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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > 1 Year Old Baby's Leg 'Almost Cut Off' In Muslim Terror Car Attack Which Injured 14 - Jihadi Intended To Ax Victims

1 Year Old Baby's Leg 'Almost Cut Off' In Muslim Terror Car Attack Which Injured 14 - Jihadi Intended To Ax Victims

December 14, 2015

One-year-old baby's 'leg almost cut off' in car attack
Hospital reports baby about to undergo surgery after situation deteriorates, mother also hospitalized. Ari Yashar

Of the 14 victims in the car ramming attack at a bus station adjacent to Jerusalem's iconic Chords Bridge on Monday, a baby aged one-year-and-three-months old was seriously wounded.

A spokesperson for Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital announced that the baby is suffering from serious wounds to his leg. He currently is anesthetized and has been put to sleep, and will immediately be given surgery on his leg.

The baby's mother is also being treated at the same hospital, having received light wounds in the attack.

At Shaare Tzedek Hospital where the baby was first hospitalized he was classified as moderately wounded, but he was then transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem after it was found that his situation had deteriorated.

Dr. Ofer Merin, head of the trauma unit at Shaare Tzedek Hospital, said "the infant aged around a year-and-a-half has a serious wound to his leg. We decided to transfer him to Hadassah Ein Kerem to save his leg in an attempt at micro-surgery treatment."

Binyamin Sitboun, the father of the infant, was quoted by Yedioth Aharonoth on his way to the hospital as saying, "my child will be okay with God's help, his leg was almost cut off."

"I wasn't at the site of the incident, they contacted me to tell me that he was hurt and I went flying over immediately."

In the attack, after crashing his car into a fire hydrant and rupturing it, the 21-year-old Arab terrorist from Jerusalem's Beit Hanina neighborhood emerged from his car armed with an ax, but was shot dead before he managed to cause any further casualties.

Among the wounded is a 65-year-old woman in moderate condition, and another victim was likewise moderately wounded. Eight more were lightly wounded, and the rest suffered shock.


That Israeli toddler's foot haunts me He was with his parents, waiting for a bus. That's all.

From Giulio Meotti

That little foot continues to haunt me, especially when I think of the Swedish PM Stefan Lofven's face, the man who just declared attacks against Israeli civilians aren't exactly "terrorism".

Yotam Shmuel is an 18-month-old Israeli toddler. He was attacked by an Arab terrorist who rammed his car into the people at a bus stop at the Bridge of Chords in Jerusalem, where Yotam was waiting with his mother, Yael. The doctors failed to save his foot. He will never walk on his own two feet again.

His foot haunts me. The world doesn't want to see or hear Yotam's story. The same world that isn't even aware that Adele Biton died two years after a terrorist hurled stones against that four-year-old Israeli girl that hit her head, killed by "Palestinian militants", as the international community calls barbaric Arab terrorists. Adele didn't "pass away", she was murdered in a terror attack condoned by the "civil world".

The world doesn't want to see or hear Yotam's story.
270 Israelis have been wounded so far in this new wave of terrorism wrongly called "Third Intifada." It is not an uprising, but a genocidal campaign. There are Israelis so traumatized that they now go out in a bullet proof vest. It is a very heavy price for a small society.

During the "Oslo War" that began in 2001, we lived through a black hole that swallowed up 1,557 people and left 17,000 injured. If a proportional number of the population equivalent to those 1,557 victims were murdered in the United States, there would be 53,756 Americans killed. Israeli figures of those wounded in terror attacks, extrapolated to the population of the United States, would be the equivalent of close to 664,133 injured.

Now you have a better idea why Yotam's foot haunts me. Because this is a war against the hearts, souls, and bodies of the Jewish nation. Terrorism, financed by the international community, wants to turn Israel into a disabled society. Nearly 4 in 10 Israelis have survived attacks, lost family members, or had family or friends wounded.

We are talking about Jews scathed and scarred, who require years of costly and complicated physical and mental rehabilitation. Israeli doctors estimate that 40 percent of the Israeli injured will have permanent disabilities.

After the bomb went off everything was quiet; you could only hear the voices of the wounded. The world, which condemns Israel to disappear, should be haunted by Yotam's cries.


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