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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > From interfaith to intifada :Talat Othman- The American Task Force on Palestine - CIOCG - the IAP - Hamas & CTU's Bernardin Center

From interfaith to intifada :Talat Othman- The American Task Force on Palestine - CIOCG - the IAP - Hamas & CTU's Bernardin Center

December 14, 2005

MIM: The name of the American Task Force on Palestine reveals a double fraud. Firstly the task force has nothing to do with America or Americans, and secondly - Palestine does not exist. These two false claims have not stopped people from granting the group legitimacy, and the organisations head Talat Othman is a high profile Chicago business who is also an official on the CIOCG The Council of Islamic Organisations of Chicago, which hosted a visit by Prince Al Turki of Saudi Arabia and has ties to the Islamic Association of Palestine, Hamas, and their Chicago 'office' the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation. Othman also sits on the advisory board of the Bernardin Center of the Catholic Theological Union and has recently exploited his position there to form a business venture with wealthy liberals. The business venture is called the Gaza Erez Industrial Estates, and it is obvious that Othman's documented Islamist leanings, (as co founder of trhe CIOCG) , will ensure that this 'peace venture' will benefit terrorist enterprises.

It is also worth noting that the CIOCG hosted a visit by the Saudi Prince Al Turki and a delegation of the terrorist linked Muslim World League in 2002, indicating that the Saudi's could have more then a vested interest in Othman's business ventures.

Most appalling is all is that Othman's efforts are being aided and abetted by wealthy Christian and Jewish philanthropists in the Chicago area and the heads of religious organisations who are also on the Advisory board of the Bernardin Center (see list of names below).


This message from Sayyid M. Syeed who sits on the Bernardin Center advisory board shows that there are zero degrees of separation between ISNA, the CIOCG, and the IAP/Hamas.


MIM:Message (to the CIOGC) from ISNA, our Valued National Partner:

The Council cherishes our strong bonds with the Islamic Society of North America & its wise leadership. These ties have been strengthened over years of collaboration on many projects including the annual ISNA Conventions that the Council has been proud to co-host successfully. We offer with particular pride the following message from our strong supporter & an inspiring leader, ISNA's Secretary General, Dr. Sayyid Syeed.

"Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Council. What a joy it has been to watch the birth and the growth of the Council in one decade. May Allah reward all those dedicated and hardworking leaders of Chicago who steered the Council to the present strength.

The emergence of the Council has helped us to appreciate the potential of such coordinating federations in metropolitan settings. The Council is already serving as a model for Islamic unity in other big cities from coast to coast. Your experience of institution building needs to be made available to others. For ISNA, the Council has provided a firm and credible foundation for launching our largest gatherings of Muslims, professional conferences and other projects. We are proud of our partnership The Council has been involved in building bridges of understanding between different Muslim communities and forging alliances between Muslims and other faith groups. This pioneering role of celebrating diversity within the Muslim community and in the wider mainstream has earned Chicago the popular title of being the "American Madina." It reminds us of our beloved Prophet's vision of his city Madina built on a pluralist model. The Council has taken the right role and shown the right vision. We hope and pray for continued success and blessings of Allah for the Council, Muslims of Chicago and for the Chicagoland. Amen!"

Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed
Secretary General Islamic Society of North America

Remarks from the President of the Council's Founding Committee

"As the president of the ad hoc committee that found the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, I am very grateful to Allah (swt) for the success that we were blessed with during the first ten years of the Council's existence. God willing, the next ten years will be even more fruitful with love and peace among peoples of all races, faiths, and ethnicities. The less time needed to put out fires of fear, hate, and discrimination, the more time will be spent on improving relations within our community, society, and country for the benefit of all people in the great nation.

It is appropriate at this time to reflect on the founding and growth of this organization. Much of the credit goes to Dr. Ibrahim Elghindy for planting the seed and for calling the first meeting of heads of Muslim associations. That action resulted in the election of the Ad Hoc Committee to look into the formation of an umbrella organization. The nine members of the Ad hoc committee, including vice-president Dr. Mohammed Kaiseruddin, spent days and months in research, preparations, and meetings until Alhamdulillah, the by-laws were accepted and endorsed by all the major (in size of membership) Mosques and Islamic Centers. Other organizations later joined the Council.

