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Why Every Jew Needs A .22

November 19, 2014

High School Football Coach Advice for Israel

Dr. David Lazerson

Although the saying has been around for years, I first heard it from our high school football coach. "You bring the battle to them," he told the players. "Don't wait for it to come to you." And then he added those famous words used to inspire athletes and soldiers alike: "The best defense is a good offense." While the team's defensive coach and players may have felt a bit snubbed in their important roles, the point hit home. The defense could stop an enemy's drive. It could create a turnover; change the flow of a contest. But a high powered and effective offense not only meant our team was gaining ground; it also meant the opponent's defense was becoming exhausted. They were losing on both fronts. The same strategy seems to be a clear directive for Israel in the war against terrorism raging within their very own country. Israel has increasingly been put on the defensive, attempting various strategies in reaction to all sorts of horrific and deadly attacks, ranging from stabbings, shootings, vehicle homicides, and the most recent attack within a house of worship, where Palestinian terrorists stormed into the synagogue with guns and meat cleavers. Five people were murdered and many more seriously wounded.

Once again, Israel is mourning while the Palestinians and lovely residents of Gaza celebrate and passout candies. They even passed out axes, thus encouraging even more acts of murder and terror. It's high time for Israel to follow my high school coach's advice. It's time to take the offensive. Perhaps most of the world will then condemn Israel. But they do no matter what. So let them criticize and write their false distortions in the media, but at least the citizens will be safer than theyare now. This is after all, the true responsibility of any government, and one thing is blatantly clear now the Israeli government is not doing nearly enough to protect its citizens.

So here's a list of what can and should be implemented immediately. First, every Israeli Jewish and Druze citizen should be armed! By the way, it was a brave Druze police officer that confronted the two terrorists in the synagogue this morning. His actions saved many worshippers inside but unfortunately cost him his own life. In America, nearly every state allows for concealed weapon permits. This is something protected in our very constitution. In the USA we're not as worried about crazy Muslim terror groups and individuals attacking us, but nonetheless it's our right to be armed for personal and family protection. The Arab media and the Muslim "religious" and political leaders have been actively fanning the flames of Israel/Jew hatred. Their educational system teaches racism and violence beginningfrom early childhood and on. Once the word is out that every Jew is carrying, the message will spread like wildfire that Israeli citizens are no longer easy targets.

This past summer, our neighborhood of North Miami Beach was shaken to its core, as a visiting Rabbi from NYC was gunned down on the streets in broad daylight. He was on his way to morning prayers on the Sabbath. It occurred around 9:00 AM. What did our community do in response? Yes, we demanded better police protection. Yes we demonstrated in public. And yes, we held community prayer vigils seeking to improve ourselves, spread more light into the world, and seek some divine intervention. I don't mean to minimize any of these efforts. But we now have over 30 members of our shul alone who legally carry, myself included. We took the weapons safety course, did our background checks, and now are in a much stronger position of defending our synagogues, our community, and ourselves.

In today's crazy, upside-down world, Israel is vilified throughout the media and Jews are being targeted just because they're Jewish. Israel keeps trying the weaker approach and it just ain't working. They're always hoping that things will get better on their own and that the last terrorist incident is indeed the last. Wishful thinking with neighbors who want to kill you, is like the ostrich putting its head into the sand from the pursuing lion. In other words, Israel continues to take the defensive, reactive position and not the offensive, proactive role. If the people in that Jerusalem synagogue were armed theyprobably could've prevented many of the casualties. And, in fact, knowing that the Israeli citizens are armed, may have been more than enough to prevent this terror act from happening.

Terrorists are basically cowards and prey on unarmed citizens. They're not too interested in confronting any armed force. Secondly, the government must take a tougher approach when these incidents occur. The terrorists have to know that their actions will mean serious consequences. These include deporting rock and stone throwers, destroying theirparent's homes where the terrorists lived, and clearing out areas that enables and encourages terrorism. In response to deadly acts of terror, Egypt recently destroyed hundreds of apartments along the Palestinian/Egyptian border. They now are, in fact, enlarging this "buffer zone" in an effort to protect the Egyptian forces. Of course, there was no negative response whatsoever from the world media for the poor, downtrodden Palestinians who suddenly were homeless. Because this was Egypt and not Israel - where the great double standard exists.

The silence of the world spoke volumes. There were no massive demonstrations taking place in England for a "Free Palestine." Not a word uttered from the very vocal supposed pro-Palestinian organizations across America's campuses. They only shed their crocodile tears when Israel is involved. Can Israel afford to do any less than Egypt when it comes to terrorism? Until now the citizens have been kept in this ridiculous position of being sitting ducks. If an armed police officer or soldier is 20 seconds away, that's 20 seconds too late for the potential victims. Israel has taken a policy of restraint when it comes to defending her citizens against terrorism.

We've all seen the video clips showing even armed soldiers of the IDF running away from crowds of rock throwers. This failed strategy only emboldens terrorists and encourages further acts of terror. Restraint is not only the opposite of a strongoffense; it's also a poor defense. One or two rock throwers soon become gangs of hundreds. Make no mistake about it, thrown rocks can maim and kill. It's time to unleash the IDF and let them do their job. Rocks have hurt way too many Israelis already, shattering car windows as well as lives. Israel has a right to protect itself and its citizens. Once the rock throwers know they're confronting live ammo, they will stop the nonsense. Or, if they prefer, find a quick route to the 72 virgins waiting in jihadi paradise. Thirdly, shut down the Palestinian media that glorifies the murdering and demonizing of Israelis. This means also deporting the "religious" leaders who encourage terrorism in their sermons. It's not okay to yell fire in a crowded theater

.Abbas, and several of his wacko buddies, should be held accountable for the highly inflammatory statements they made about cleansing the temple mount with Jewish blood. The Palestinian youth are already brainwashed and these irresponsible statements gives them the "green light" to take action. Israel is in a tough and delicate position. But first and foremost it must protect itself and its citizens. This means taking a proactive stance against terrorism. In the Middle East, especially for Israel, a good offense is always the best defense. By the way, my high school football team won the city championship several years in a row.

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