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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR :Defendants in 9/11 terrorism lawsuit linked to Hamas and Al Qaeda complain about realism in FOX's 24 depiction of Islamist terrorism

CAIR :Defendants in 9/11 terrorism lawsuit linked to Hamas and Al Qaeda complain about realism in FOX's 24 depiction of Islamist terrorism

January 18, 2007

Upset Over Accurate Depiction Of Terrorism By Fox, Islamists At CAIR Cry "Bauer"


January 18, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Fox is under siege again by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] the Saudi funded Wahhabist pressure group from whose loins sprung convicted terrorists Ghassan Elashi, Randal Todd "Ismael" Royer and Bassem Khafagi...among others.

Note to Boston Herald columnist Lauren Beckham Falcone [Fox's face of terror: Muslims voice concern over portrayal of terrorists on '24'] who according to her bio "covers pop culture, style and all things feature-y for Boston Herald." Let others do the heavy lifting on this subject in the future honey because you obviously don't have a clue and worse, were ridden hard and put up wet in this matter by the very group that through your [along with your editor's] inattention to detail have been given undeserved legitimacy.

One of the scenes which might have offended CAIR on night one of the new 24 run was a classic, with star Kiefer Sutherland's character [as we noted yesterday] Jack Bauer literally chewing the throat out of an Islamic terrorist, then spitting out the bloody gore with a look of pure malevolence.

In our opinion it was the best thing to happen on television in a very long time, giving both a civics lesson in the proper deportment towards terrorist scum while at the same time allowing a glimpse of red-blooded American masculinity defending the homeland.

In the bloody wake of Bauer's fitting savagery and set against Monday night's show concluding with a suitcase terror bombing of Los Angeles, liberal wags have gone into meltdown with one commentator on NPR actually saying something to the effect that "if its true [the thematic content of the episode] then EVERYTHING the neo-cons [yes he used the word neo-cons] have said is correct."

Note to said commentator, the thematic content in this episode was spot on and we "neo-cons" are right, now shut the hell up and go back to covering ballet.

CAIR's counter-attack on Fox was not at all unexpected; as a matter of fact we were surprised that it took this long.

Fox and CAIR have a history.

Let's go back to 2005, not a good year in light of the above for Fox. Actually it wasn't a good year for National Review, Dell Computer, Spherion Staffing or Boeing either, since all were rolled by CAIR's goon squad.

As we noted in a January 12, 2005 piece Out Foxed

"According to a press release by CAIR [The Council on American-Islamic Relations] the radical Islamist - pro jihaddist - organization today claimed "that it is encouraged by a recent meeting in Los Angeles with representatives of the Fox television network to discuss Muslim concerns about the drama series "24."

CAIR demanded the meeting to address what they characterize as an unfair "depiction of a Muslim family that is at the heart of a terror plot in the popular program." The group's spokesman went on to claim that the "group is concerned that the portrayal of the family as a terrorist "sleeper cell" may cast a shadow of suspicion over ordinary American Muslims and could increase Islamophobic stereotyping and bias."

The outcome of CAIR mini-jihad against Fox Broadcasting was to cow its spineless president of entertainment [former talent agent] Gail Berman into issuing multicultural malarkey in the form of a "public service" announcement that was force fed into the American craw through many of the network's affiliates [which we parodied here Out Foxed II, Hi My Name Is….

Fortunately Berman is out on her keyster, leaving Fox almost immediately after the above "assume the position" incident and only days ago getting the boot from Paramount Pictures.

On a similar matter, National Review did not comport itself in a manly fashion either, bending over to CAIR after they threatened Boeing Aircraft company [which sells lots of its products to Middle Eastern potentates] with unspecified cruelties in order to get NR to pull "anti-Muslim" books from its online bookstore.

That action took much of the blush off Rich Lowry's stewardship of Bill Buckley's once might ship as we detailed here National Review – Which Side Are You On?

In that same year CAIR throttled Dell Computer and its provider of contract employees Spherion Staffing, in a ridiculous affair which charged the Jewish owned computer manufacturer of "anti-Muslim" discrimination [not allowing them to disrupt assembly lines with 5-times a day prayer] against 30 Somali refugees that the company had admirably - if unadvisedly - given jobs to.

Fortunately much has changed since 2005 and the blush is definitely off CAIR's rose with it losing outright its bully-boy $1.35 million lawsuit against the Internet site Anti-CAIR [seem the "civil rights organization" didn't want to disclose its Wahhabist sources of funding and other embarrassing information which would have been part of discovery proceedings] the conviction, sentencing and retrial [on other, more serious terror charges involving the Hamas funding faux "Muslim Charity" the Holy Land Foundation] of CAIR's Texas chapter founder Ghassan Elashi and a general public perception that CAIR's game is cultural jihad.

That is why only weeks ago California Senator Barbara Boxer's office took back a civic award that it had made to a CAIR official, noting that the Senator's staff was not at the time of the award aware of CAIR's true nature and their association with convicted terrorists.

Many thanks to Citizen's Against Hate's Joe Kauffman for making the Senator aware of CAIR's true nature – booyaaah!

The people who run CAIR are hard-core Islamists and as such they represent a clear and present danger in our opinion.

However they are by no means stupid and they like al-Qaeda in Iraq understand fully that the war on terror will be won or lost in the court of public opinion, a very different arena.

Public opinion is inseparable from popular culture and the media which creates it. Most students of this process going back to Leni Riefenstahl - Hitler's filmographer - at least, intuitively understood that fact.

From that realization it flows that it is possible to create myths out of whole cloth via the manipulation of symbols, which is exactly what the media does every day, witness Iraq.

Fox is doing the same thing with 24, though the myth created in this case is one based in reality.

Surprise, surprise there are certain "traits" common to the terrorist perps.

What the Islamists and their lefty partners in the unholy alliance understand and what motivates them to attack the few Paul Revere's who have the temerity to depict terrorism accurately is that programs like 24 help counteract the bullshit that the msm spouts 24x7, it shows terrorists as they are, brutal thugs who will gladly disembowel children in front of their parents to get their way; the establishment of Sharia and an Islamist Khalifate.

In many ways, 24 is reality and the reaction against it proves that point.

We urge Fox Broadcasting to refuse to deal with CAIR and its ilk, it's too late in the day for delicacy, send them packing.

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