The Council was blessed from the beginning, having dedicated persons to serve in leadership positions. The first chairman of the Council, Dr. Kaiseruddin initiated many programs including " food for the poor", and the media relations committee. Dr. Talal Sunbulli followed as chairman and strengthened the Council; he instituted the outreach program with interfaith dialogues. Br. Kareem Irfan, the current chair, improved and expanded the effectiveness of the Council in several areas including the media, dialogues, and outreach. Under his leadership, a Council office was opened, and of particular significance is the relationship with the Catholic Theological Union-Cardinal Bernardin Center, where a Catholic-Muslim Studies Program was initiated. I am honored to serve on the Bernardin Center's Advisory Board."

Talat M. Othman
President Founding Committee of CIOGC

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Message from the Islamic Association of Palestine

"Congratulations to the Council on its tenth anniversary. It is only 10 years young & getting better. May Allah (swt) guide & grant the leaders of this great organization the wisdom to build a great Muslim community, for a better America."

Rafiq Jabr,
President Islamic Assn of Palestine



MIM: Talat, who was co found of the Council of Islamic Organisations of Greater Chicago, whose director Talat Sunbulli, sits on the board of the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation, ( a known terrorist headquarters), has also been linked to Mohammed Salah, who was convicted of helping to finance the murder of the American teenager David Boim who was shot to death by Hamas terrorists while waiting for a bus home from school. .

The court awarded the Boim family $156 million dollars in damages . The Islamic Association of Palestine (the American wing of Hamas) which was also ordered to pay compensation for the murder closed their website down

Talat's financial holdings were also cited during Operation Greenquest, a massive law enforcement sweep which targetted terrorism funding via businesses, organisations and individuals in the United States.http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/341


Expert: Islamic group was Hamas 'money laundering clearing house'


U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys already has found that Salah, the two charities, Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and the Islamic Association for Palestine, helped to finance Hamas and so are liable in the Boim death..."



The American Task Force on Palestine (http://www.americantaskforce.org/) (ATCP) was founded in 2003 in Washington, D.C., as a not-for-profit corporation. The Task Force has also been identified as the American Committee on Palestine. The ATCP was formerly known as the American Committee on Jerusalem.[1] (http://www.americantaskforce.org/aboutus.htm)

The Task Force's stated mission (http://www.americantaskforce.org/mission.htm) is that it "aims to educate the American people about the national security interests of the United States in establishing a Palestinian state. Specifically, ATFP seeks to promote the awareness of the far-reaching benefits that Palestinian statehood will have for the United States in the following areas:

  • Enhancing national security, as well as regional peace and stability;
  • The proliferation of American values of freedom and democracy, through the creation of a democratic and constitutional state for the Palestinian people;
  • The expansion of economic opportunities throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds, resulting from an atmosphere of peace and cooperation.

"ATFP advocates the establishment of a democratic state of Palestine living in peace and security alongside Israel in the territories occupied in 1967 in accordance with international law and the relevant United Nations Resolutions (http://www.un.org/Depts/dpa/qpal/)."

"The American Task Force on Palestine advocates the formation of a Palestinian state primarily because such a step would represent an absolute windfall for the interests of the United States. As America continues the defense of its citizens and its freedoms in the global War on Terrorism, a final and satisfactory resolution of the Mideast conflict, which is the single greatest source of anti-American sentiment throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds, would be an invaluable asset. Such a resolution is possible only with a restoration of Palestinian rights in the land that has been their home for centuries without interruption. The longer this denial of rights persists, the more difficult it will be to convince young people to choose the path of peace. Nevertheless, hope for a brighter future must not be abandoned. Without the constant pain and feelings of injustice that this conflict continues to inflict on the world, zealots will be hard pressed to find recruits for their nefarious schemes. At the same time, Israel's security and its integration in the Middle East depend firmly on the establishment of defined borders with its neighbors and a just solution for the Palestinian problem based on international legality."[2] (http://www.americantaskforce.org/mission.htm)

Governance (http://www.americantaskforce.org/aboutus.htm)

Founding Members

  • Reverend Fahd Abu-Akel
  • Reema Ali
  • Naila Asali
  • Ziad Asali
  • Jesse Aweida
  • Tawfiq Barqawi
  • Abul Huda Farouki
  • George Hishmeh
  • Mazin Jadallah
  • Omar Kader
  • Rashid Khalidi
  • Rashid Khatib
  • Rami Khouri
  • Alfred Khoury
  • Hani Masri
  • Talat Othman
  • Rana Sadik
  • George Salem
  • George Tawil


American Task Force on Palestine
815 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 887-0177
Fax: (202) 887-1920
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: http://www.americantaskforce.org

According to the organization's biography, Talat M. Othman (http://www.americantaskforce.org/aboutus.htm) is Secretary/Treasurer of the American Task Force on Palestine.

