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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Tampa Mayor Iorio To No Longer Award Radical Group CAIR With Proclamations

Tampa Mayor Iorio To No Longer Award Radical Group CAIR With Proclamations

June 10, 2009


June 10, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Joe Kaufman (info@americansagainsthate.org)



(Tampa, FL) Yesterday, June 9, 2009, Americans Against Hate (AAH) Chairman Joe Kaufman received a call from Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio's office informing him that the Mayor will no longer be issuing any proclamations to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The past week, Kaufman had been speaking with the Mayor's office and had sent information detailing CAIR's involvement with the terrorist group Hamas and CAIR's stated support for Hamas. Kaufman showed proof that CAIR was named a co-conspirator in a recent Hamas fundraising terrorism trial and that the FBI recently cut ties with CAIR.

Kaufman had previously called on the Mayor to rescind her November 15, 2008 proclamation for "CAIR Day," an award she had given to the Tampa office of CAIR at least the last four years.

A member of Mayor Iorio's staff, Santiago Corrado, said that, while the Mayor would not rescind any prior proclamations because the "CAIR Days" had already taken place and she could not go back in time and change the calendar she would no longer sign any further proclamations to the group in the future.

Kaufman stated, "While we had wished Mayor Iorio would rescind the past proclamations from CAIR, we are thankful that no more proclamations will be awarded to the group. No group that has ties to overseas terrorists should receive any type of award, proclamation or otherwise."

This is just one of many successes Americans Against Hate has had against the organization CAIR. Others include:

In December 2006, AAH got United States Senator Barbara Boxer to rescind the award her office had presented to the Executive Director of CAIR-Sacramento, Basim Elkarra.

In November 2008, AAH stopped the Broward County School Board from reappointing CAIR Representative Jawhar Sadallah Badran to the School Board's Diversity Committee, after he was caught on video making statements in support of Hamas.

In April 2008, AAH got the Mayor of Plantation, Florida Rae Carole Armstrong to cancel CAIR-Florida Executive Director Altaf Ali's speaking engagement at the Mayor's annual prayer breakfast.

In January 2008, AAH got the Department of Defense: Central Command (CENTCOM) to cancel CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Ahmed Bedier's speech in front of the government agency.

Joe Kaufman is available for interview. E-mail: info@americansagainsthate.org.


Iorio says she won't issue any more CAIR Day proclamations

By William March The Tampa Tribune

Mayor Pam Iorio has agreed to halt proclamations of an annual day in Tampa for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization that says it seeks to represent the interests of mainstream Muslims in the U.S., but has been accused of terrorist links.

Iorio has proclaimed a "CAIR Day" in Tampa each fall since 2005.

The organization has an active chapter in Tampa. Among other activities, it has defended Youssef Megahed, a University of South Florida student arrested in 2007 on explosives charges along with another student who was accused of aiding terrorists. Megahed was acquitted but is now subject to deportation proceedings.

Joe Kaufman, head of a Florida-based organization called Americans Against Hate, has engaged in public relations battle against CAIR, contending the organization has links to the radical Middle Eastern organization Hamas.

Kaufman, of Coral Ridge, who says he is an anti-terrorism resercher and writer, said he began calling Iorio's office after her most recent proclamation in November, 2008, and sent information about CAIR to Santiago Corrado, Iorio's neighborhood liaison.

He said he was told this week by Corrado that Iorio won't rescind any past proclamations, but won't issue any more. Iorio's press spokeswoman just confirmed that.

"Concerns were raised about the city's proclamation regarding CAIR Day," said a statement issued by Iorio spokeswoman Liana Lopez. "The mayor followed up on those concerns by seeking additional information. She determined that the city would no longer issue a CAIR Day proclamation."

Lopez said Iorio won't comment further on the matter. http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/jun/11/iorio-no-more-cair-days/news-breaking/

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