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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > More Muslim Necrophilia: Mother Of Terrorist Murderer Brandishes Knife Can't Wait To Stab Jews Herself

More Muslim Necrophilia: Mother Of Terrorist Murderer Brandishes Knife Can't Wait To Stab Jews Herself

October 26, 2015

Watch: Slain terrorist's mother threatens to commit stabbing
In live TV interview, mother of one of two terrorists who carried out deadly Jerusalem bus attack pulls out a knife, says she'll attack too.

Ari Soffer

The mother of one of two terrorists behind a deadly attack on an Israeli bus in Jerusalem earlier this month has declared her intention to carry out a stabbing attack herself.

During an interview at her home with Lebanese Al-Quds TV, translated by MEMRI, Umm Muhammad Shamasne says she knew precisely what her son Muhammed had planned, and was only "angry that he didn't take me with him."

The attack on a bus in Jerusalem's Armon Hanetziv neighborhood on October 13 left two people dead and scores more injured. It was carried out by two terrorists - including Muhammed - armed with a gun and a large knife. Both were killed in a shootout with Israeli border police.

At around the same time, another Israeli was murdered in the Geulah neighborhood, in a car and knife attack.

In the Al-Quds TV interview, the interviewer begins by asking the terrorist's mother whether she "believed the occupation's [Israel's] version, which says he was the one who carried out the operation [i.e. terrorist attack] in Jerusalem?" Arab media outlets regularly claim Israeli police only shoot dead "innocent Palestinians," and then fabricate attacks afterwards to incriminate them.

But Umm Muhammed (her nickname, literally "Mother of Muhammed") said she was in fact very proud of her son's act of murder.

"Allah be praised, Muhammed was martyred for the sake of Al-Aqsa," she said, smiling. "Allah willing all my children will follow in Muhammed's footsteps."

"We knew (what he had in mind)," she continued proudly. "I did not cry, and I am angry that he did not take me with him."

"We regret nothing, we are proud of him," she added, before offering her interviewer a plate of sweets "to celebrate Muhammed's martyrdom."

When asked whether she feared that Israel could demolish her son's home in response to the attack, she responded that they had not yet received a demolition order from the Israeli authorities - likely due to a recent halt of the practice ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court.

But, grinning widely, she declared that "no threats will have any effect on us. Let them destroy the house, let Mu'tasim and Yousuf [her other sons - ed.] be martyred as well," before suddenly unsheathing a massive knife concealed under her dress.

"As for me... I am concealing this knife for Israel!" she said, staring into the camera. "Watch out Israel! Watch out!"

The gesture alarmed even her sympathetic interviewer, who urged her repeatedly to put the knife away.

But even after eventually acquiescing to her interviewer's pleas, the woman then made an apparent threat to carry out an attack.

"Watch out Israel, you have brought the fire of hell upon yourself, and you don't know who you're dealing with.

"There's no need for me to say any more - my deeds will speak louder than my words," she concluded ominously.

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Gazan parents name their son 'Knife of Jerusalem' Palestinian parents pick name as gruesome tribute to terrorist stabbers attacking Jews in Israel; 'We hope the intifada won't stop.'

Ari Soffer

A Palestinian family in Gaza have named their baby boy "Knife of Jerusalem," in "solidarity" with the wave of violent stabbing attacks against Israeli Jewish civilians and security forces.

In a video translated by MEMRI, 31-year-old Mohammed Abu Shebika of Rafah, Gaza, explained that he felt it was "the least he could do" to express his support, presumably given that he himself was unable to actually take part in the stabbing spree.

"Allah has given me a new baby, and I've named him ‘Knife of Jerusalem' after the intifada of the knives, because we are now witnessing a new kind of revolution,' Abu Shebika said.

"Allah willng the third intifada will not stop," he continued, adding that the name was given specifically "in support of the martyrs" - that is, Arab terrorists killed while carrying out attacks.

The idea for the name was actually given to him by a friend.

"It was my idea and I published the post on Facebook," his proud friend told the camera. "I felt that this would gain a lot of attention on social media."

"He was over at my shop and he told me that he was going to the hospital, because his wife was having a baby," he recounted.

"He said that he did not know what name to give the baby. We were watching the music video 'Lovers of Stabbing' on TV, and I said 'how about Knife of Jerusalem?'"

"This is a really sweet name," he beamed "It's the least we could do for Jerusalem."

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Palestinian Authority names road after Jerusalem stabber PA honors Mohannad Shafuk Halabi, who murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita in Jerusalem three weeks ago.

Arutz Sheva Staff

The Palestinian Authority (PA) city of Surda-Abu Qash named a major road for a terrorist this month, "in order to honor" him for killing Jews.

19-year-old terrorist Mohannad Shafik Halabi murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banita Bennett, 21,in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City on October 3.

While Halabi had already had soil from the Temple Mount brought to his grave and an honorary law degree awarded to him, his hometown went one step further - naming the road from his municipality to Birzeit and Ramallah after him as well, Palestinian Media Watch reports.

"This is in order to honor Halabi, who carried out a stabbing and shooting operation (i.e., terror attack) against settlers in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem," the independent Palestinian news agency Donia Al-Watan reported on October 14.

"This is the least we can do for Martyr Halabi," Mayor Muhammad Hussein stated about the glorification of the killer, and went on to say that naming the street after him is "intended to emphasize the national role played by municipalities."

Wanting to honor the murderer further, the municipality of Surda-Abu Qash suggested that the mourning "take place in a municipality building, as Halabi is a pride and badge of honor for the whole village."

Several citizens welcomed the decision, the daily added.

The PA, despite presenting itself as peaceful, has named roads and building complexes in multiple cities for major terrorists - including Yahya Ayash, Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, and Dalal Mughrabi.


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