Othman "was born in Betunia, Palestine and immigrated to the United States with his family to Chicago in 1947. ... In 1956, he joined the Harris Bank. In 1978 he resigned as Vice-President and head of the International Money Market Division, the International economic research unit, and the International Currency Advisory Service Unit joined the Saudi Arab Finance Corp. and relocated in Paris and served as the Executive Director. In 1983, Othman returned to Chicago and formed Dearborn Financial Inc. and served as Chairman and CEO. In 1995, he formed Grove Financial Inc., and currently serves as CEO.

"Othman served on the board of directors of Bank One Wisconsin Corp. Dansk International Design, Hartmarx Corp., Harken Energy, Tejas Power Corp. and PathoGenesis Corp.. In addition, he serves on the board of governors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the board of the Middle East Policy Council, Honorary board of the Middle East Center, University of Chicago. He is a past member of the Dean's Council at the Kennedy School of Government."

Othman is connected with President George W. Bush through their mutual relationship with both Harken Energy and Tejas Power Corp.[1] (http://www.corpwatch.org/news/PND.jsp?articleid=2909)

Retrieved from "http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Talat_Othman"


MIM: Talat Othman is a member of the National Advisory Board of the Bernardin Center. In 2003 he launched a 'business and peace intiative' together with several wealthy members - such as Newton Minow and James Denny. This year they wrote up the plans for their Gaza Erez intiative.

2005 plan for the Gaza Industrial Estates.

The Erez and Gaza Industrial Estates: Catalysts for Development
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
M. Denny, and Talat M. Othman. We greatly appreciate. their commitment and support
to the ... (EIE) at the Erez crossing and the Gaza Industrial Estate ...
www.ewi.info/pdf/ The%20Erez%20and%20Gaza%20Industrial%20Estates_April%202005.pdf - Similar pages

MIM:This article from 2003 details the initial planning meeting for the project.

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago group works toward Mideast peace
... our prototype model -- a trading co-op IN The Erez Industrial Park IN Gaza.
... CEO Talat Othman; Pritzker Realty president Penny Pritzker, and The Rev. ...
www.findarticles.com/p/articles/ mi_qn4155/is_20050621/ai_n14717492 - 25k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages


MIM: In 2003 a group included Othman and others involved in his business initiative 'visited' the editorial offices of the Chicago Tribune to coopt them to publicise their initiative. The paper obliged and published an editorial gushing "if a group of 3 people in Chicago can make peace then certainly they can do it in the Middle East'.



Chicago Group works towards Peace

Is it conceivable that a handful of altruistic private citizens could facilitate something that few governments believe is possible - - a meaningful start toward Mideast peace? Never discount the power of some concerned individuals.

A visionary band of 10 Chicagoans has joined forces with the East- West Institute and a German trade group to take an initiative that now might well help break the half-century logjam of Israeli- Palestinian hostilities. If they pull it off, the result might once again prove that economics, free trade and job creation are ultimately more powerful than any sword waving and diplomacy.

In a quiet, skillful way, the Chicago 10 have been trying to jump- start Palestinian export capabilities, and take the most productive step yet in revitalizing the Palestinians' destitute economic situation.

"After two years of working behind the scenes with officials on both sides, we're on the verge of creating a trading company that can build markets for Palestinian products and funnel its output to the world," Bob Abboud told me. "We're cautiously optimistic that this is the beginning of a trickle that can become a river."

A trading co-op

The retired banking giant and former CEO of First Chicago Corp. is among the 10 prominent Chicagoans who have donated immense personal time (and money approaching seven figures) to fund and participate in a continuing flow of missions to the Mideast for the sole purpose of creating a network of trading cooperatives throughout Gaza and the West Bank. These co-ops would nurture foreign markets, including the Israeli market next door, advise Palestinian businesses on marketing, take title and possession of the goods, handle shipping logistics, and find export financing.

By yearend," Abboud said, "we hope to personally capitalize and actually launch operation of our prototype model -- a trading co-op in the Erez Industrial Park in Gaza."

It will come just in time. Between August and October, all Israeli settlers and more than 100 businesses in Erez will leave Gaza during the disengagement. The remaining Palestinian textile, furniture, plastics and agricultural industries will more desperately than ever need access to markets beyond their borders.

"Like a farm co-op, our plan would enable Palestinian businessmen to earn equity credits each time they ship product, and eventually they'd own the entire trading company," Abboud said.

The latest mission returned last week from meetings with Palestinian and Israeli government officials, and reported promising developments. The Chicago 10 was represented by its newest 11th member, J.D. Bindenagel, former ambassador to Germany, current vice president of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and former U.S. special envoy for Holocaust property restitution.

