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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > So Sad - MSM Gets It Wrong Again, Toulouse Shooter Was A Muslim

So Sad - MSM Gets It Wrong Again, Toulouse Shooter Was A Muslim

March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - For the better part of two days the MSM's did everything it could to suggest that the gangland style murder of French Jews living in Toulouse, was committed by favorite whipping boy, the "right wing."

Unfortunately for them, now we now know the truth; the shooter was a Muslim fanatic, Mohamed Merah, who has now assumed room temperature due to the [overdue] actions of French authorities after a long standoff which resulted in additional law enforcement casualties.

The text of the post-massacre manifesto produced by the organization's on whose behalf Merah allegedly acted - the Tariq bin Ziad Brigade and Jund al-Khilafa Brigades - is reproduced below.

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate"

"Praise Allah only and prayer and peace upon the most honorable of messengers [Verse]"

"On Tuesday, March 19, one of the Islamic knights, brother 'Yousef al-Faransi' we ask Allah to accept him took off in an operation that shook the pillars of the Zionist-Crusade in the entire world and filled the hearts of Allah's enemies with terror."

"We hereby claim responsibility for these blessed operations, and we say that what Israel is committing of crimes against our people on the blessed land of Palestine, and in Gaza specifically, will not pass without punishment. The Mujahideen everywhere intend on avenging every drop of blood that was unjustly and aggressively shed in Palestine, Afghanistan and other Muslim homelands."

"O' enemies of Allah, by Allah we will not calm down and we will not sleep until we kill you like you killed us, and until we avenge the honors of the free ones, our sisters who are sitting in the prisons of the Jews and in European countries."

"We hereby call upon the French government to relook into its policies toward the Muslims in the world, and to surrender its aggressive discrimination toward Islam and its Sharia, because such policy will only bring it calamities and destruction."

"As for the Jews, we tell them: do not be fooled by your situation, we are to meet with you and we yearn to it more than yearning to wed to the most beautiful brides in the world. Our date with you is near, and you will be stunned by what you will find from us Allah-willing."

Tariq bin Ziad Brigade
Jund al-Khilafa Brigades

Please note in contravention to the prevailing wisdom of most of the MSM, the murderous anti-Semitism the message conveys as well as its prominent linkage [suggesting a certain degree of interchangeability] between Islam and Qur'anic law, the Shari'a.

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