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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > London police surrender to Islamists will consult with Muslims before conducting terror raids

London police surrender to Islamists will consult with Muslims before conducting terror raids

October 3, 2006

London Police Surrender To The Islamists

By Beila Rabinowitz & William A. Mayer

September 30, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - London's Metropolitan Police is no longer a credible arm of law enforcement, having willingly and seemingly gleefully fallen victim to the sort of multicultural insanity running amok throughout Europe.

The Metropolitan Police Department's descent into dhimmitude began two months prior to 9/11, when working with the Association of Muslim Police a decidedly Islamist police union, the force began recruiting hijab-clad officers.

The Muslim Police officers union's goals are to proselytize for Islam [Da'wa] within the force while resisting assimilation, below from their website:

"To assist Muslims in the police service to observe their faith, promote understanding of Islam within the police service and the wider community, provide a forum for all Muslims in the police, support their religious and welfare needs...improving their immediate working environment and retaining them in the service, To assist in the recruitment and retention of Muslim staff."

Note that in this manifest there is no mention, recognition or committment to what are normally thought to be the primary goals of law enforcement and certainly no mention of helping to protect the UK from further terrorist activity.

The initiative which was announced at a conference "Protect and Respect - Everybody's Benefit" for the first time allowed women recruits to wear headscarves and ankle length gowns. Additionally the agreement permitted Muslim cops to pray while on duty, demand halal food and have altered meal schedules during the month of Ramadan.

Four years later, the 300 Muslim officers were not enough for the Metropolitan Police Chief Ian Blair, who stated that, "more Muslim police officers were needed in London to reflect the city's population" and that he wanted "as many as he could get."

Blair has spoken in support for restraining the number of stops and searches among the city's 700,000 Muslims to "less then 10 times per day." This number is still deemed too high among the radicalized population.

Ostensibly the idea of having more Muslim police, would mean that they could be used to handle cases involving their own community. However it seems clear that the true purpose of the constant agitation for more Muslim officers is simply to create an even larger interior lobby within the force which will throw up constant roadblocks and question nearly every confrontation between Muslims and the non-Islamic community.

As proof of this, consider the head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Mohammed Abdul Bari, who denounced the arrest of 2 Muslim brothers whom he called "good boys." This despite the fact that both of them had a "very extensive police record," including charges against one of the brothers involving "possession of a prohibited weapon," a "noxious, liquid gas, said to be CS spray."

Muslim police superintendent Ali Desai concurred with Abdul Bari's assessment. He even appeared at a press conference supporting the brothers, even referring to them as "good lads."

The level of collaboration between the radical MCB, other Islamist groups and leading Muslim police officials bears greatly on the question of where their allegiance ultimately lies. This concern was most pointedly reflected in a leaked internal police memo which discussed and questioned the loyalty of Muslim police officers.

Abdul Bari has called for 3,000 more Muslim police officers, just for London alone - 1000% more than even Chief Ian Blair the head of the Metropolitan police had called for. Barely a month later, Bari warned British citizens that 2,000,000 UK Muslims could resort to terrorism if they became sufficiently angry and emphasized that 700,000 of them resided within the city of London.

Given the track this effort has taken, such an influx of Muslims - hostile to assimilation and of questionable loyalty - would likely result in a huge, permanent, malignant - and above all legally armed - presence within the Metropolitan force.

In the meantime recruitment for non-Muslims has essentially ground to a halt with less qualified members of the religious minority being put on the fast-track. This has resulted in caucasian applicants, "waiting for more then three years to join the force as ethnic minority and women applicants are prioritized." Along with the influx of Muslim officers have come the expected discrimination lawsuits.

The mad multicultural drive in London to placate the community from which the terror threat comes [call it a policy of reverse assimilation by the police] has resulted in a decision which will effectively end the ability of the police department to take preemptive action against future terror plots.

In an agreement just reached, the Metropolitan Police must henceforth gain the approval of a board of Muslim advisers before either raiding suspected terrorist activity or making arrests involving Muslim suspects.

The creation of this additional impediment to what is roundly agreed to be an already lax attitude towards terror was the brainchild of the Metro Police and the MSF [Muslim Safety Forum] The MSF's stated aims are, "to scrutinize police activities that have been affecting the Muslim community" meaning thwarting any measures the government implements to counter terrorism.

On the one hand the Muslim community tells the government that terrorism is a reaction to UK foreign policy, issuing veiled threats that unless there is a major policy change non Muslims in the UK can expect more attacks from angry Muslims, while at the same time complaining that the government has not reached out or funded them enough, and that they are the key to thwarting terrorism.

It's no surprise that the new terror review board grew out of this process of appeasing radical Muslim sentiment. What is utterly mystifying is that these civilians will now have access to sensitive intelligence information presumably including methods and sources upon the mere assurance from them that they will not disclose the information.

Of particular note, the members of this advisory board will not even be required to sign the official secrets act, Britain's law enforcing the non-disclosure of the country's most highly classified security information.

This policy will of course make it even more difficult for the police to rein in clear and present terror dangers such as that posed by Abu Izzadeen, an Islamist cleric [and spiritual leader of the now banned Saved Sect] who has stated:

"In the UK no fighting takes place yet, but don't be fooled, the time will come to you brothers . . . fighting is so close at hand...You prepare yourself now and when the hard time comes you are ready to defend yourself; you are ready to die for the sake of Allah."


MIM: On month after the July 7th bombings police chief Tariq Ghaffur sentenced appear to have been echoed by Abu Izzadeen the extremist cleric who also blamed the British government for creating terrorists.


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Met Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur Mr Ghaffur spoke at the National Black Police Association conference
The UK's highest-ranking Asian police officer has called for an independent judicial inquiry into radicalisation of young Muslims after the 7 July bombs.

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said Islamophobia made some Muslims vulnerable to extremism.

Tighter anti-terror laws had indirectly discriminated against Muslims, he told the National Black Police Association.

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