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January 24, 2006

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Abdul Alim Muhammad M.D.
Minister of Health and Human Services of the Nation of Islam and Author of the book AIDS and Black Folks: Death Plague or Life's Ultimate Challenge.

Dr. Alfred A. Barrios
Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D., UCLA), expert in stress management, preventing school dropout and mind-body health, is best known as the inventor of the Stress Control Biofeedback Card. He is also the developer of a highly successful program for showing people how to systematically re-program themselves in a more positive direction.

Akbar Muhammad
International Representative of the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Ava Muhammad
Attorney/Legal Council and National Spokesperson for the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam. Researcher, Author of the books: The Force and Power of Being, Queen of the Planet Earth: The Rebirth and Rise of the Original Woman, Real Love and A New Unit of Measurement.

Benjamin Muhammad (Formerly Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.)
National Director of 1995 The Million Man March, The Million Family March, C.E.O./Founder of the National African-American Leadership Summit (NAALS), Former Executive Director of the NAACP. Chairman of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HHSAN)

Dr.Conrad Worrill
National Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF), Economic Development Commissioner of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) and Co-Convener of the Millions More Movement (The 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March.)

D'bora Lebree
Author, entrepreneur and consultant to the stars, Ms. LeBree is currently promoting her first fiction novel "Out of Control." Rich in professional experience, she has worked as a personal assistant to notable stars such as the legendary Lionel Richie, Mark Currie (Hanging With Mr. Cooper), Michael Baisden (author of Never Satisfied, Maintenance Man and Men Cry in the Dark), Cybill Shepherd and Janet Leigh.

Malik Zulu Shabazz
Attorney and National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense.(NBPP), Founder of Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ) and Co-Convener of the Millions More Movement (10th Anniversary of the Million Man March.)

Professor Griff
Professor Griff collaborated with childhood friend Chuck D to form the Revolutionary rap group Public Enemy. As Minister of Information, and leader of Security Of The First World (also known as S1W's) the group's security force known for disciplined drill style defense techniques rooted in martial arts. Professor Griff is also a security consultant as well as an author.

Will Mega
The controversial cast member of the first "Big Brother" reality TV series.

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Ayaba Bey
Motivational Speaker, Theologian, Historian, Holistic Health Practitioner, Educator, Musician, Writer, Storyteller, Theater Director, Award Winner and inspirational orator who will bring dynamic energy, lasting inspiration, and exciting information to any program.

Abdullah Muhammad
National Prison Reform Minister for the Nation of Islam. Under his leadership, the Nation of Islam's prison outreach program is contacting thousands of individuals interested in becoming productive citizens after release from prison. It has become the model for prison outreach programs for organizations worldwide.

Adele J. Foster
Business Consultant, Trainer and Empowerment Specialist. Focuses on Personal and Professional Development.

Ajuma Muhammad
Educator, Psychotherapist, Motivational Speaker and Lecturer; Executive Director of the Association of African-American Role Models and Author of, Understanding the Crisis of the Black Male:A Handbook on Raising Black Boys to be Responsible Black Men."

Alberto O. Cappas
Poet, Educator and Community Activist. Author of The Pledge, a poem widely used by many groups and organizations throughout the United States. The Pledge is designed for students enrolled in inner-city public schools. Alberto recently published DOŅA JULIA And Other Selected Poems, a collection of old and new poems, released this past past July 2002.

Reverend Al Sampson
Personally ordained by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President of National Black Farmers Harvest Cooperative, Biblical Scholar and Theological Consultant for the original African Heritage Study Bible by Winston-Derrick Publishing Co.

Ali Salaam
Charismatic, energetic and enthusiastic, Ali counsels, lectures and gives workshops on numerous subjects political and social. Ali has recently been asked to serve on an international steering committee of Israelis, Palestinians and Muslims developing a model of intervention & reconciliation entitled a "Dialogue for Dignity." Author of the stimulating and enlightening new book, "Becoming Human; Being Human" from Zebra Press to be released early this summer.

Amin Muhammad
Assistant Director of Muhammad University of Islam, Final Call Columnist and Technology Consultant.

Anthony Jones
Business Development Consultant. CEO of Alternative Business Consulting (ABC) Solutions Incorporated.

Arealia Denby
International Emergency Management Training Director and Disaster Preparedness Instructor.

Askia Muhammad
Journalist, Editor, Poet, Radio and Television personality, Lecturer and Author of Behind Enemy Lines: The Hon. Marcus Garvey, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan & The Arabs in White American Mainstream Media 1977-1995 White House Correspondent for the Final Call Newspaper.