Included in his group was Matthias Mossberg, vice president of the East West Institute and President Anton Boerner of the Federation of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade.

"Solid progress was made toward ensuring a free flow of goods at the Gaza-Israeli crossing points, a new rail spur allowing closed- container shipments to the Israeli port of Ashdod, and other initiatives," Bindenagel said.

Bindenagel's enthusiasm was inspired partly by remarkable developments taking place beneath the world media radar screen. Ismail abu Elola, director of the Palestinian Free Trade Zone Authority, which will inherit Erez, sees a potential 10,000 jobs there. And PALTEL, a Palestinian trading organization launched -- believe it or not -- an IPO that attracted 21,000 shareholders.

End of a quest

If it all happens, it will culminate a quixotic quest for an amazingly disparate, ecumenical group of Chicagoans.

Beyond Abboud and Bindenagel it includes: Dr. Imad Almanaseer, a pathologist; M. Cherif Bassiouni, president of the International Human Rights Law Institute at DePaul; retired real estate developer Marshall Bennettt; Material Service Corp. Chairman Lester Crown; retired Sears Vice Chairman James Denny; Sidley Austin Brown & Wood partner Newton Minow; Grove Financial CEO Talat Othman; Pritzker Realty President Penny Pritzker, and the Rev. Donald Senior, president of the Chicago Theological Union.

For the millions who have lost hope, there might be hope after all. And if swords truly become plowshares, Chicago will have played a key role.

Ted Pincus a finance professor at DePaul and an independent communications consultant and journalist.


MIM: Below in announcement about a business venture promoted by Ray Hanania, a journalist and businessman in Chicago, with media holdings. Haninia is the former head of the Palestine American Congress which promoted the 'intifada' and justified payments for suicide bombers families . He also wrote a book entitled "I'm glad I look like a terrorist".

Hanania's mendacity is nowhere more evident in the heading of the press release he authored where he says "he has consistently denounced violence", while slyly adding that this "not only includes Israel" but also from what he refers to as "Palestinian groups like Hamas".

Hanania's only problem with sucide bombings is that they act that they are counterproductive to Arab aims and produce intransgience instead of appeasement. In a recent article Hanania denounced Israel's practice of destroying the homes of suicide bombers.

"...Israel's continued abuses of Palestinian rights are outrageous. Yes, Israel has a right to fight the terrorists, but they have no right to destroy the lives of innocent family members who are related to suicide bombers.

Israel will destroy the home of the bomber's family and even destroy the homes of neighbors in what Israel calls collective punishment..."

Israel continues to murder Palestinians it asserts are "terrorists." And some may be, but don't they have to abide by international laws?.." http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/22854

Hanania explains that Arabs must denounce suicide bombings despite their belief that they are justified, as a PR strategy to acheive their goals. He calls this "reasoned morality"

"...My Arab community doesn't understand the threat the suicide attack and future suicide bombings pose to Palestinian rights..."

"...Suicide bombings are standing in the way of Palestinian justice, and we must open our eyes, be honest and recognize that fact..."


"...The reality is that Palestinians need to reinvigorate international support for their cause..."

"....The burden is on our shoulders, not because the world is a fair place but because the world is an unfair place..."

"...Palestinians need to be strategic, but with a balance of morality. We cannot denounce Israeli killings of Palestinians if we fail to denounce Palestinian killings of Israelis..."

"...We must live by a higher standard than our enemy if we expect to achieve the two-state goal. Palestinians must put their emotions in check and unleash their reasoned morality..."




MIM: Bio information:


During his sabbatical, Hanania became active in advocating a peaceful settlement to the Middle East conflict. Hanania served as the National President of the Palestinian American Congress (1995-1996) elected on a platform of peace. He attended the 1993 White House peace signing between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat, and participated in numerous meetings with President Clinton, President Arafat and officials of the Palestinian and Israeli Labor governments.

He was a board member with Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam through the 1990s. He currently serves on the Entertainment Council of One Voice for Peace, and serves as an adviser to TIKKUN. He is also a founder of Salam al-Ann! (Palestinians for Peace Now) which seeks to express a Palestinian voice of peace in today's bitter conflict. He has participated in many press conferences with Jewish American and Israeli leaders supporting a peaceful, just compromise between Palestinians and Israelis. He works with many Arab and Jewish organizations including Americans for Peace Now and Brit Zedek v'Shalom.

And he is a founder of Comedy for Peace, a professional effort to bring Palestinian and Jewish American and Israeli comedians to comedy stages in Israel and in Palestine.

