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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > BDS - Blatant Distortions And Stupidity

BDS - Blatant Distortions And Stupidity

October 20, 2014

By Dr. David Lazerson

Time for major reality check here, folks. Chaos is the name of the game in Syria, where civil war between Sunni & Shiite Muslims still rages out of control. The death toll there, estimated on the low end, is over 250,000 – the vast majority not "fighters" but plain ol' civilians. Iraq, well what's left of it, is being taken over by ISIS, who continue with their brutal campaign of violence, raping and killings of women, and of course, their favorite past time – beheadings. Just a few days ago they were rather tame and only beheaded seven, including a Kurd and some women. Muslim groups all across Europe have become increasingly bold in their daily harassment of the usual white "infidels," attacking them on subways, on the streets, all in broad daylight. These same groups have instituted "Muslim-only" conclaves, imposing their own law known as "sharia." Non-Muslims enter these areas at the risk of bodily harm or worse. Local police often don't enter these areas fearing a confrontation or coming across as politically non-correct. Several Muslim groups have called for their own territories and separate "states" within host countries such as France, England, Sweden, Netherlands, and more. Unless things change this area of the world will soon be known as Europastan.

What's clear is that the liberal notion of living together as a "family of humanity" project has failed miserably in Europe. The host countries may have though a truly noble social endeavor, but the Muslim visitors came in with their own game plan. Their goal was not to respect the generosity of the host countries but rather the absolute takeover of every country, until as they themselves unashamedly advocate, dominate the entire planet with the "peace" of Islam.

To make things even more bizarre, UN Secretary General Moon on his recent trip to the Middle East, mentioned Israeli's Gaza "occupation" as being a major deterrent to lasting peace. His statement, amongst others, makes Moon seem truly out of touch. Occupation by one country over another usually means that the occupier is around. Alas, General Moon, time to catch up on some pretty recent history for Israel is nowhere to be found in Gaza. Huh? No Israeli presence? Not a one? The Israeli government ordered the complete withdrawal of all Israeli troops and civilians from Gaza almost 10 years ago. So yeah, no Israeli "occupation." No Israeli "apartheid" either, for Gaza is not completely "Juden & Christianrein" The only apartheid that exists is the one imposed by the Arabs in Gaza and in many other Arabic nations, where "foreigners" and "infidels" are given the ol' heave-ho, adios, and don't dare come back lest we show your head (without the rest of your body) on the next YouTube feature.

So what's any good so-called Palestinian supporter to do these days? The entire world is appropriately focused on more serious threats, such as ISIS coming to a local town near you and Syria's civil war. How can they possibly carry on with their blatant lies against Israel with the world so "distracted?" Well, somehow they manage to hold demonstrations on college campuses across America reminding the students of terrible "Israel war crimes" from the recent Gaza war. Never mind the fact that Hamas started it or that Hamas hides behind civilian areas to shoot their missiles or that they hold the Palestinians hostage within their own territory or that Hamas squanders millions (probably billions) of world aid for building terror tunnels and purchasing missiles. And never mind the fact that Israel issued warnings to all Gazan civilians to leave certain areas that were designated to be bombed. Facts. Facts. Facts. Such pesky things indeed. So when facts get in the way, it's simply time to create new "facts" that suit their goals. This is the way of the entire BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) movement against Israel. It's all based on pure lies and distortions. But we know that BDS really stands for Blatant Distortions & Stupidity.

Nobody is saying that Israel is perfect but it's a zillion times better than any other Arab or Muslim land – and they know this all too well. So rather than face their own crazy problems and try to improve their own lives and countries, they do what they've pretty much always done; point fingers at Israel. Israel treats all its citizens, Arabs included, equally. Arabs may work, live, and play in Israel wherever they choose. They serve in the Israeli government. The Muslim women are treated equally as men, with respect… not under ISIS and not under Sharia law, but in America, Europe, and in Israel.

So all the so-called Palestinian demonstrations is nothing but the grand attempt to keep the world fooled and distracted from the real problems taking place in Arab and Muslim lands. It's like the person caught committing murder and he keeps yelling how he stubbed his toe getting into the police car. The person is exposed not just for his violence but also for his grand show of being a fool.

It's high time every freethinking student (& there may still be a few left) held demonstrations that reflected some truth. We can start with "Palestinian Apartheid Week," where Gaza is infidel free. One can add the following to this list: Shiite Apartheid Week; Sunni Apartheid Week; Wahhabi Apartheid Week; Al Qaeda Apartheid Week; ISIS Apartheid Week… Do we see a pattern here folks? Each of these factions seems to have a really difficult time getting along and living with anyone other than their own flag-waving members.

Quite frankly, the BDS'ers, the current Palestinian demonstrators, and now Secretary Moon seem way out of touch with reality. They're all lost in space. Hmmm, come to think of it, that's given me a great idea…

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