Avis Archambault, M.A.
Native American Cultural Awareness Educator, Trainer, Poet, Coordinator for Women's Retreats, Academic, Community and Corporate Diversity Trainings.

Adeyemi Bandele is the founder and executive director of Men on the Move. A spirit based organization designed to empower men to become better fathers, sons, husbands, lovers and friends. Mr. Bandele speaks on relationship issues, fatherhood, and building male support groups called, "A Gathering of Men". He has conducted A Gathering of Men in the U.S., Caribbean and Brazil.

Bey Muhammad
Police Lynchings Survivor and Subject of the Biography: Louisiana Lynching : A Modern Day Legacy of an X-Slave. Lecture Series: "From the Noose Hold to the Choke Hold-Police Brutality in the 90's"

Bobby Scott a.k.a. "Master Shaheed A. Sultan"
Master Martial Artist and Creator of Oro Oko Fighting Technique and Developer of Kung-Fu-Cise Exercise Program

Devona Lone Wolf
Her Lakota name Mahpiya Ska Win (White Cloud Woman) was given to her as a result of unselfishly giving her time and resources in the service of others. She is also a member of the Dream Weavers Indigenous Wisdom providing educational and motivational seminars dealing witih gang prevention and intervention, traditional parenting skills, domestic violence. substance abuse, cultural sensitivity and Native American culture and spirituality.

Fayyad Sbaihat
A lead o
rganizer and activist with the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) and its Divestment Campaign. Founder and former spokesperson of Al-Awda Wisconsin, The Palestinian Right to Return Coalition.

Gregory N. Whyte a.k.a. Kamau
Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Scientist. Creator of the Tiririka survival and development system, the Modern Yoga system, Stomlost, WeightOff and FusionOne holistic exercise program. Author of Losing Weight Safely & Effectively, The Ultimate Way to Lose Your Stomach, The Theory & Practice of Meditation and The Teachings of Tiririka.

Dr. Gyasi A. Foluke
Activist, Historian and Author of The Real-Holocaust: A Holistic Analysis of the African-American Experience 1441-1994.

Herbert Harris Jr.
Motivational Speaker, Lifeskills Trainer, Historian, Lawyer, Syndicated Columnist & Author of The Golden 12: Universal Rules for Achieving Success

James Muhammad
Journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of The Final Call Newspaper (FCN) the official news organ of the Nation of Islam.

Jay Jay Wilson
Researcher, Filmmaker and Author of Black Wall Street which chronicles the origin and growth of the most prolific African-American community and business district in the history of the United States. It was bombed and burned to the ground during race riots as a result of the success of the Blacks there.

John F. Muhammad
Trainer of men into the spiritual/military discipline way of the Lord. Author of the book, How to Be a Women's Best Friend. Producer of the National Male/Female Relationship Seminar, How to Find the Perfect Mate.

Kamau Wa-Kenyatta
Afrocentric and Black History Lecturer and Author of Black Folk's Hair: Secrets, Shame and Liberation.

KMT G. Shockley - Alkebulan
Cultural Historian and Presenter of the youth oriented seminar: Machiavelli or Maat: How can the Black Man Rise?

KPE (pronounced Eck-pay)
African Musician/ Historian/ Ethno-Musicologist and Performing Artist.

MaVynee Oshun Betsch (The Beach Lady)
Activist, Environmentalist, Guinness Book of World Records Inductee and "Unofficial Mayor" of Florida's Only African - American Beach Community.

Dr. Muata Ashby
Theologian, Spiritual Counselor, Egyptologist, Yoga Teacher, and Author of: Egyptian Yoga: A Philosophy of Enlightenment.

Nisa Islam Muhammad
CEO of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, a national initiative to promote marriage and family in the Black community. She is the author of, The Gift of a Two Parent Family and a senior staff writer for the Final Call Newspaper.

Dr. Pearlie M. Jones
Author, Motivational Speaker and Lecturer specializing in Women Issues. Executive Director of CHANGE ENTERPRISES, INC.

Richard A. Muhammad & Errol Muhammad
Master Hypnotherapists & Founders of "The Academy of Psyche-Hypnotic Engineering"

Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu'min Muhammad
Kemetic Scientist, Agricultural Economist, Author of, AMEN: Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid.

Robert E. Criner
Author and renowned motivational speaker, trainer and consultant for major corporations, organizations and universities.

Robert D. Johnson
Business Consultant specializing in Team Dynamics and Organizational Paradigms, Inventor of Bcube (a table-top team building tool), and Author of A Touch of Reality.