Hanania also served in many roles with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), which awarded him a Media Freedom Award in 1988 and again in 1993, including recently as a media advisor to the Chicago ADC board.



Ray Hanania Speaking Out Against Terrorism

I have been collecting past statement and press releases I have issued publicly that have consistently denounced violence, not only by Israel, but by Palestinian groups like Hamas, and that have encouraged peaceful coexistence between Palestinians and Jews. I repeat my challenge to any of the critics to show what they have done.

This is a copy of a release sent out in October, promoting a program I helped organize as a member representing Builders for Peace in Chicago. The luncheon was a first-ever event that brought Jews and Palestinians in Chicago to discuss ways to promote peace. It was the first time I know of where Jews and Palestinians actually got together in a public way to break bread (rather than in private and unpublicized.)

Press Release distributed on
October 1, 1994

Palestinians-Jews work for Builders for Peace, Chicago

Builders for
 33 N Dearborn Street Suite 1400 Chicago IL 60602 312-629-9099
 Chicago -- A delegation of Eight Palestinian businessmen from the West
Bank and Gaza Strip will visit Chicago October 13 and 14 to participat
in two-days of events highlighting business opportunities that exist
a result of the Israel-PLO peace accords.
 The Palestinians are the guests of Builders for Peace and several
Chicago Arab and Jewish organizations and businesses who will host
several business meetings and investment sessions to explore Builder
for Peace opportunities.
 The following is the list of Palestinian delegates and their
stated interest
 Issa N. Abu Aitah: paint manufacture; recycling of household
refuse, plastics: seed manufacturing; water filtration & treatment
equipment; agricultural fertilizers & insecticides; alcoholi
beverages; frozen foods; fish farming.
 Hani Abu Dayyeh: develop a 210 room 4-star hotel; general interest in
 franchising, including fast food, rental cars and other rental
 Osman Hallak: tuna-can factory.
 Kamal Hassouneh: expansion of present arc-welding electrod
manufacturing operation: establish a baby-food operation; artificial
leather-making; mineral oil investments.
 Daniel Issa: Coca Cola franchise, fast food franchise.
 Osama Khalaf: expansion of present restaurant; fast food franchises;
hotel construction.
 Ashraf El-Qudeiri: light bulb manufacture; electrical cabl
production; lightweight construction-block production; electrical
panel-board production; genera; contracting, especially road
construction & paving plant.
 Akram Mattar Abu K'mal: Concrete batching operation; asphalt plant &
paving equipment; floor mill; cement factory'; soft drink franchi
(Coca-Cola); partner for large scale housing towers project, now in
 The delegation list is tentative and could change at the last
 Participants in the Builders for Peace program will be invited to
meet one-on-one with delegates on Thursday October 13 and Friday
October 14. The meetings are being coordinated by the American-Israel
Chamber of Commerce.
 -- MORE -- Builders for Peace Page - 2 -
 Tentative Schedule of Event
 12 NOON Luncheon Session
 (Private Kick-Off Reception)
 Hosts: Middle East SubCommittee, The Executive Club
 (Arab-American Business and Professional Association, American-
 Israel Chamber of Commerce, The Executive Club)
 Location: The Plaza Club, 130 East Randolph St. 40th Floor
 Guest Speaker, Alan Delp, President & CEO, American National Bank
 2 PM - 5 PM
 One-on-one business meetings.
 Sponsored by: American-Israel Chamber of Commer
 & Urban Strategies Grou
 Individually scheduled at various location
 9 AM- 10 AM Delegation Meeting
 Rom Poplawski, Asst. Director Dept. of Commerce & Community
Affairs State of Il. Main Conference Room, 3rd Floor.
 12 NOON Luncheon Session
 Public Reception
 Hosts: The American Jewish Committee & Urban Strategies Grou
 Illinois Ethnic Coalition, Builders for
 Cost: $35 per person
 Location: Hyatt Regency, 111 E. Wacker
 2 PM - 5 PM
 One-on-one business meetings.
 Hosts: American-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Urban Strategies Grou
 Location: Conference Rooms at Hyatt Regency Hotel
 7 PM-11 PM
 Dinner Cruise, Spirit of Chicago
 Hosts: AB
 Location: Navy Pier
 Cost: $65 per person (Dinner and cruise of Lake front)
 A delegation of seven Palestinian businessmen will also
participate in a similar session in Los Angeles on the same dates. For
information on the Los Angeles events, please contact Sabri M. El
Farra, c/o SafaCorp, 541 W. Colorado St, Glendale CA 91204,
818-246-2321 or FAX: 818-246-2327 (No E-Mail address)
 Reservation Information
 * You are required to register for the Friday luncehon session in
 order to participate in the one-on-one business meetings on Friday
 Thursday Private Luncehon Reception
 Cost: The Executive Club
 Executive Members and their Guest
 Reservation deadline: Oct. 10.
 RSVP by Mail or FAX
 Executive Club
 8 So. Michigan
 Suite 1604
 Chicago IL 60603-3399
 Fax: 312-263-3502
 Location: Plaza Club, 130 East Randolph Street, 40th Floor
 Time: 12 Noon
 Contact: MidEast SubCommitt
 Laurel, 263-3500
 Friday Open Luncheon Session
 Cost: $35 Payable to American Jewish Committee or Urban
 Strategies Grou
 RSVP by mail or FAX
 Ray Hanania, Urban Strategies Grou
 33 N. Dearborn St., Suite 1400, Chi. IL 60602 312-629-9099
 FAX: 312-629-9091
 Jeryl Levin, Il. Ethnic Coalition
 55 East Monroe, Suite 2930, Chi. IL 60603 368-1155 FAX:251-8815
 Location: Hyatt Regency, 111 E. Wacker (room to be announced)
 Time: NOON
 Speakers: Culligan Chairman & CEO Steve Green
 Abed Tarbush, OPI
 Milton Levenfeld, President, American Jewish Committ
 Ray Hanania, President, Urban Strategies Grou
 Vivian Khalaf, Import Export Law Attorney
 (Program is tentative)
 Friday Open Dinner/Spirit of Chicago
 Cost: $65 Payable to AB
 Reservation deadline Oct. 10
