morocco, Africa, the Balkans, Latin America, Jamaica and Curaçao. There was also a chapter on crime among aslyum seekers in the Netherlands and Germany. It was a follow-up-study of a book that I published early 2000.

It is now via Turkey that Europe is importing hundreds of thousands of Syrian,Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers. Last month, in October 2015, that is, about 210,000 refugees arrived on the Greek islands near Turkey. That is as many as the total number of refugees who arrived in Greece in 2014 – that number was 216,000. And between January and October 21, 2015, the so-called "refugees sea arrivals" in Greek islands were as follows: Lesbos 268,829, Chios 46,890, Samos 56,250, Agathonisi 21,675, Kos 43,519, Symi 5201 and Rhodos 5600.

These massive immigration flows are by no means spontaneous. All these migrants/asylum seekers have been assisted by ruthless Turkish migrant traffickers who earn huge amounts of money every day. All these criminals have a vested interest in creating the massive immigration flows mentioned above.Many European governments are simply unable or unwilling to cope with the problems caused by powerful migrant trafficking mafias. (Hungary is a notable exception, though.)

And certainly not all of those who claim to be Syrians are Syrian refugees. There are extensive criminal networks in Istanbul and other Turkish cities which sell forged Syrian passports to all those who want to apply for asylum in Europe. "Just wave your new passport as soon as you arrive in Greece and also when you have to travel to other European countries," these criminals instruct the buyers. Each Syrian passport costs 600 U.S. Dollar.

Most asylum seekers want to apply for asylum in richer countries in northern Europe, notably in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

There will be more than one million Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers in Germany by the end of 2015. Millions are expected to follow in the years to come, partly due to the right of family reunifcation. (We are talking about large families.) That is why Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to Turkey on Sunday October 18, 2015. She begged President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu to do something about the unprecedented influx of asylum seekers who had been assisted by Turkish migrant traffickers. But Erdogan responded that he wants Turkey to join the European Union. And he also wants the European Union to lift all visa restrictions for Turkish citizens. Merkel announced that she was "ready to support Turkey's EU accession process."

Two weeks earlier EU's First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn had also paid a visit to Turkey. Timmermans prematurely announced that he could strike a deal with the Turks, but he and Merkel failed to realize that it is not really in Erdogan's interest to curb the powerful Turkish migrant trafficking mafias. The refugee crisis provides an excellent opportunity to blackmail the European Union and the European Commission with a view to acceding accession of Turkey to the EU.

Moreover, the Islamists in Turkey do not at all object to the gradual Islamization of Europe. It is part of their agenda. They are very close to the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood. The Turks tried to conquer Europe before, but were fortunately stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683, after a siege that began in 1529. They referred to Vienna as "The Golden Apple."

"Germany may soon have 8 million Muslims and an Islamic political party, German political scientist Professor Jürgen W. Falter from the Johannes- Gutenberg University in Mainz was quoted in the Osnabrücker Zeitung and in Raheem Kassam's article in Breitbart. "Currently, we have about five million Muslims living in Germany. Suppose there comes another million, plus family reunification. Then there will be between seven to eight million. That is not an entirely fanciful number."

All these Muslim immigrants will have enormous political power and huge political influence and they will no doubt have an impact on Germany's friendly relations with Israel. Moreover, anti-Semitism, Islamic radicalism and ill-treatment of women are bound to increase, not only in Germany but in all European countries with a rapidly increasing number of Muslim immigrants.

Falter criticizes Merkel's silly statements on immigration which "sound like an invitation to the entire world that unlimited refugees are welcome."

Demographic time bomb

There is also the demographic time bomb that is exploding right now in Africa and the Arab world. Back in 1950 there were about 76 million Arabs, but by 2010 their number had increased to 360 million and by 2050 there will be 630 million Arabs. And Syria's population grew from four million in 1950 to twenty-two million now. Is is not very different in Egypt, Gaza, the West Bank and North Africa. Most of the young in the Arab world and Africa are unemployed and frustrated and want to emigrate to the West.

Professor Paul Scheffer, a leading Dutch immigration expert from the University of Amsterdam, recently warned in NRC Handelsblad that the flow of immigrants to Europe must be curbed, otherwise "the disruption of the region will lead to the disruption of our own society and the decline of the Arab world will be seen more and more in our societies." Back in January 2000 Paul Scheffer, who is an active member of the liberal Dutch Labor Party (PvdA), wrote an important essay on "The Multicultural Drama."

We in Europe are also importing crime, terrorism and Muslim radicalism from Syria, Iraq, North Africa and Turkey. Refugees in Germany and Holland already recognized several Syrian war criminals and jihadists who applied for asylum in Europe. The Dutch daily news program NOS Journaal reported on October 23, 2015, that asylum seekers from Syria said that they recognized a Syrian war criminal who is currently trying to apply for asylum in the Netherlands. They said that this man was responsible for torture practices and abductions in Syria.

Salem Kurdi and other Syrian and Iraqi refugees run the alarming Facebook page "Killers in Europe." Kurdi warned in an interview on the popular Dutch TV program Een Vandaag (or 1Vandaag) that there are "war criminals and members of militias, Assad warriors as well as ISIS jihadists" among those who applied for asylum in Europe. They were proud of what they did in Syria or Iraq"and published photos of themselves on their own Facebook pages when they were still there," Kurdi said.

In 2014 about 170 asylum seekers in Holland were suspected of having been involved in war crimes. Some fifteen suspected war criminals from Syria are under investigation now. These investigations are very costly and time consuming. But these asylum seekers cannot be sent back to their home countries because of European human rights laws. Their applications for asylum can be rejected, though.

Een Vandaag also quotes Abu Mohammed, one of the founders of "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently," a highly reliable website with reliable information on events in ISIS controlled territories in Syria. The Syrian town of Raqqa is the so-called capital of ISIS and it was there that Abu Mohammed was born in 1995. He is now a refugee whose real name is Ibrahim Abdel Kader. He addressed members of the Dutch parliament on November 4, 2015. Abu Mohammed claims that "a high ranking Daesh (=IS/ISIS) member has left for Europe." "He is a dangerous person who worked previously for the intelligence service. Ten people confirmed that he left for Germany or the Netherlands."

The Turks are belatedly realizing that ISIS also poses a real threat to their own domestic security. After a suicide bomb attack by ISIS jihadists on peaceful Kurdish demonstrators in Ankara on October 10, 2015, a number of ISIS suspects were arrested. But the Turkish government also bombed Kurdish PKK targets.

Al-Arabiya reported on November 4, 2015 that Turkey arrested nine suspected members of the Islamic State of Iraq an Syria for allegedly plotting suicide attacks. "The suspects were acting on the orders of high-ranking ISIS members in Syria and had planned to create an atmosphere of fear and chaos" ahead of last Sunday's parliamentary election, the Gaziantep governor's office said in a statement." They "were caught with grenades, explosives and suicide vests."

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands specialized in crime and terrorism.

Website: www.emersonvermaat.com.


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