Ron Wilch
International Apparel Industry Manufacturer and Designer, C.E.O. of R.W. Clothing Corp., Personal Tailor for Hollywood Celebrities and Artists.

Shahid Muhammad
Educator and Author of: How to Teach Math to Black Students.

Terrance Dean
Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Lecturer, Cardio-Spiritualist, & Author of the book, Be Empowered: 30 Days of Meditation for Men of Color.

Walter T. Bond
Former NBA player with the ability to motivate and captivate and inspire his audience with humor, dynamic energy, creativity and passion.

Dr. Ziraili Mohassan El Bey
Moorish American, Educator, Entrepreneur and Author of A Parent's Guide to Children's STAR-TALK (Moorish Science Astrology)

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Foluso Adeoye
Research Architect, Human Resources Development Trainer, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker.

Julio L. Rose
Linguist, African/Islamic Historian & Scholar and Author of Heru-Tage(Heritage) Ra-Staured(Restored) Heru-Scope(Horoscope)

Kevin Muhammad
Health Researcher, Columnist, Lecturer and Author of, Obesity, Diabetes & How To Eat To Live.

M.C. Melody
Author and Recording Artist and Computer Scientist. Titles include: Rap Lyrics For My Beloved Black People, Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, The Death of Music In The Inner City and Urban Ghetto, The Darker The Berry: Raising The Black Community To A Nation of Achievement.

Mitchell D. Smith (aka-Aerobo Cop)
Former Police Officer, Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Police Confrontation Avoidance Trainer skilled in Cultural Diversity and Awareness Seminars.

African Dance Troupe Ensemble and Performing Artists

Obakunle Akinlana
African Drummer and African Folktale Story Teller

Paul Chika Emekwulu
Award-winning Author, Educator, Publisher, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Author of Magic of Numbers, Grades 9-12; How You Can Become A Successful Self-Publisher In America & Elsewhere, How To Make Goal Setting Work For You, and Fibonacci Numbers For Research Mathematicians.

Randolph Sundiata Kieta
Author of the new book, Charge To Glory: The Song of the First and Third Louisiana Native Guards focusing on the Black experience in the U.S. military during wartime.



BlacksandJews Review:

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1

Historical Research Department, Nation of Islam, 334 pages, ISBN 0-9636877-0-0 * Copyright 1991 by Latimer Associates * 4th printing 1994 * Perfect Bound

By Caleb Amilicar

Not surprisingly, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews when released after its fourth printing in 1994 established a presence in the scholastic realm, where new ideas are presented, discussed and researched. Compiled by the Historical Research Department, the book has undergone a quiet resurgence on college campuses across the United States. While considered by many to be an underground classic, the book has in fact influenced thought for an entire generation of students, thinkers and theorists.

Consider these words about the book written by Barry Mehler, founder and executive director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism:

The book is meticulously, almost lovingly, researched and heavily footnoted. There is no question that the anonymous researchers who produced this book have scoured Jewish literature. As one who reads racist material for a living, this 334 page book appears to be a dazzling addition to the annals of anti-Semitic literature. I am sure that its influence and circulation will be impressive and long lasting.

The TEI agrees that its influence and circulation will be impressive and long lasting, but disagrees with his labeling of it as "anti-Semitic literature" as Mr. Mehler states. It is interesting that while giving praise to the quality of the research, he had apparently classified this book as "racist material" and therefore formed his opinion and judgement of the book based on that position.

On page iv the researchers for the Historical Research Department wrote the following:

A substantial body of evidence that supports the findings herein was excluded by the editors and deemed to be from sources considered anti-Semitic and/or anti-Jewish.

It is evident from that statement that the researchers conducted careful research without the disingenuous and deceptive aim, to create an anti-Semitic or racist publication.

Well packaged, the book contains 334 pages of fully documented text including 1,275 footnotes, from more than 3,000 sources. Most of the sources, if not all, were collected from Jewish historical literature. As a research document, the book is not what you would call an easy read, however, with a fully annotated index, and clearly descriptive sections and subject titles, the book is surprisingly easy to navigate. The editors detailed clearly all references consistently linked by sparse journalistic narratives intended to enhance clarity while not distracting the reader from the information contained within.


The Zionist Terror Network

Prepared by Mark Weber

(Completely revised 1993 edition, ISBN 0-939484-22-6)

Copyright (c) 1985, 1993 by the Institute for Historical Review

By Caleb Amilicar



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