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Communist Party USA Shuttling Activists To AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org and Howard Dean Websites In Election Push

October 26, 2014


October 22, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Some might consider the term communist to be an anachronism with zero applicability to our current state of affairs. If you are of this belief, then congratulations…you have joined the overwhelming majority of Americans, who think the same way.

Unfortunately all of them are wrong.

Communism/Marxism/Collectivism not only exists, it forms the core ideology of the modern Democrat Party and most of the superstructure which gives the party so much clout.

The closer you get to the central kernel of executive authority, the president, the less honest people are regarding their motives as well as ends and means. Conversely, the farther you depart from the button-down, ever so serious world in which President Obama appears to inhabit, the more honest members of the hard left become.

At the end of this chain-linked support mechanism is one of the most brutally honest of all the players, the Communist Party USA. A quick visit to the website tells the tale. So while you will never hear Mr. Obama talk about his dream of collectivizing the United States, his minions have no such hesitancy in advocating for the policies which will bring it about.

"We are urging members to take part in national phone banks once a week or more from now to Election Day, door to door canvassing and travel to battleground states. Let us know that you are taking the challenge or if you are interested in traveling to a battleground state or district by emailing: [email protected]

Sign up here for the AFL-CIO online phone bank and make calls from wherever you are.

Sign up here for the MoveOn national online phone bank to Save the Senate.

Sign up here for the Democracy For America "DFA Dialer" [source, CPUSA, Take the Get Out the Vote Challenge]

The above noted organizations all have long established exclusive ties to the Democrat Party.

The question might be posed as to why a supposedly revolutionary ideology would seek to partner with more perceptually "centrist" [and consequently, less honest] entities, but the answer offers a glimpse into how the left has managed to so quickly erode the foundation upon which America is based.

The strategy has been described in many ways.

The late Hunter Thompson, the architect of "gonzo journalism," once quipped quite perceptively, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

The Italian Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci described it more succinctly from his prison cell in the 1920s as, "the long march through the institutions."

Other socialist thinkers described it as, "boring from within."

Though differing in the mode of expression, the takeaway is the same. If you want to control a culture and make it ripe for the long anticipated American anti-capitalist revolution, the left must subvert the institutions which create culture, the arts, media, entertainment industry, education, judiciary, political parties etc.; thereby destroying the civilization from the inside out.

Acting upon the same hypothesis as Gramsci, in the early 1920s the Red International of Trade and Industrial Unions - the communist labor international – did an abrupt about-face and counseled the Communist Party to work with, rather than fight, the trade unions which were not openly socialist such as the AFL, intending to subvert them.

In the case of what is now the AFL-CIO [American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations] this change in approach has yielded a notable success with the election of Richard Trumka as President AFL-CIO in 2009.

Trumka is the archetypical union thug with a bad haircut.

As President of the United Coal Miners Union [1982-1995] violence in the coal fields became commonplace as Trumka sought to tighten his grip on the mineral which, along with oil, powers America. His constant rabble rousing brought him to the attention of the AFL-CIO which ushered him into the organization which he was eventually to lead.

On the stump Trumka is fond of using the class-warfare language of Marxism, and that is no accident. As Scott Marshall 1., of the CPUSA noted in the below interview [starting at ]approximately 12:05] how Trumka has brought the AFL-CIO into partnering with America's official Communist party.

(Click on link below for video)

We consider partnerships between any American institution and the CPUSA to represent serious threats to the sovereignty and security of the United States as does the very existence of CPUSA itself.

As CPUSA boldly states in describing its "program."

"A Communist Party is essential for Marxists to test revolutionary theory through practice. We are not a debating society wrangling over obscure texts. We are a political movement, and we welcome all who accept our program. As Marx said, "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it." The Communist Party USA is about changing the world." [source, The Road To Socialism USA]

As Abraham Lincoln famously observed, the U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact and there are limits to free speech and political activity. Therefore, allowing the festering tendrils of the CPUSA to become main-streamed via cozy relationships between it and American institutions is a shocking example of the laissez faire attitude prevalent now in DC by both political parties, regarding national security.

End notes:

"Scott Marshall has worked for the CPUSA since 1987 and is currently the party's Vice Chair and Chairman of its Labor Commission." [source, CPUSA, Radical Ideas, Real Politics, profile Scott Marshall]


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