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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Nine held in UK terror raids for plotting attacks abroad

Nine held in UK terror raids for plotting attacks abroad

May 24, 2006

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Nine held in anti-terror raids

Press Association
Wednesday May 24, 2006 12:03 PM

Nine held in UK terror raids


Nine people have been arrested in a massive nationwide anti-terror operation involving more than 500 police officers.

Police carried out a string of co-ordinated early morning raids at addresses across five different force areas.

Properties in Manchester, Merseyside, Middlesbrough, the West Midlands and the London area were being searched with warrants under the Terrorism Act.

Greater Manchester Police's anti-terrorism unit, which led the raids, said the "extensive" operation was targeted at individuals suspected of "facilitating terrorism abroad".

In a statement, the force said: "A ninth person has been arrested during an extensive operation targeting individuals suspected of facilitating terrorism abroad.

"Greater Manchester Police's Anti-Terrorist Unit is leading the operation, which has involved addresses being searched with warrants under the Terrorism Act in five police force areas.

"The forces involved are Cleveland, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, the Metropolitan Police and West Midlands.

"Searches of addresses are continuing throughout the UK."

Greater Manchester Police chief constable Michael Todd said a total of 18 addresses were raided, 12 in Greater Manchester, one in Merseyside, one in Cleveland, three in the West Midlands and one in London, but would not confirm exactly where those addresses were.

The chief constable said around 500 officers were involved in the raids along with the Security Service and the Immigration Service. He said some arrests had been made under the Terrorism Act and some under Immigration legislation.

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