 Location: Navy Pier (Parking across the street)
 Time: 7 PM, boarding 7:30 PM, departure 8 PM Sharp (NO DELAYS)
 Contact: Arab-American Business and Professional Assn.
 Joanne, 708-632-1995
 Agenda for Hyatt Luncheon
 12 Noon
 Ray Hanania, Em
 Introduce each speaker
 Acknowledge participants and individuals who helped
 Announce the after-luncheon meeting availabiliti
 William Rattner, President, AJ
 Welcome -- This is one of the most comprehensive Arab-Jewish
 efforts in Chicagoland, and a precedent for relations to com
 Vivian Khalaf, Export Import Attorney
 Brief on Import/Export prioriti
 Milton A. Levenfeld, President
 American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 Abed Tarbosh, Middle East Investment Services Officer, OPIC - or (Jim
 Zogby) Will explain what Builders for Peace/OPIC have to
 offer How it must be don
 Jim Zogby, Exec. Dir., AAI
 Introduce guest speaker
 Steven Green, Chairman CEO Culligan International
 Guest Speaker
 Culligan, one of five major investment moves into the West
 Bank/Gaza Strip Under the Builders for Peace Banner
Builders for Peace Chicago Host Committ
Urban Strategies Group 33 N. Dearborn St. Suite 1400 Chi. IL 60602
 October 1, 1994
 Dear Friend
 We cordially invite you to a luncheon on Friday October 14, 1994
in honor of a Palestinian business delegation invited to the United
States by Builders for Peace, and the Overseas Private Investment
 The luncheon will feature several speakers who will provid
information on how local businesses can participate in Builders for
Peace, and will be followed by an informal session where luncheon
guests may pursue contacts with each of the delegation members.
 The delegation's visit is being hosted by several organization
 The Arab-American Business and Professional Association, The American
Jewish Committee, The Illinois Ethnic Coalition, The Executive Club
Middle East SubCommittee, The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and
Urban Strategies Group.
 This event is probably the most extensive cooperative effort among
Arab and Jewish leaders in Chicago's history and will certainly set
precedent for future efforts. You won't want to miss this opportunity
to learn about investment opportunities that are available through
Builders for Peace. Speakers will includ
 Steve Green, Chairman and CEO of Culligan International, one of th
first Builders for Peace investment projects planned, and Abed Tarbosh,
Middle East Investment Services Officer for OPIC.
 The luncheon is $35 per person and will be held at
 The Hyatt Regency Chicago
 111 E. Wacker Drive Grand Ballroom
 Chicago, Illinoi
 12 Noon
Ray Hanania Jeryl Levin Jonathan Levin
Urban Strategies Group Il Ethnic Coalition American Jewish Committ
 Please return this reservation form with your payment.
Name:_____________________________________ Date:______________
Company:__________________________________ Title:___________________
City:___________________________State:________ Zip Code:_______________
 Luncheon cost is $35 per person. Please make your payment to
either Urban Strategies Group, or The American Jewish Committee, and
return to 33 N. Dearborn St. Suite 1400, Chic. IL 60602
Press Rel
 Oct. 3, 1994
 Jewish and Arab Leaders Host Builder
 For Peace Delegation Business Meeting
 Chicago -- A delegation of eight Palestinian business leaders from th
West Bank and Gaza Strip will visit Chicago Oct. 12, 13, and 14 in what
will prove to be one of the most extensive Arab-Jewish cooperativ
efforts in Chicago's history.
 The delegation visit is sponsored by Builders for Peace and th
Overseas Private Investment Corporation to promote investments in th
West Bank and Gaza Strip.
 A Chicago host committee consisting of leaders from the Chicago
Arab and Jewish communities are jointly sponsoring several event
honoring the guests including scheduling one-one-one busin
investment meetings between delegation members and Chicago ar
business leaders.
 The Chicago event is coordinated by Ray Hanania, president of
Urban Strategies Group, and Ahmad Abdulaziz, Corporate Investment
Executive for Prudential Securities. The delegation visit is hosted by
several organizations including: The Arab-American Business and
Professional Association, The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, The American Jewish Committee, The Executive Club Middle East
SubCommittee, and the Illinois Ethnic Coalition.
 "Our main effort is to link Chicago area businessmen and women who
are interested in pursuing investment in the West Bank and Gaza Stri
under the banner of Builders for Peace and the Israel-Palestinian
process," said Hanania.
 Hanania said that interested business leaders can contact hi
office to obtain information about events scheduled for Thursday and
Friday, October 13 and 14, that will permit direct contact with th
eight member delegation.
 A special luncheon is scheduled on Friday, October 14, at th
 Regency, that is scheduled to feature as guest speaker Steven Green,
Chairman and CEO of Astrum Management Corp. parent company of Culligan
International, which is involved in one of five Builders for
 Business meetings are being arranged for both days, but attend
at Friday's reception will have an opportunity to meet with th
delegation at the Hyatt Regency following the luncheon.
 For more information on the delegation's visit, you may contact
 Mr. Hanania, 312-629-9099
 Talat Othman, ABPA, 708-632-1995
 Mr. Abdulaziz, 312-630-7244
 Jeryl Levin, The Illinois Ethnic Coalition, 312-368-1155
 Jonathan Levine, American Jewish Committee, 312-251-8800
 Marlene Greenberg at the American-Israel Chamber
 of Commerce and Industry, 312-641-2937
 Tickets for Friday's luncheon are $35 per person and must b
confirmed no later than Tuesday, October 11, 1994.
 Arrangements for attendance by representatives of the news medi
can be made through Mr. Hanania at 312-629-9099.
 Profiles of the visitors and a detailed event schedule are also
available, upon request.


The People

Board of Advisors

Bernardin Center National Advisory Board

Dr. Ghulman Haider Aasi
American Islamic College

Mrs. Elaine Addison
Cardinal Bernardin's sister
Marietta, GA

Dr. Scott Alexander
Assoc. Professor of Islamic Studies, Catholic Theological Union

Dr. Imad Y. Almanaseer
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Park Ridge, IL

Dr. Scott R. Appleby
Director, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN

Dr. M Cherif Bassiouni
Professor of Law, DePaul University

Dr. Georgette Bennett
President, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
New York, NY

Marshall Bennett
Chicago Real Estate Executive, Chicago Real Estate
Northbrook, IL

Sr. Dianne Bergant, CSA
Professor of Old Testament Studies, Catholic Theological Union

Robert L. Berner, Jr.
Baker & McKenzie

Rev. Jeremiah M. Boland
Administrator, Holy Family Parish

Thomas J. Boodell, Jr.
Boodell & Domanskis

Dr. John Borelli
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein
Rabbi Emeritus, North Shore Congregation Israel
Glencoe, IL

Rev. John M. Buchanan
Fourth Presbyterian Church

Dr. Cynthia Campbell
President, McCormick Theological Seminary,

LeRoy Carlson, Jr.
President, CEO Telephone Data Systems, Inc. T.D.S., Inc.,

Dr. Donna Carroll
President, Dominican University,
River Forest, IL

Mrs. Renée Crown
Wilmette, IL

Mrs. Margaret Daley
Pathways Awareness Foundation

Rev. Stanley L. Davis, Jr.

Mrs. Catherine Denny
James and Catherine Denny Foundation

James Denny
James and Catherine Denny Foundation

William J. Devers, Jr.
President, Devers Group, Inc.
Wilmette, IL

Thomas J. Donnelly, Esq.
Mary J. Donnelly Foundation
Pittsburgh, PA

Virginia Duncan
Fond du Lac, Wisc.

Dr. John Esposito
Director, Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding, Edward A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Washington, DC

Dr. Nancy Furey, M.D.
Internal Medicine Northwestern Mem. Hospital
Chief of Medicine Mercy Hospital

Dr. Warren W. Furey, M.D.
Chief of Medicine, Mercy Hospital
Clinic of Medicine Mercy Hospital

Harold Gershowitz

Most Rev. Raymond Goedert
Auxiliary Bishop, Retired

J. Ira Harris
The Pritzker Organization

Dr. Shakeela Hassan

Rev. J. Bryan Hehir
Catholic Charities
Boston, MA

Dr. Asad Husain
President, American Islamic College

Dr. Kareem Irfan
Council of Islamic Organizations, Council of Islamic Org.
Lombard, IL

Elizabeth Kane
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Dr. Eugene Kennedy
Prof. Emeritus, Loyola University

Dr. Michael Kotzin
Executive Vice President, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Mrs. Joan Lavezzorio
CEO, Loyola Paper
Northfield, IL

Jonathan Levine
Midwest Regional Director, American Jewish Committee

Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb
Archdiocese of Mobile
Mobile, AL

William E. Lowry, Jr.
Vice President Human Resources, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Joe Madden
President, Madden Funds
Oak Park, IL

His Eminence Roger Cardinal Mahony
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Eugene T. McEnery
Oak Park, IL

Sr. Joan McGuire
Director, Office of Ecumenism and Inteerrelisious
Archdiocese of Chicago

Lester H. McKeever, Jr.
Managing Partner Washington, Pitman and McKeever,

Andrew McKenna, Sr.
President, Schwarz Paper Co.,
Morton Grove, IL

Newton Minow
Sidley, Austin Brown & Wood, Bank One Plaza

Daniel R. Murray, Esq.
Partner, Attorney, Jenner and Block

Rev. Thomas J. Nairn,OFM
Associate Professor of Ethics, Catholic Theological Union

Joan F. Neal
Catholic Relief Services
Baltimore, MD

Talat Othman
Vice President, Council of Islamic Org.
Long Grove, IL

Mrs. Margaret Paluch
Chairperson Paulch Fam. Found.,
Arlington Hgts., IL

Rev. John Pawlikowski,OSM
Professor of Ethics, CTU,

Rev. Michael Place
President and CEO of the Catholic Health Association of the United States
St. Louis, MO

Thomas J. Reedy
President, Reedy Industries
Northfield, IL

William E. Reidy
William Reidy Associates
Winnetka, IL

Thomas Reynolds, III
Winnetka, IL

Rev. Gary Riebe-Estrella, SVD
Academic Dean Catholic Theological Union

Anna-Eleanor Roosevelt
Boeing World Headquarters

Mrs. Shirley Ryan
Pathways Awareness Foundation

Manuel Sanchez
Attorney, Sanchez & Daniels

Rabbi Herman Schaalman
Adjunct Professor of Jewish Studies, Catholic Theological Union

Rev. Robert Schreiter,CPPS
Vatican II Chair of Theology, Catholic Theological Union

Dr. Elaine Schuster

Sr. Katrina Schuth, OSF
Professor, St. Paul Seminary, St. Thomas University
St. Paul, MN

Mrs. Carole Segal
V.P. Civic Affairs, Crate & Barrel
Winnetka, IL

Rev. Donald Senior, CP
President, Catholic Theological Union

Patricia Shevlin
Development Office, Catholic Theological Union
Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation CO-Director,
Countryside, IL

Norman A. Shubert
Shapiro Foundation, Gamble Foundation,

Emily Soloff
American Jewish Committee

Rev. Kevin Speiss, Pastor
Sts. Faith, Hope and Charity
Winnetka, IL

Rev. Alphonse Spilly, CPPS
Former Director, Bernardin Center
Whiting, IN

Howard L. Stone
Exec. VP American Express Tax and Business Services

Jerome Stone
Stone Container, Inc.,

Dr. Howard L. Sulkin
President, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Dr. Sayyid Syeed
Secretary General, Islamic Society of North America
Plainfield, IN

Mary-Frances Veeck

Msgr. Kenneth Velo
President, Big Shoulders Foundation
Rosemont, IL

Maynard Wishner
Attorney at Law
Wilmette, IL

Rabbi Ira S. Youdovin
Executive Vice President, Chicago Board of Rabbis

Sr. Dominga Zapata, SH

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